15 Best Place To Buy A Car Battery (In-Store + Online)

If you find yourself struggling to get your car going, you may need a new battery. But where is the best place to get one? Here, we have compiled a list of the best places to purchase a car battery. Whether you are hoping for store pickup or want one delivered from an online retailer, it’s all here.

So read on and find the perfect place to buy your battery and get that car back on the road.

Where is the best place to get a car battery?

Needing a new car battery can feel stressful if you don’t know where to find one. There are, however, plenty of stores and online retailers that sell them. Some retailers will even test your old battery to see if there is any battery life left and may even offer to install car batteries for you.

Before heading out to buy a car battery, make sure you read the car manual as batteries come in different sizes and voltages.

1) Costco

Costco has a reliable firm that makes batteries for them called Johnson Controls. They stock their own in-house batteries called Interstate. They come in 5 variants with a great 3-year free replacement warranty.

Their batteries are relatively cheap, but they don’t provide installation, so you will need to factor this into your budget. The Interstate batteries are popular for their durability and high performance.

Some examples of price include an Interstate battery for a Subaru Forester will cost $73.99, or for a Toyota Camry, the price is $85.99. The price for a Ford Escape battery is $96.99.

2) Walmart

Walmart stores are a great place to get affordable car batteries with their famously low prices. They will perform a battery test for free and can charge your old battery if it is just low on life.

The automotive technicians that work here don’t have any real experience but they have the testing equipment they need to support you. Walmart offers free installation, keeping costs low.

Their Everstart car batteries range varies in price. For example, for an Everstart Value 24 F battery, you will pay $49.88 and get a 1-year free replacement warranty. The same battery will cost $74.88 with a 2-year free replacement warranty. The Everstart Maxx 24 F battery costs $93.76 with a 3-year free replacement warranty.

3) Sam’s Club

You need to be a member of Sam’s Club to be able to get a car battery from here. They are the cousin store of Walmart and have special offers and deals for their members so buying from here could save you money. They will remove your old battery and have your new battery installed for free as long as it was purchased from their store.

The batteries they sell are Duracell which is a reliable brand. For a 24 F Duracell Automotive battery, it will cost $119.88, a Duracell AGM battery Group size 78 price is $189.88. Their warranty is for the length of time on the battery model label.

4) Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts will check your car’s battery and offer free installation. The battery brands they stock include Autocraft, Optima, and Diehard. You can do some online shopping and get your battery online, saving you 30% or pick up your battery in one of their retail stores. Most of the car batteries they stock come with a 3-year replacement warranty.

The price for a DieHard Gold Battery Group size 35 is $189.99, the Optima Red Top Battery Group size 34/78 is $269.99. The Autocraft Power Sport Battery is the cheapest battery at $52.99.

5) Autozone

Although Autozone is more expensive than Walmart, they have competitive prices and a much more broad range to help you find the right battery for your car. Their in-store services include testing for a dead battery and free installation of your new battery.

They offer up to 3 years warranty. The DieHard Platinum will cost $199.99, and the Optima Redtop is also priced at $199.99.

Best place to buy car batteries online

1) Amazon

Buying off a trusted site like Amazon means you will be able to order a battery for most cars at a good price and have it delivered to your door.

Some examples of prices include an ACDelco Gold 48AGM with a 36-month warranty that will cost you $190, or an Odyssey 34/78 battery with a 3-year full replacement warranty is priced at $349. You could pick up an XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V for $369.99.

2) Pep Boys

Pep Boys have a selection of car batteries online. Prices include The DieHard Platinum with a 3-year warranty costing $199.99 or the Optima RedTop for $199.99.

3) Walmart

Walmart online has a great selection of car batteries for every car make and model. You can enter the make, model, and age of your car and be directed to the right car battery for you. Prices vary but there are more options when you shop online rather than going to the physical store.

Batteries on offer include the Everstart Maxx 12 V for $149.84, which can be ordered online and collected in-store, or you could get an Odyssey Extreme with 3-day shipping for $355.89.

4) Napa Auto Parts

The Genuine Parts Company owns Napa Auto Parts stores, and they have a wide range of car batteries. You can order them online and have them delivered to the physical stores for collection.

The Napa store has its own brand batteries like the Napa Proformer, costing $119.99, or the Napa The Legend Premium AGM battery, priced at $159.99. Both come with 18 months free replacement.

5) Advance Auto Parts

This company sells car batteries in your local store and online. You can buy a car battery from their auto parts stores and get it delivered for free when you spend over $35. You could get the DieHard Gold with a 3-year warranty for $189.99 or a DieHard Platinum with a 4-year replacement if defective for $209.99.

Best places to buy used car batteries

To save yourself money, you could buy a used car battery. Make sure you check your owner’s manual before you begin shopping to make sure you get the correct battery for your car.

1) Junkyard

Junkyard will test and recharge the used batteries and offer a 30-day warranty to exchange if you are not satisfied or it doesn’t hold its charge. On average, you will pay about $7 for a used battery.

2) Facebook Marketplace

Businesses and the general public can sell their old car batteries on this platform. Always check the description and if it is delivery or collection only. Things on Facebook Marketplace tend to be sold as seen, so make sure you check all the details. Users tend to sell car batteries for as little as $15.

3) Autozone

Autozone will recycle your old car batteries. They will recharge and refurbish old batteries and resell them at a discounted price, starting at around $25. They will also offer a short-term warranty.

4) Craigslist

Small businesses and car owners can sell their used car batteries on this site. Prices start from as little as $25, and there are all kinds of automotive batteries to choose from. Make sure you read the description and ask questions to make sure you are happy with what you are getting.

5) eBay

eBay is a huge marketplace where you can search for anything including car batteries that have been recharged and refurbished. Either sold by small businesses or the public, you can find one at a low price for your make and model of car. Check delivery offers and the description.

Does it matter where you buy your car battery?

There are pros and cons when it comes to choosing where to buy your car battery. Standard batteries can be found anywhere from local mechanic shops or retailers. Some offer a lengthy warranty and others will fit it for free in their service center.

You could get one delivered if you don’t mind waiting for delivery or to save money you can purchase a second-hand one. It depends on your needs and budget as to where you get your battery from.

Who has the best price on car batteries?

There are great deals to be had out there, but for consistently low current prices, Walmart is hard to beat.

Car battery replacement cost

Some retailers have their own auto parts store and car care center that will install your new battery for free if you have purchased it from them. If you buy the battery alone, you will have to pay for installation, so factor that into your budget.

If you don’t have your old battery with you, some places will charge you a core charge. Once you have taken your old battery to them to be recycled, you will have the core charge refunded. It is around $22 and is there to encourage you to recycle.

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