Everything You Need To Know About Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries is a well-known battery brand in the US. Many people rely on Interstate products to ensure their car runs, their lawnmower works, or their boat can sail the seas.

Who Makes Interstate Batteries in 2022

When discussing something as important as your car battery, you likely want to know where the batteries come from. But who makes these batteries?

Keep reading to learn about who makes Interstate Batteries and how reputable the brand is. Learn about suppliers, product quality, and more about this popular US company.

Interstate Batteries Overview

Interstate Battery System of America, Inc. (Interstate Batteries) is a US-based battery distribution and marketing company. It began in 1950 as a small distributor in the Dallas area.

This company markets a variety of batteries manufactured by certain suppliers. Their range covers car, truck, marine, RV, motorcycle, lawnmower, and emergency lighting batteries.

While the brand mainly serves the American market, they also distribute in other countries, such as Bermuda, Bolivia, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Aside from its industry role, Interstate sponsors NASCAR drivers and racing teams. The company has been heavily involved with racing since the 90s, boosting the brand’s reputation and visibility.

Interstate Batteries uses several manufacturers and suppliers for their products, including Brookfield Business Partners, Clarios, Exide Technologies, and Johnson Controls. But Interstate also uses smaller companies to ensure accessibility.

Who Manufactures Interstate Batteries?

Interstate Batteries use several manufacturers throughout the US, and one in Mexico. It may seem odd that one company uses so many suppliers, but it saves the customer money in the long run. The largest suppliers for Interstate Batteries are:

  • Brookfield Business Partners
  • Clarios
  • Exide Technologies
  • Johnson Controls

Along with these three substantial suppliers, Interstate also relies on independent distributors in the US. Despite the multiple suppliers, Interstate Batteries does not seem to face any consistency issues, holding all suppliers to rigorous construction and material standards.

Where Are Interstate Batteries Made?

For many vehicle owners, the location of the manufacturing plant is essential. Some people want to support companies that manufacture in the US, creating local jobs and helping the economy grow. Other people simply trust American-made products more than products manufactured elsewhere. So where are Interstate’s batteries made?

Are Interstate Batteries Made in China?

Unlike many of its competitors, Interstate Batteries are not manufactured in China. For some, this might suggest higher quality, but it also likely comes at a higher price. Batteries manufactured in China typically cost less.

Are Interstate Batteries Made in the USA?

Yes, Interstate Batteries prides itself on manufacturing 98% of its products in the USA. The other 2% come from Monterrey, Mexico, where one of their manufacturers is located. In addition, the company’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas.

Is Interstate Batteries Publicly Traded?

No, Interstate Battery System of America, Inc is a privately owned company, meaning you cannot buy stock.

Who Owns Interstate Batteries?

In 2013, Scott Miller, son of Norm Miller, became the President and CEO of Interstate Batteries, effectively making him the most substantial owner of the company. John Searcy founded the company in 1952, serving Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

In 1978, Searcy stepped down for Norm Miller to become the President and Chairman of the Board. About 35 years later, he passed the reins to his son, Scott. However, Norm continues to serve as the Chairman of the Board.

Who Makes Interstate Batteries in 2022

Are Interstate Batteries Good?

Most Interstate Batteries customers are wholly satisfied with the products they purchase from the brand. The batteries tend to last a long time and use premium materials, ensuring top performance and reliability. Read more about why customers love the batteries below.

Quality Construction

The top pro of buying from Interstate Batteries is the commitment to quality and dependable construction. Its products are sturdy and long-lasting, made with a thick casing so the battery is safe from damage. Interstate Batteries do not cut corners or skimp on materials when crafting their batteries.

Low Maintenance

Most batteries from Interstate are sealed, meaning you do not need to concern yourself with maintenance or adding water. Compared to competing products, these batteries are more compact, making them easier to care for and place in the vehicle.


Even though Interstate focuses on using the best materials and top-notch construction, it hasn’t led to a high cost for customers. They have much lower prices than competitors who make similar batteries. Instead, the prices are in-line with lower-quality batteries, so consumers can get the best battery for a reasonable price.


Rather than rely on one supplier, Interstate Batteries has multiple sources for its product lineup. Transporting batteries is expensive, often causing companies to restrict their sales and distribution to one region of the country.

But Interstate Batteries uses suppliers around the country, so they can sell their batteries everywhere in the US without raising the price to account for transportation costs.


One of the most popular aspects of Interstate products is their versatility and extensive compatibility.

They don’t market one type of battery but make a wide assortment for many purposes, from marine batteries to options for lawnmowers and medical facilities. Its wide range of options has allowed the company to build a huge customer base.

Interstate Batteries Complaints

Negative reviews tend to revolve around the warranty and customer service. Compared to other brands, the Interstate Batteries warranty is short, meaning many customers have to pay for a new battery out of pocket when their battery dies.

The complaints surrounding customer service are not overly critical, but people report they aren’t consistently helpful or attentive. Expect long wait times on the phone and a lack of solutions if you ever need to call Interstate Batteries customer service.

Interstate Batteries Prices

As mentioned, Interstate has a broad inventory of batteries, running from commercial batteries to standard car and household batteries. Below is a list of the price ranges for the company’s most popular battery categories:

  • Car and Truck Batteries: $100-$250
  • Marine Batteries: $100-$300
  • RV Batteries: $100-$300
  • Commercial and Heavy-Duty Batteries: $150-$700
  • Powersports Batteries: $80-$225
  • Lawn and Garden Batteries: $60-$120
  • Golf Cart Batteries: $150-$300
  • Mobile Device Batteries: $25-$100

Who Sells Interstate Batteries in the US?

You can buy Interstate Batteries from several physical locations as well as online retailers. Below are some of the most common places people buy Interstate’s batteries:

  • Interstate Batteries
  • Amazon
  • McGuckin Hardware
  • AP Electric
  • Sears
  • Mercari
  • Electronic Toolbox
  • Cabela’s
  • Grease Monkey

Many small hardware stores, auto stores, and mechanics may also sell Interstate products.

Interstate Batteries Alternatives

While people who use Interstate Batteries are typically very happy with the product, you may want to check out some of the company’s competitors. Before you commit to a battery, compare the specs and prices of different batteries and brands to ensure you get the best battery for the best deal!

Comparable battery brands include:


Duralast is a trademark of the American automotive retailer AutoZone. It’s built a reputation for producing rugged batteries capable of withstanding harsh impacts. The Duralast brand has three categories of car batteries, all of which are deep-cycle. That ensures they run longer between recharging. 


Duracell is perhaps better known for its household batteries, but the company has a car-focused lineup. These have a hermetic cover, leading to reduced corrosion from spillage. They’re competitively priced and have various safety features to avoid things like accidentally igniting.


Diehard has been producing car batteries since the 1960s. Their lineup is more expensive than Interstate, but the batteries are noted for being maintenance-free, having a bigger reserve capacity, and being dependable.

Bottom Line

Interstate is unique because they use several suppliers without compromising quality or consistency. The bottom line is Interstate products do not come from any single manufacturer. Instead, the company relies on multiple trustworthy manufacturers around the US.

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