7 Car Batteries With the Longest Warranty

Owning a vehicle is a significant investment. Therefore, it is worthwhile to ensure that all necessary elements, like the battery, run optimally. To prevent facing any future issues with any electrical components or your anti-theft system, choosing car batteries with the longest warranty can help make owning a vehicle less stressful.

The car battery is the driving power for a vehicle. It provides the initial electricity that makes the electrical components work together and start the car. So naturally, car batteries do not last forever, and many manufacturers will include various warranties with these products.

Suppose your battery no longer holds a charge or does not function correctly. In that case, you can contact the retailer where you made the original purchase or the manufacturer for a warranty replacement.

7 Car Batteries with the Longest Warranty

If you are in the market for a new car battery, here are the top seven lengthiest warranty choices available.

1. Interstate Super Premium Battery

Interstate offers a Super Premium battery that comes with a 48-month warranty to cover any manufacturer’s defects or issues. This four-year warranty period is one of the best choices for an automotive battery in the market.

2. ACDelco Gold (Professional) 42-Month Battery

ACDelco is a leader in battery components for automotive, heavy-duty, and marine vehicles. Their Gold (Professional) 42-Month battery comes with a limited warranty of up to 42 months for replacement in the event of a defective product. 

3. Optima Red-Top Batteries

Optima is one of the best selections for car batteries with an extended warranty period. They come with an automatic 36-month free replacement period, which consumers can extend for another full 12-months when purchasing an Optima charger.

4. Exide Marathon EFB Battery

Exide Technologies is one of the major contenders in North America for automotive batteries. They include added heat protection and cold performance for a high-quality car battery. In addition, this model comes with a four-year full replacement warranty and contains a 6x high cycle life.

5. Motorcraft Tested Tough Max Battery

This reliable battery option comes with a three-year full replacement and an extended five-year pro-rated warranty. In addition, Motorcraft includes a premium alloy grid to aid in extended battery life even in high-temperature environments.

6. DieHard Platinum

DieHard Platinum automotive batteries come with a complete four-year warranty, providing a hassle-free product for many car owners. In addition, this battery offers 30% more cycle life and produces 20% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other manufacturing methods.

7. Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT Automotive and LTV Battery

Odyssey provides a terrific car battery with an exceptional warranty period that can last anywhere from 36 to 48-months, depending on the application you use it for. In addition, it is exceptionally tolerant of extreme temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Does Car Battery Warranty Cover?

The car battery warranty will cover any manufacturer’s defects or when it does not hold a full charge. Depending on the type of warranty that comes with the battery, you may receive a complete replacement at no additional cost or pay a portion for a new one.

If you have problems with your car battery and need to use the warranty coverage, there are specific steps to follow to ensure you complete the process correctly.

How to Check Car Battery Warranty

To check your car battery warranty, you first need to determine the manufacturing date. This date code is on the battery’s top label for easy reference. It should start with a letter such as a P or an S. Following that letter will be two digits representing a month. Next, the third digit will be the year of manufacturing, and the final fourth digit will indicate the manufacturing plant.

Once you know how old your battery is and the manufacturer, you can call them or look up the manufacturer online for the warranty details for that particular model.

How Long Does a Typical Car Battery Warranty Last?

A typical car battery warranty will last approximately two years or up to 240,000 miles. After that time, you may have to pay a portion of the replacement battery costs, depending on the type of warranty it carries.

Some manufacturers are moving away from pro-rated warranties and offering 3, 4, or 5-year warranties instead as better alternatives.

Types of Car Battery Warranties to Look Out for

Not all car battery warranties are equal. Often, car battery warranties will include three options. They can fall under a free replacement, be pro-rated, or be a combination of the two options.

With a pro-rated type of car battery warranty, it will cover a free replacement for the initial phase, and as time goes on, the replacement costs will increase.

Car Battery Warranty FAQs

If you have any other questions about your car battery warranty, explore some common FAQs here:

i. Do I Need a Receipt For a Car Battery Warranty?

Many retailers will require a sales receipt for you to claim your car battery warranty. This way, the place you got the battery from can go back to the manufacturer for a replacement.

If you purchased the battery directly from the manufacturer, they might have a customer file in their system, so you will not need a paper receipt copy.

ii. What Voids a Car Battery Warranty?

A car battery warranty can be void if there are signs of external damage, over-charging, neglect, or abuse of the battery and its components. All of these elements can significantly hamper the ability of the battery to operate correctly.

iii. How Much Is a Car Battery Warranty?

A typical car battery warranty will come with the original purchase price of the unit. Although, some higher-priced batteries will offer more extended warranties than less-expensive batteries in the market.

iv. What is the Interstate Car Battery Warranty?

The Interstate Batteries’ car warranty is a Limited Warranty that will cover a replacement unit if yours fails to hold a charge or operate correctly within the allotted warranty period.

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