Odyssey vs. Optima Batteries: Which is Better?

Optima and Odyssey are two of the best battery brands, but how do the products compare? While the variations are slight, they can make all the difference in the long run for customers.

This article compares the two battery brands and how to choose the best one; Odyssey outshines Optima batteries in terms of technology and performance while Optima is a great lower-cost choice.

Odyssey Battery vs. Optima

About Odyssey Batteries

Odyssey batteries are known for their quality and reliability, so it’s a decent option for many car owners. This global brand is easy to find, and the batteries are US-made.

The company boasts triple the power and lifespan of traditional lead acid batteries, stating their batteries are superior to top competitors. Odyssey batteries are ideal for rough situations and many applications so that they can handle rigorous conditions and various vehicles.

About Optima Batteries

Optima batteries are one of the most trusted brands in the industry, as they’ve been manufacturing reliable products for over four decades.

They have an impressive history of technological innovation and revolutionary engineering practices, separating them from the competition.

Many drivers choose Optima because the batteries offer intense power and stability. The Optima prices are also some of the most competitive in the industry, making it an easy choice for many.

Similarities Between Odyssey Batteries and Optima Batteries

Before diving into the differences between these two battery brands, read about the similarities.

Patented Technology

Both battery brands use innovative and patented technology that separates them from competitors. These technologies contribute to high performance and a long lifespan.

Long Lifespan

The differences in lifespan between these two brands is detailed below, but overall, both have an impressive lifespan. You can expect an Optima or Odyssey battery to last six to ten years without issue.

Wide Temperature Range

Both brands offer batteries with a temperature span greater than 150ºF, which is plenty for most drivers. Batteries from Optima and Odyssey will withstand temperatures below 0ºF and above 100ºF.

Full Replacement Warranty

All products from Optima and Odyssey come with a full-replacement warranty for at least two years.

Odyssey Battery vs. Optima Battery Features Comparison

Now, for the juicy info, this section will discuss the significant differences between Odyssey and Optima batteries.

Odyssey vs. Optima Battery Type and Technology

Both Odyssey and Optima produce AGM batteries. Optima makes GAM batteries with their patented Spiral Gem technology, but Odyssey uses Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology. Both technologies allow the batteries to perform well and last a long time.

However, most people find the Thin Plate Pure Lead technology from Odyssey to improve longevity and add value to each battery. While the Spiral Gem technology is effective, it takes up unnecessary space in the battery, lowering the reserve capacity, as discussed in the section below.

Odyssey vs. Optima RC Rating

RC stands for reserve capacity in a battery. Odyssey takes the lead in this category, thanks to the TPPL technology, which increases lifespan and reserve capacity. However, some Optima batteries do have a higher reserve capacity than Odyssey models.

But overall, Odyssey batteries tend to have a higher RC. Some Optima and Odyssey battery models are comparable, but some Odyssey models offer twice the reserved capacity compared to similar Optima products.

Odyssey vs. Optima Cold Cranking Power

It’s difficult to assess the cold cranking power between these two brands because the power levels can range significantly from model to model. But when you compare the majority of Odyssey batteries to Optima, it seems Odyssey wins this category.

Odyssey batteries typically have a higher rating of cold cranking power and beat out Optima batteries by a small degree.

For example, when shopping for a Group 34 battery, you’ll notice the Odyssey option has a rating of 850 in this category, while the Optima D34 falls short at only 750. The difference is not massive, but worth noting. It’s also another justification for Odyssey’s higher prices.

Odyssey Battery vs. Optima

Odyssey vs. Optima Operation Temperature Range

This category might be the most significant difference aside from the battery technology and price. Odyssey batteries boast a wide temperature range. The standard Odyssey battery can still perform well in extreme temperatures as low as -50ºF or as high as 149ºF.

On the other hand, most Optima battery ratings are for temperatures as low as -30ºF and as high as 125ºF. In total, this is a temperature difference of more than 40ºF. Most people won’t find themselves in such extreme temperatures, so both temperature ranges are plentiful for standard use.

Odyssey vs. Optima Ease of Maintenance

Since both battery brands boast longevity and durability, neither brand manufactures products with difficult maintenance requirements. But Odyssey wins this category, as the charging time on most of their batteries is between six and ten hours.

Optima batteries can take up to 12 hours to charge fully. Few Optima or Odyssey customers experience frequent dead batteries, so the difference isn’t significant to most people. But an Odyssey battery will usually reach full-charge faster.

Aside from charging, neither battery has specific maintenance requirements. They rarely need water added, and the acid levels stay consistent.

But with any battery, it’s helpful to remove heavy grime or dirt from the engine and the battery to improve performance and lengthen the lifespan.

Odyssey vs. Optima Durability/Longevity Comparison

As mentioned, both of these battery brands are popular due to the long life of their products. The battery usage determines the lifespan, whether in a small, lightweight vehicle or running a massive truck.

Both brands manufacture batteries that typically last eight years with standard use. However, Odyssey batteries seem to win this category by a small margin, as most customers report replacing the Odyssey battery after 12 years, while Optima models typically die around ten years.

Odyssey vs. Optima Warranty and Replacement

The product warranties offered on Optima and Odyssey batteries aren’t too different, but some distinctions are worth noting. Optima slightly edges out Odyssey in this category, offering a three-year complete replacement warranty on any Optima battery.

Odyssey battery warranties vary by model, but it’s typically a 2-year complete replacements warranty.

Optima also offers better customer service, sending replacements promptly and generously, while Odyssyer can make it slightly more difficult to get a replacement when you need one.

However, Optima’s willingness to replace a battery may indicate a narrowly lower-quality product, whereas Odyssey has more confidence in the performance and longevity of its products.

Odyssey vs. Optima Price

Optima wins this category by a mile. It’s undeniable that Odyssey batteries can be expensive, costing as much as $600, depending on the model.

Optima batteries are much more affordable, averaging about $250 for a top-quality battery. Both brands have more affordable or expensive models, but on average, you can save around $150 when you buy from Optima.

Odyssey vs. Optima Batteries Pros and Cons Table Summary

For a comparison of the two battery brands at a glance, you can refer to the pros and cons table below.

Odyssey BatteryOptima Battery
Wide temperature rangeExpensiveAffordableLower reserve capacity
Long lifespanBatteries often require a specific charger  Low maintenanceShorter lifespan
Great RC ratingLow-quality factory shocksGenerous WarrantySmaller temperature range
Low maintenanceMinimum voltage requirementsReliable performanceLengthy charging time

Which Battery Is Better: Optima or Odyssey?

Concerning performance, longevity, and technology, Odyssey usually outshines Optima. However, the margin of difference is small, so the Optima is a fantastic option for people on a tighter budget. But when compared point by point, Odyssey batteries win most categories.

Recommended Odyssey Battery

If you decide to go with an Odyssey battery, one of the best and most popular batteries from Odyssey is the HEPPC925 Odyssey Extreme 12V 330CCA AGM Powersport Battery. This battery has all the terrific features of most Odyssey batteries and is powerful but at a lower price.

Recommended Optima Battery

One of the best Optima batteries is the Optima Yellow Top Battery, which has a 100-minute reserve capacity and tons of five-star ratings.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best battery for your car, you’ll likely find yourself asking, Odyssey battery vs. Optima, which one is better? In terms of performance and technology, the Odyssey is a popular choice for its features and price. However, Optima is a trusted brand name with an established reputation and a wallet-friendly price.

Both batteries are good options, but which battery is right for you will depend on your needs and what you’re looking for.

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