Who Makes NAPA Batteries?

NAPA batteries are some of the most well-known and popular car batteries available for consumer purchase, and for a good reason. But who makes NAPA batteries?

Who Makes NAPA Batteries in 2022

NAPA produces a car, Legend Premium, and Marine batteries. Regardless of the type of NAPA battery you purchase, it will be manufactured by East Penn Manufacturing or their subsidiary, DEKA brand.

NAPA Batteries Overview

NAPA batteries have such an acclaimed name because they produce a great product. Their batteries are great for nearly all applications, and while they might be a bit pricey, they’re durable and relatively maintenance-free.

They’re pretty much everything a car owner wants and needs out of a vehicle battery, and they’re a choice people can feel confident in, which is no small thing.

With steadfast options such as the Power, Legend, and Premium, it’s no wonder these vehicle batteries are considered some of the best in the industry. 

Who Makes NAPA Batteries Now?

The identity behind manufacturing the illustrious NAPA battery has sometimes been a bit of a mystery. However, since 2009, they have had a significant supplier that’s more known.

NAPA batteries are some of the most requested in the country, so production quality and volume are of the utmost importance.

Who Makes Car Batteries for NAPA?

NAPA batteries are manufactured by the DEKA brand and primarily produced in large quantities by East Penn Manufacturing (its parent company), which has been the case since 2009.

As a private, family-owned, and operated company in the United States, East Penn Manufacturing boasts the world’s largest single-site lead-acid battery facility. They serve many industries with their massive selection of batteries, battery accessories, wires, and cables.

East Penn promotes itself as innovative, sustainable, and experienced, which are great qualities for making something as important as car batteries. They leverage new technology and sustainability practices to continue to churn out high-quality products.

Johnson Controls, Inc. and Exide Technologies also make NAPA batteries on a smaller scale.

Who Makes NAPA Legend Premium Batteries?

East Penn Manufacturing makes NAPA Legend premium batteries. Their 70+ years of experience helps them maintain their commitment to excellence with this high-performing battery. It features 20x vibration resistance, a spill-proof design, double cycle life, and faster recharging.

These batteries are supported by the AAA and used by professionals for their high-performance capabilities. It is a high-powered, maintenance-free vehicle battery that will last a long time.

Who Makes NAPA Marine Batteries?

East Penn also makes NAPA’s marine and deep cycle batteries. They offer high-performance starting, accessory power, and deep cycling capabilities. They also offer some of the deepest cycling marine batteries available on the market.

Where Are NAPA Batteries Made?

NAPA batteries are primarily made in the United States. Both of their largest manufacturers, East Penn Manufacturing and Johnson Controls, are primarily located in the U.S.

East Penn Manufacturing’s 520-acre battery manufacturing complex is in Berks County, Pennsylvania. They also have a facility in Corydon, Iowa, and a distribution center in Oelwein, Iowa.

Johnson Controls operates 2,000 worldwide manufacturing plants. Their U.S. battery-producing plants are in Toledo, Ohio; Middletown, Delaware; and St. Joseph, Missouri. They also run two massive manufacturing plants in China that have recently expanded.

Are NAPA Batteries Made in China?

Some NAPA batteries are made in China, although not all of them. Johnson Controls supplies some of NAPA’s batteries, and they have two large manufacturing plants in China. Their biggest supplier, East Penn Manufacturing, manufactures exclusively in the United States.

Are NAPA Batteries Made in the USA?

Yes, most NAPA batteries are made in the United States in a variety of manufacturing plants located throughout the country. The most notable include East Penn Manufacturing’s massive Pennsylvania-based facility (520 acres).

Who Makes NAPA Batteries in 2022

Who Owns NAPA Batteries?

While NAPA batteries are produced by the companies mentioned above, they are sold by NAPA stores. The Genuine Parts Company, or GPC, owns NAPA. It’s a service organization based in the U.S. They distribute auto parts and other industrial, office, and electrical products.

Are Batteries from NAPA Any Good?

Batteries from NAPA are excellent and highly rated on Consumer Reports. They can last long and are durable, thanks to their high-quality materials.

NAPA Batteries Prices

As with most products with multiple quality choices, NAPA batteries can range in price from $100 – $600. The price will vary based on purchasing in-store, online, or third-party outlets. Your vehicle type and warranty time will make a difference as well.

Here are some typical prices for NAPA batteries online:

  • NAPA marine starting/deep cycle battery – $130.99
  • NAPA Proformer battery – $131.99
  • NAPA marine battery – $137.99
  • NAPA The Legend professional battery – $181.99
  • NAPA The Legend Premium AGM battery – $232.29

As mentioned above, these prices can vary based on the type of warranty included in the cost. These can range from 6-36 months.

Even the lower-priced options, such as the Proformer, are remarkable batteries. They’re maintenance-free with a high amount of power and dependable starting capability. In addition, they’re made of high-quality materials, so they’re pretty durable.

Who Sells NAPA Batteries in the U.S.?

NAPA batteries are sold in physical NAPA stores all across the country, but you can also find them online. NAPA has a wide selection of products available via its website. It is convenient for its search function and detailed product descriptions that help people find the correct battery for their specific vehicle and needs.

Considering over 6,000 NAPA stores in the United States (and close to 600 in Canada), it’s easy to choose an in-store experience if you want the confidence to speak with a store representative. If you’re unsure where a store might be near you, you can use their helpful find-a-store feature to find the nearest one.

NAPA Batteries Alternatives

While NAPA is one of the best and most prolific battery choices, it’s not the only choice available. Other companies are making a variety of reliable, durable, long-lasting, and budget-friendly batteries to meet the needs of today’s vehicles.

While these brands are some that stick out when looking for good NAPA alternatives, there are other quality brands out there as well. Some honorable mentions go to Odyssey, EverStart, Deka, Braille, and Antigravity.

Alternative 1: Optima

Optima batteries are also made by Johnson Controls, just like some NAPA batteries. They’re one of the most popular brands for consumers, and for a good reason. They offer a trio of different colored batteries, so you can easily find what works for your needs. They even have a handy Find Your Battery function on their website to help you choose what you need.

Their red, yellow, and blue top batteries offer varying degrees of startup power, maintenance, deep-cycling ability, service life, vibration resistance, and more.

Alternative 2: Bosch

Bosch is also one of the most popular batteries for vehicle owners. It’s a high-performance battery that’s also affordable. In addition, they’ve got a wide range of battery options, so you can choose exactly the features you need to get the best battery for your vehicle.

Bosch also boasts a set of SmartCharge devices, which offer a hassle-free method to charge your battery.

Alternative 3: DieHard

DieHard batteries are another popular consumer choice. Their hallmark is that they’re long-lasting and reliable. Their website claims they’re ‘America’s most trusted auto battery’ for this reason.

DieHard offers many types of automotive and specialty batteries, including those for automobiles, power sports, marine, small engines, trucks, and heavy-duty farm equipment.

With East Penn Manufacturing doing such a bang-up job making NAPA batteries in 2022, they’ll likely continue to do so into the future. As a result, consumers can likely remain confident in the quality and dependability of these durable, reliable vehicle batteries that many swear by.

And with their massive manufacturing facilities (and new operations in China), they have the capability to continue to innovate and prosper.

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