Who Makes Pathfinder Tires?

The Pathfinder Tire has grown in popularity as a budget-friendly solution for all-terrain performance. Kumho Tires is the company responsible for manufacturing Pathfinder Tires. Read on to find out all you can about Pathfinder Tires and why they are a good choice.

Who Makes Pathfinder Tires

About Pathfinder Tires

The first thing you should know about Pathfinder tires is that they are inexpensive and these tires are well-suited for trucks and SUVs.

The main features of Pathfinder tires include:

  • Durability
  • Comfortable handling
  • Affordability
  • Solid grip

Kumho Tires set up Pathfinder as one of its principal subsidiaries. The goal of developing these tires was to target SUVs and truck drivers. Pathfinder Tires are Discount Tires because they offer great value for their price.

In addition, Pathfinder Tires come in two different brands. These are the Pathfinder Tires All Terrain, known as the Pathfinder AT, and the Pathfinder Sport Tire. Pathfinder all-terrain tires allow you to handle anything on and off the road.

For instance, the Pathfinder All-Terrain tires have zigzag circumferential grooves. This feature allows them to clear water once they come into contact allowing for better traction during the rainy season.

The Pathfinder Sport Tire is also an all-terrain tire built with the intended goal of road use. The Pathfinder Sport Tire is excellent for day-to-day use, and the tire offers more comfort and makes less noise compared to the Pathfinder all-terrain tire.

Where Are Pathfinder Tires Made?

Pathfinder Tires are mainly made in Asia, specifically South Korea and China. These locations are ideal because of the availability of labor and other production inputs.

Pathfinder Tire Manufacturer

Kumho Tires is the manufacturer of Pathfinder Tires, and the company is currently the seventh-largest manufacturing firm in South Korea. Founded in 1960, the company was initially called Samyang Tire but later changed its name.

The change in name to Kumho Tires occurred in 1996, and the company has grown to become the second-largest manufacturer of tires in South Korea.

Pathfinder Tire Country of Origin

South Korea is the country of origin for Pathfinder Tires. The country is the main headquarters of Kumho tires. The company operates three plants in South Korea, namely:

  • The Gwangju plant
  • The Gokseong plant
  • The Pyeongtaek plant

What Brand Is Pathfinder Tires?

Pathfinder Tires are All-Terrain tires built mainly for off-the-road use. Some of the features that make Pathfinder Tires a great All-Terrain tire include the following:

  • Circumferential grooves
  • Numerous sips
  • Solid central ribs
  • Try-polymer thread compounds

Pathfinder Tires has reliable performance on highways and excellent off-road traction.

Who Makes Pathfinder Tires

Who Makes Pathfinder Tires for Discount Tires?

Kumho Tires is responsible for making Pathfinder Tires for Discount Tires. The primary dealer for Pathfinder Tires is Discount Tires, and Kumho Tires has over 60 years of experience manufacturing tires.

Thus, the company has developed innovative solutions for building high-quality all-terrain tires. The company realized a massive market for all-terrain tires in North America.

Therefore, Discount Tires has made Pathfinder Tires available through its physical and online stores. Kumho Tires outsourced part of the production of Pathfinder Tires to China to increase output.

Who Makes the Pathfinder All Terrain Tires?

The Korean company Kumho Tires makes Pathfinder All Terrain Tires. The company uses innovation to produce affordable tires for off-road purposes. The design of Pathfinder Tires is for:

  • SUVs
  • Trucks

Despite being an all-terrain tire, it can perform very well on the road. Pathfinder Tires have a longer-lasting tread, improving its durability; hence they offer value for money.

Who Makes Pathfinder Sport Tires?

Kumho Tires makes the Pathfinder Sport Tires. The main difference between the all-terrain and sports tire is that it is more balanced for on and off-road performance. The Pathfinder Sport Tire has a specialized tread compound for better resistance to cutting and chipping.

The Pathfinder Sport Tire by Kumho Tires offers more comfort. But they may not last as long as all-terrain tires. However, the sport tire uses a continuous center rib for extra stability.

Are Pathfinder Tires Made in China?

Yes, Kumho Tires has outsourced part of the production of Pathfinder Tires in China. The three primary plants in China used in the manufacture of Pathfinder Tires are:

  • Gaoxin plant
  • Changchun plant
  • Tianjin plant

Are Pathfinder Tires Any Good?

Yes, Pathfinder Tires are very good because they perform very well. If you own a truck or SUV, there is no better brand than the Pathfinder Tire, especially considering its price. The features of Pathfinder Tires make it durable, and it comes in two models:

  • Pathfinder Sport tires
  • Pathfinder All Terrain tires

Both models provide excellent traction on the road and can perform well in all conditions on and off the road. Buying Pathfinder Tires guarantees optimal performance in line with the product’s price.

Where To Buy Pathfinder Tires?

Discount Tire is the best place to buy Pathfinder Tires. Although manufactured by Kumho Tires, Discount Tire is the leading retailer of Pathfinder Tires.

Final Take

Pathfinder Tires are gaining popularity due to their on and off-road performance and affordability. If you are a truck or SUV driver, you need a tire brand that caters to your needs without charging a steep price. If you want a durable tire with outstanding overall performance in all conditions, then the Pathfinder Tire is the brand for you.

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