Duralast vs. Diehard Batteries – Comparison Guide

Car batteries are one of the most essential yet puzzling features of vehicles. If you seek a new battery for your auto, you can be overwhelmed by the myriad options available. Several manufacturers provide car batteries, but Duralast and Diehard batteries stand out for their remarkable reliability.

Duralast vs. Diehard

So, which of the two batteries is well-fitting for your vehicle? Read on to learn all you need about these two popular battery brands.

Are Duralast and Diehard Batteries the Same?

The same company manufactures Diehard and Duralast batteries, but there are various variations between the two brands.

The primary distinctive feature of Diehard batteries is they last longer than other battery brands, while Duralast batteries are known for their excellent performance. Nevertheless, the two brands offer similar specs and features, so most buyers typically confuse them.

Duralast Batteries Overview

Duralast batteries are among the most popular battery brands globally and can be found at AutoZone Stores. The model is available in three mundane model options: regular, gold, and premium. Duralast Regular is the entry-level battery model by the brand, typically classified as a starter battery.

The battery produces power to start the engine and recharges as it runs. This model is well-recommended if your auto has no fancy features or extras.

Conversely, Duralast Gold batteries come with extra lead plates than the base model, offering superior functionality and performance. This battery variation is ideal if you drive in extreme temperature conditions and is an excellent fit for vehicles with high power requirements, like heated seats.

The Platinum variation boasts the Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, producing more power. The Duralast Platinum battery most suits off-roaders and autos with many electrical accessories.

Diehard Batteries Overview

Diehard is a reputable brand that offers a wide selection of reliable batteries. Diehard batteries are available in five models built using cutting-edge technology to match the power requirements of various vehicles.

These battery variations include:

  • Diehard Red
  • Diehard Silver
  • Diehard Gold
  • Diehard Platinum
  • Diehard Platinum AGM

The entry-level model, RED, is typically utilized for ignition, while the Diehard Silver iteration can also power up a few accessories besides reliable ignition in all seasons.

On the other hand, Diehard Gold batteries guarantee superior performance, offering powerful ignition in all climate seasons. The Platinum variation provides more reliability and performance than its preceding siblings, with significantly higher output to power mid-range accessories.

The Platinum AGM marks the pinnacle of Diehard batteries, handling high-demand extras on power-hungry vehicles.

Duralast Battery vs. Diehard Battery Comparison

Let’s look at a detailed comparison of Duralast and Diehard batteries.

Who Makes Duralast and Diehard Batteries?

Duralast has been around for decades, with a rich heritage dating back to 1885, when its initial manufacturer, Johnson Controls International, was founded.

In 2019, Brookfield Business Partners acquired Johnson Controls and established Clarios LLC, the current manufacturer of Duralast batteries. AutoZone Stores exclusively distribute these batteries.

Similarly, Clarios LLC manufactures Diehard batteries, a brand that has existed since 1967. Sears Roebuck & Company previously owned Diehard, with batteries produced by Globe-Union Battery.

Later on, Johnson Controls obtained Globe-Union Battery and manufactured the Diehard batteries. In 2019, the company sold its battery operations to the present producer, Clarios LLC.

Duralast vs. Diehard Battery Type and Technology

Both Diehard and Duralast batteries are available in two types; AGM batteries and Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries.

The latter type is commonly found on older car models and contains liquid electrolyte that sparks chemical reactions to power the engine. The chemical properties mush freely around in Lead-Acid batteries. While both brands offer flooded lead-acid batteries, Diehard options offer somewhat more performance than Duralast. 

AGM batteries retain the flooded lead-acid battery concept, but the chemical properties are contained within fiberglass mats. This battery type is prevalent on newer car models, featuring easier led management and more efficient power delivery.

Duralast reigns supreme in this battery type, offering better longevity and performance than Diehard AGM batteries.

Duralast vs. Diehard RC Rating

Reserve capacity (RC) rating indicates the time (in minutes) a fully charged car battery can produce 25 amps at 80°F before dropping below its minimum voltage. This rating shows how efficiently a battery can release energy over time while remaining free of the car’s charging mechanism.

The higher the RC rating, the longer the car battery will deliver power. Both Duralast and Diehard offer different battery models with varying RC ratings.

