Tire & Aerodynamic Interference Noise

Noises from Aerodynamic Interference

Most cars are designed to minimize air turbulence and therefore reduce perceived loudness as you drive down the road. Noises coming from aerodynamic interference may be from parts of your car that have loosened up over time or have been damaged by road debris. These types of noises can change depending on the speed of the vehicle with no rime or reason, to whether they increase in loudness or disappear, as the speed you drive increases.

Typically the body parts that can produce these noises are the heat shield and the dust shield around the tire well and under the body of the car, the hood or bumper cover of the car.

Loose Heat Shield

Tire Noises

Your tires rolling on a surface produces a noise and at 50 miles per hour or greater it becomes the dominate noise coming from your car. The changes in the road surface will change the noise made from the interaction of the rubber of your tire and the road’s surface. A new asphalt road can be quite and grooved concrete road produces a distinct humming tone. The key about tire noise is that it is consistent at speeds and on surfaces. When you no longer have consistency in the noise you hear and the vibration you feel independent of surface or speed you should have your tires checked.

Wheel Well Dust Cover Breaking Off
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