Does Clay Bar Remove Wax/Sealant?

You are not cleaning your car’s paint as well as you can if you do not clay your vehicle. No matter how hard you try, you cannot get your car’s paint looking clean as new if you are not claying it. But does a clay bar remove the wax from your vehicle?

While clay bars remove your car’s wax or sealant, they also remove contaminants better than anything else. Only a clay bar can get your paint job looking fresh and new.

Does Clay Bar Remove Wax/Sealant

What Does Claying a Car Mean?

Claying a car means applying and gently removing a clay bar to your vehicle’s paint to lift contaminants from the paint’s surface. This process is done by gently applying and removing the clay from your car with lubricant. Otherwise, it will scratch the surface of your paint.

Does the Clay Bar Remove Wax or Sealant?

When you clay your car, it will likely remove some of your wax or sealant. That being said, several factors that can affect this.

The first factor is the durability of the sealant you are using and how long it has been on your car. If it is a durable and tough wax, the clay bar will not remove it entirely. If the wax has been on your vehicle for a long time, it has lost some of its resilience and will come off when you clay your car.

The second thing to be mindful of is the softness or hardness of the clay bar. If it is a soft clay bar, it will remove fewer pollutants and less wax from your car. A softer clay bar is also less abrasive and less likely to scratch the paint. If it is a more firm clay bar, it will remove more pollutants and more wax. It is also more abrasive and more likely to cause scratches.

What Will Clay Bar Remove?

Clay bars are one of the few ways to remove all the pollutants, such as dust, air pollutants, grease, tar, and sap your car is exposed to daily. Clay bars will not remove scratches, mars, or any defects in the paint job. The clay bar will only eliminate contaminants damaging and dulling your paint job.

What Is Clay Bar Made Of?

A clay bar is made out of clay, but not just any kind of clay. It is a specially engineered clay that will remove contaminants from a vehicle’s paint job gently. This clay can be either natural or synthetic, with most of them being synthetic.

Because it is clay, it is very soft and malleable, allowing you to apply it to your whole paint job with ease. Do not let your clay get too hot because you want it to have some firmness. If it is too soft, it will not draw out the contaminants. For this reason, always clay your car in the shade and store your clay in a cool, dark place.

Does Clay Bar Remove Wax/Sealant

Should You Clay Bar a New Car?

Cars are shipped worldwide and exposed to all sorts of contaminants and pollutants during that time. Because of that, you may need to clay your new car. However, doing this depends on how contaminated the paint’s surface is.

To test this out, you can rub your hand over the surface of your paint job through a plastic bag to feel how gritty it is. If the paint feels rough and uneven, you probably should clay your car. If it is a new car, it will probably feel rough and uneven.

Do You Need To Strip the Wax Before Clay Bar?

While striping your wax before claying your car is unnecessary, it will make it easier and more effective. Clay bars will generally remove most of your car’s wax or sealant, but it is better to be safe than sorry and remove the car’s wax/sealant before claying. Doing this will allow the clay to remove contaminants and pollutants more effectively.

After Clay Bar, What Is the Next Step?

After you have clayed your car, you should apply a fresh layer of wax or sealant to your paint to protect it. This step is essential because if you do not do this, new pollutants can damage your paint job easily. Without some sort of protective layer, contaminants will quickly reenter the surface of your paint.

Where To Buy Clay Bar

Most auto parts stores and retail stores will carry clay bars, but you want to ensure that you buy high-quality clay for your car’s paint job. One option would be to ask a detailer what his recommendation is and look for that at a local auto parts store. Another option is to buy clay bar online. Here are a few excellent selections:

Clay Bar Alternatives

Few things can remove contaminants like clay bars, but some viable alternatives exist. You could use a clay mitt that works like a clay bar and is reusable. Alternatively, you could also use a clay towel similar to a clay mitt but does not wrap around your hand.

Lastly,  you can use a clay pad, but this requires an orbital buffing tool to be effective and can easily damage your car’s paint. While these alternatives may be easier in some ways, none are as effective as a clay bar.

Wrapping Up

Claying your car is one of the few ways to remove all the contaminants from your car’s paint that regular washing simply cannot. Claying your car will remove wax or sealant, which you can reapply afterward. If you want to keep your paint job looking fresh and clean, there is nothing better than claying your car to remove all those contaminants. Just make sure you use it right and seek a professional’s advice.

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