Exide Car Battery Buying Guide

Exide is a name that two lead-acid battery companies share, one in the United States and one in India. The brands create automotive and commercial batteries across the world. How have the company’s offerings, retailers, and legacy developed in 2022?

Let’s talk about how and where Exide makes its batteries.

Who Makes Exide Batteries in 2022

Exide Batteries Overview

Exide batteries are one of those products that only one retailer sells. Exide Technologies has the monopoly in India, meanwhile, in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, Exide Industries is the only provider of exide batteries.

The Exide brand began as two separate companies and eventually joined together to distribute power supplies worldwide.

Starting as the Electric Storage Battery Company, W. W. Gibbs created the manufacturing business for the transportation industry. Since 1900, its products bore the name Exide, short for “excellent oxide.”

The company strove to create lightweight car batteries for taxis, submarines, and automobiles. Lead-acid batteries are Exide’s specialty.

Meanwhile, separately in India in 1947, Exide Industries began in Kolkata. The two battery companies with the same name clashed for the right to distribute in the Middle East, but the local company won.

Today, both the US’s Exide Technologies and Exide Industries create and sell automotive batteries worldwide.

The brand is one of the world’s most prominent lead battery recyclers, opening several repurposing plants throughout its history. Today, Exide Industries continues to create and distribute while the US company rests under Battery Systems, Inc.

What Brand Batteries Are Made By Exide?

Exide owns several brands worldwide through which it distributes automotive products. CEIL, Dynex, and SF Batteries are three of its most widely known subsidiaries.


CEIL is Exide’s premier battery brand in Singapore. The brand makes traction batteries, standby batteries, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), and heavier automotive products.

CEIL’s products are perfect for areas in Singapore with unstable power or high natural disaster susceptibility. Singapore Power, China Light & Power, and other suppliers rely on the brand’s products for renewable energy even during uncertain times.


Dynex is Exide’s most prominent brand in India. The brand creates batteries for everyday automobiles and special motorsport vehicles like three-wheelers. Vowing to make products to maintain India’s transportation and agricultural networks, Dynex also makes power supplies for tractors and e-rickshaws.

Dynex’s tubular inverter batteries are like CEIL’s in that their designs combat inconsistent voltage. The rugged plates persevere through extended power outages, making them excellent for powering home UPS devices.

SF Batteries

SF Batteries is another of Exide’s brands distributing throughout India. The company focuses on automotive and inverter batteries for many transportation mediums like buses, trucks, and e-rickshaws. The brand makes sure to present options for every 4-wheeled vehicle whether it takes diesel or petrol. SF has several choices for home UPS uses as well.

SF offers its customers generous warranties passing five years on many of its products. Each high-performance automotive battery seeks to extend the upper threshold of speed and utility.

Who Makes Exide Batteries in 2022

Who Makes Exide Brand Batteries Now?

In early 2019, Battery Systems acquired the US Exide. The parent company now creates and distributes Exide products to suppliers throughout North America, Canada, and the Caribbean. Their offerings include automotive, marine, and commercial batteries. Battery Systems won the legal right to be the brand’s sole distributor.

In India, Exide creates batteries under its brand name.

Where Are Exide Batteries Made?

Exide Industries in India has nine factories spread across Maharashtra, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, and Uttarakhand. From there, the brand produces and distributes motor supplies and home USPs. They also manufacture submarine batteries for the Indian Navy.

Exide Industries automotive batteries travel from India to over 45 countries on five continents, including Canada, Japan, Spain, and Kenya. The brand’s industrial power supplies ship to over 30 countries.

Exide Technologies in the US has manufacturing sites in North America, the Pacific Rim, Australia, and Europe. The brand set up lead-acid recycling centers across the United States, but few remain open.

Are Exide Batteries Made in China?

Neither Exide Industries nor Exide Technologies have battery plants in China. However, the raw materials for crafting the power supplies may come from China.

Are Exide Batteries Made in the USA?

Exide Technologies has several manufacturing and distribution plants in the United States. The company liquidized most of them and the remaining sites are managed by Battery Systems, Inc.

Who Is the Owner of Exide Batteries?

Battery Systems owns Exide Technologies in the United States. The company is the sole distributor of Exide power supplies in America. Brad Streelman is the current owner of Battery Systems.

Exide Industries in India owns itself. Subir Chakraborty is the company’s current CEO.

Exide Batteries Prices

Exide Technologies automotive batteries cost between $350 and $380 each in US markets. Its Marathon series has a higher selling point than its Sprint selection. Exide’s marine batteries have a comparable price, but its motorcycle power supplies cost about $320 each.

India’s Exide Industries batteries are purchasable only with rupees. A typical product ranges between 7500 and 13,000 rupees, or about 90 to 170 US dollars. They are far cheaper than the United States products, although they are harder to acquire in North America.

Who Sells Exide Batteries in the United States?

Stores like Walmart and Amazon sell Exide automotive and sports batteries in the US. Independently owned stores like FR Sport and L&M Fleet Supply also stock Exide products. You can find them in retailers dedicated to motorsports equipment, boating, and golf cart parts.

Are Batteries From Exide Good?

Exide batteries in India and the United States have long legacies and fairly good reputations. In the case of the American company, pollution from recycling efforts sullies the company name, although its products work well.

For Exide Technologies products, many competitors create replacements. Customers who desire to customize their motorbikes, golf carts, boats, cars, and other equipment often discard the default Exide batteries. Among enthusiasts, the brand’s products are good, but not great.

In India, Exide Industries batteries are a trusted name because they are affordable and longstanding. Among its competitors, the brand stands out for its financial success and quality engineering.

Exide Batteries Alternatives

Let’s look at some Exide battery alternatives in the US and India.

Alternative 1: Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries is a brand with a reputation for dependability. It is one of the best power supply distributors among car customizers. Interstate Batteries sell products with low price points and high warranties, custom-tailored to your specific vehicle. Interstate Batteries has locations throughout the United States.

Alternative 2: Numax

Numax is a close competitor to Exide batteries in India and the UK. Numax’s three-tiered batteries meet the demands of modern technology. The company’s formula is relatively new, letting it stand out on the market as a counterpart to the tried-and-true Exide.

Alternative 3: Duracell Ultra

Duracell is a popular household battery brand throughout the United States, and it produces automotive power supplies. With a primary focus on AGM products, Duracell ships worldwide. The prices are higher than its competitors due to its trusted name and reputation for durability.


Now that you know about both groups of Exide batteries, let’s address some frequently asked questions about them.

Does Wal-Mart sell Exide batteries?

Yes, Wal-Mart sells batteries from Exide Technologies. They are available online and in stores in the auto parts area. The prices are comparable to Amazon and other distributors.

Does AutoZone sell Exide batteries?

Unfortunately, AutoZone does not sell Exide batteries. This is likely because of distribution restrictions after Battery Systems acquired the company in 2019.

How long do Exide batteries last?

Exide batteries typically come with warranties of between two and four years. They last for about four years before encountering problems, but if you’re lucky, an Exide battery will run for six years flawlessly.


Both Exide Technologies and Exide Industries service their respective regions well by providing high-powered auto batteries. Whether you’re upgrading a golf cart or want an uninterrupted power supply, the two brands together service over fifty countries. Try out their products today and let us know what you think.

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