Duralast vs. Diehard Cold Cranking Power

A car battery’s cold-cranking amps (CCA) score indicates its capacity to power up the engine in a cold environment.

This rating describes the amount of power in amps the car battery can produce and sustain in 30 seconds at 0°F. Car batteries typically slow down during cold weather, but you can remedy the situation by getting a battery with efficient CCA.

Duralast and Diehard provide superior battery models with high CCA output. As a result, batteries by Duralast offer excellent ACC ratings, scoring between 700A and 800A. Conversely, Diehard batteries give the highest ACC score, ranging from 550A to 900A.

Duralast vs. Diehard

Duralast vs. Diehard Operating Temperature Range

Diehard and Duralast batteries generally offer wide operating temperature ranges, from as low as 40°F to 110°F. The operation temperature range varies with the battery type and model.

Duralast Gold and Diehard Platinum provide the highest operating temperature ranges and can work efficiently in adverse temperatures.

Duralast vs. Diehard Ease of Maintenance

Duralast and Diehard batteries are easy to maintain. All you need is to adhere to the simple maintenance instructions you would find on other automobile batteries.

Also, both brands offer maintenance-free models, including Duralast Gold and Diehard Platinum AGM, saving you the hassles and costs associated with battery maintenance.

Duralast vs. Diehard Durability comparison

Both brands provide impressive battery durability. Diehard batteries feature a three to five years lifespan in ideal conditions. However, this lifespan will vary depending on various factors such as temperature, charging system type, maintenance, and driving frequency.

Similarly, Duralast batteries averagely last between three to five years, with the longevity varying with the model. Duralast Platinum batteries offer a longer lifespan, which explains their fairly high price.

It is important to note that the longevity of car batteries will differ in the long run depending on the maintenance and usage, regardless of the brand you buy.

Duralast vs. Diehard Warranty and Replacement

Warranties in car batteries cover free replacement and prorate replacement durations. Even with regular proper maintenance practices, your car battery will still need replacements at some point. A warranty ensures peace of mind whenever you are behind the wheel.

Both brands offer lucrative warranty coverage, with Duralast offering two years of warranty coverage while Diehard comes with a three-year warranty. So, Diehard tops this segment with a more extended warranty period.

However, learning about the breach rules is vital to avoid issues and keep your battery purchase covered regardless of the brand.

Duralast vs. Diehard Price

Duralast and Diehard batteries fall within the same price range. Typically, the battery pricing varies with the size, model, and additional features. In this situation, both battery brands provide similar pricing with a few variations.

Duralast vs. Diehard Batteries Pros and Cons Table Summary

Duralast BatteryDiehard Battery
Most parts are maintenance-freeSome models come with a relatively higher discharge rate, shortening the lifespanLonger life spanSome models are relatively costly
Wide range of use fitting various vehicle needsSome models lack a handle, making handling and carrying difficultBetter CCA scoresSome models aren’t efficient in extreme cold weather conditions
Offers a durable solid buildSome models are relatively expensiveReliable and dependableSome models are difficult to install
Reliable and dependable Offers excellent value for money 
Relatively high reserve capacity Superior starting performance 

Is Duralast or Diehard Better?

Duralast and Diehard batteries have a lot in common, from the same manufacturer to quality. Both brands are equally good and excellent for various cars. The better choice between Duralast and Diehard narrows to specific factors.

For instance, a flooded lead-acid battery is well-recommended if you drive an older car. In such a case, Diehard Gold and Duralast Platinum are suitable choices. AGM batteries are ideal for new autos with modern accessories and specs. Diehard AGM batteries are better suited for more recent vehicles.

Where To Buy Duralast and Diehard Batteries

Diehard batteries are available at all Advance Auto Parts stores around the world. To find the nearest store, visit the Advanced Auto Parts website, select your preferred battery or product, and search for a store selling it near you.

Alternatively, you can buy Diehard batteries and related products online and opt for the Advance Auto Parts home shipping option at an extra fee.

You can also find Diehard batteries and related products at Kmart, Sears.com, and Sears Hometown Stores.

On the other hand, Duralast batteries are available at AutoZone stores. Visit the website and find stores near you, or make an order online and get your battery shipped to your home (shipping fees apply). While you can find these brands in other stores, you won’t be as certain of warranty coverage as buying from the official distributor.

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