List of 19 Car Brands that Start With R

Here is a master list of car brands beginning with the letter “R.”


  • Founded: 1994
  • Headquarters: Peterborough, United Kingdom
  • Car types: Racing
  • Popular models: SR3, RXC
  • Website:

This brand has primarily focused on perfecting the racing car, but also delivers “mixed use” cars as well. That means Radical produces “road legal” or high performance vehicles you can drive on the street.


  • Founded: 2014
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California; USA
  • Car types: Sports
  • Popular models: Tachyon Speed
  • Website:

This new car manufacturer is inspired by the styling of a fighter jet, while staying true to its energy-efficient sensibilities. These electric cars boast a range of 150 miles and can reach 240 mph.


  • Founded: 2010
  • Headquarters: Auburn Hills, Michigan; USA
  • Car types: Trucks
  • Popular models: 1500, 2500, 3500
  • Website:

RAM is a line of light-duty trucks. These trucks were formerly under the Dodge brand of vehicles but became their own brand in 2010. The traditional vehicles are heavy and gas-powered machines.


Ranz is an emerging Chinese car brand focusing on affordable electric vehicles for its domestic market. Ranz is developed through a collaboration with FAW-Toyota to provide cars that can run on sustainable energy.


Reiter specializes in building and selling impressive race cars from a foundation of Lamborghini design and performance. Reiter is the main constructor of Lamborghini race cars currently, and sells Reiter cars to other racing teams.


  • Founded: 1899
  • Headquarters: Boulogne-Billancourt, France
  • Car types: Sedans, Sport, Vans, Trucks, Buses
  • Popular models: Zo, Wind, Renaultsport
  • Website:

Renault is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, based on production volume. This is because Renault makes everything from sedans to Formula 1 cars to military vehicles like tanks and aircraft engines.


  • Founded: 1973
  • Headquarters: Great Britain
  • Car types: Racing
  • Popular models: 2KQ-LM Sports Racing Car, Strathcarron SportsCar
  • Website:

From humble beginnings as a student project, Reynard Motorsport became one of the most prominent racing brands in the world. Reynard Motorspot went defunct in the early 2000s but has tried to introduce street-legal cars.


  • Founded: 2014
  • Headquarters: Irvine, California, United States
  • Car types: Supercars
  • Popular models: Beast
  • Website:

This manufacturer delivers over-the-top vehicles that rank near the top of their class. The Rezvani brand produces a prominent supercar in its category, the Beast. Another head-turning vehicle is the rugged Rezvani Tank.


  • Founded: 2009
  • Headquarters: Sveta Nedelja, Croatia
  • Car types: Sports, Luxury
  • Popular models: Concept One, Concept S, C Two
  • Website:

Rimac is an electric sports car brand known for manufacturing the fastest electric sports car in production. Rimac also produces electric drivetrains for other luxury brands and contributes to other successful race car designs.


  • Founded: 1979
  • Headquarters: Switzerland
  • Car types: Exotics
  • Popular models: Viper Veleno, iChange, Imola
  • Website:

For most of its history, Rinspeed was known for tuning modern cars and restoring classic cars. In the 1990s, Rinspeed started to experiment with concept cars and other special vehicles shown at international automobile shows.


  • Founded: 2009
  • Headquarters: Plymouth, Michigan; USA
  • Car types: Trucks, SUVs
  • Popular models: A1C, A1T, R1T
  • Website:

This manufacturer is staking its claim in the market on making the best rugged electric vehicles. Rivian is focusing on electric trucks and SUVs as they are poised to start producing American vehicles.


  • Founded: 2006
  • Headquarters: Shanghai, China
  • Car types: Luxury, SUVs, Sedans
  • Popular models: Clever, RX5, Marvel X
  • Website:

Roewe is a Chinese auto manufacturer that produces cars for its domestic audience. Roewe was born from technology purchased from the British car brand, MG. Roewe produces a wide array of vehicles.

Rolls Royce

  • Founded: 1906
  • Headquarters: Manchester, England
  • Car types: Luxury, Sedan, SUV
  • Popular models: Silver Ghost, Phantom
  • Website:

Rolls Royce is a super premium car maker, specializing in luxurious sedans. These vehicles are commonly driven by literal royalty and are very expensive. Double doors are a signature feature on Rolls Royce coupes.


  • Founded: 1921
  • Headquarters: Brașov, Romania
  • Car types: Trucks, Buses
  • Popular models: SR-101, Millennium
  • Website:

This Romanian car manufacturer has been around for a long time, producing heavy-duty industrial and military trucks. Roman produces large trucks that assist in the timber industry and trucks equipped with cranes.


  • Founded: 1984
  • Headquarters: United Kingdom
  • Car types: Sports, Racing
  • Popular models: W152, Lightning V8
  • Website:

Ronart is another European racing brand that produces vehicles that can effortlessly transition to everyday driving. This manufacturer closed active production in 2003, so remaining models of these exclusive cars are very valuable.


Ronn Motor Group is committed to designing cars that combine energy-efficiency with the styling and performance of exotic cars. This automaker is on a mission: to make head-turning cars that produce zero emissions.


  • Founded: 2006
  • Headquarters: Riviera Beach, Florida, United States
  • Car types: Supercars
  • Popular models: Q1, Q1R
  • Website:

This brand is designed to focus on supercars, combining agility, speed, and performance with luxurious details. These vehicles are exclusively two-seater coupes with sporty exterior styling and lush interiors.


Rover has a reputation for long-lasting quality and high performance, spawning two successful name brands: the luxurious Range Rover and rugged Land Rover. The standalone Rover brand dissolved in 2005.


  • Founded: 1907
  • Headquarters: Moscow, Russia
  • Car types: Luxury
  • Popular models: Type C, Type K, Impression
  • Website:

The only car manufacturer on this list hailing from Eastern Europe, this carmaker came back in 2006 after an almost 100-year hiatus. These premium vehicles are similar in styling and luxury to a Rolls Royce.

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