Chrysler’s Hidden Gems: Unveiling the Rarest Cars in Company History

From the roaring engines of the ’60s to the innovative designs of the 21st century, Chrysler’s illustrious journey in the automotive world is punctuated with models that transcended conventions. While many of these vehicles captured the spirit of their time, a select few stand apart, not just for their engineering and design, but for their scarcity.

1931 Chrysler CG Imperial Convertible Sedan by Waterhouse

Image Editorial Credit: Mr. choppers / Wikimedia Commons

The Imperial was Chrysler’s flagship model, and this specific body style by Waterhouse is one of the reasons it became such a luxury icon. Only ten of these Waterhouse versions were ever built, making them extremely rare and sought-after among collectors.

1953 Chrysler Special Coupe by Ghia

Image Editorial Credit: Steve Lagreca /

This model was a result of the collaboration between Chrysler and the Italian design firm Ghia. Only 18 were ever produced. Its unique European design combined with American engineering made it stand out.

1963 Chrysler Turbine Car

Image Editorial Credit: Steve Lagreca /

Perhaps one of the most iconic experimental cars ever, the Turbine Car ran not on traditional gasoline, but on turbine engines. Only 55 were made, and most were destroyed, with only a handful surviving today.

1934 Chrysler Airflow

Image Editorial Credit: Roman Belogorodov /

The Airflow was revolutionary in its design, aiming for aerodynamic efficiency. However, its futuristic look was not well received at the time, leading to limited production and sales. This lack of initial interest has made surviving units quite rare.

1941 Chrysler Newport Dual Cowl Phaeton

Image Editorial Credit: Steve Lagreca /

This was a “pace car” for the Indianapolis 500. Only five were ever made, and its sleek design and limited number have made it a valuable collector’s item.

1985 Chrysler Atlantic Concept

Image Editorial Credit: urbanbuzz /

Drawing inspiration from the 1930s Bugattis, this concept car featured a straight-eight engine and a design reminiscent of the Art Deco era. Being a concept, only one was ever made.

1960 Chrysler 300F Special GT

Image Editorial Credit: Steve Lagreca /

A modified version of the standard 300F, the GT was aimed at setting speed records. With its powerful 400 horsepower engine, it was a beast on the track. Only six were made, making it incredibly rare. (Note that a standard 1960 300F is pictured above).

1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda Convertible

Image Editorial Credit: Ken Morris /

Among the most sought-after muscle cars, only 11 were ever produced. With its 426 Hemi engine, it was not only powerful but exceptionally rare, making it a crown jewel for collectors.

1949 Plymouth P-18 Special Deluxe “Woodie” Station Wagon

Image Editorial Credit: GEORGE STAMATIS /

With genuine wood paneling on the sides and rear, these vehicles were labor-intensive to produce and maintain. Their distinctive appearance has made them iconic, but over time, many succumbed to rot and wear, making surviving examples rare.

1970 Plymouth Duster 340

Image Editorial Credit: Phil Silverman /

While the Duster itself was a popular model, the high-performance 340 versions with their unique graphics and powerful V8 engine had lower production numbers, making them more rare and collectible today.

1971 Plymouth GTX 440+6

Image Editorial Credit: betto rodrigues /

This high-performance version of the GTX came equipped with a 440 cubic inch V8, fed by three two-barrel carburetors, also known as a “Six Pack.” With production numbers believed to be around 135, it’s a rare sight.

1954 Plymouth Explorer Concept

Image Editorial Credit: XRISTOFOROV /

Crafted by Carrozzeria Ghia in Italy, this concept car was a vision of future design and styling cues. Being a concept, it had a very limited production run.

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