KYB vs Monroe – Struts and Shocks Comparison

The shocks and struts of your vehicle’s suspension system are vital components. Those who have experienced the discomfort of driving a vehicle with broken shocks or struts can attest to this.

Shocks and struts are designed to absorb bumps in the road so your vehicle rides smoothly over them.

Many options are available if you’re looking for replacement shocks and struts for your vehicle. But which one is best for your needs?

Let’s compare Monroe to KYB to see which one comes out on top in terms of quality and value.

About KYB Shocks and Struts

KYB offers a complete line of struts, strut assemblies, and shock absorbers for cars, trucks, SUVs, and Crossovers. When it comes to the production of shocks and struts for brand-new cars, KYB is a global leader.

Some of the most well-known automobiles, crossover utility vehicles, and pickup trucks in the United States and Canada feature their products.

Because they make original equipment, they know exactly how new vehicles should perform. Therefore, they can help keep them operating as designed for as long as they’re on the road.

Additionally, KYB shock absorbers are engineered to deliver outstanding performance by combining advanced technology with precise engineering in various applications, from passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks.

Monroe Shocks and Struts Overview

Monroe shocks, struts, and strut assemblies are designed and tested in-house for easy installation.

Monroe Quick-Strut assemblies are vehicle fit-checked for quick installation and ride-tested in real-world situations to ensure application-specific tuning, accurate vehicle control, and reliable longevity.

Each application-specific coil spring type is calibrated to suit OE design and developed to resist increased stress for better ride height retention over time.

Monroe Shocks and Struts are engineered for the best ride quality, comfort, and safety. Every part is specifically designed to ensure your vehicle has a smooth ride for years to come.

KYB vs. Monroe Shocks and Struts Comparison

If you’re replacing your shocks and struts, you’ll need to know the differences between these two manufacturers to choose the best one.

Both are top-quality manufacturers and offer various models to meet your needs.

However, there are distinctions between the two that may be significant when deciding which brand to purchase.

KYB vs. Monroe Manufacturer

KYB is a Japanese company founded in 1919. They focus on producing shock absorbers, steering dampers, and other automotive components.

KYB’s product line includes shocks for trucks, SUVs, vans, and passenger cars and steering dampers for trucks and SUVs. Additionally, they have strut assemblies for passenger cars and more.

On the other hand, Monroe is an American company founded in 1916. They also offer a wide range of products, including shock absorbers, struts, and steering and suspension components.

Monroe products are designed for technicians to install quickly and reliably.

They’re made and tested locally to fulfill the highest performance and durability criteria for each vehicle’s ride and handling.

Where Are KYB Shocks Made?

KYB is a Japanese multinational corporation with various manufacturing units worldwide. It has 62 offices and 34 factories in 21 different nations.

KYB’s principal distribution hub for vehicle shocks and struts in the United States is Greenwood, Indiana.

However, they also have various plants in the United States, including in the Chicago metropolitan area, Southern California, and the Indianapolis metropolitan area.

Where Are Monroe Shocks Made?

Paragould, Arkansas, is where most Monroe shocks and struts are manufactured.

Monroe’s 1,200 employees are dedicated to enhancing and refining the manufacturing process to manufacture high-quality shocks and struts.

KYB vs Monroe (Who has Better Shocks and Struts?)

KYB vs. Monroe Ease of Installation

When looking for a brand-new set of shocks, you need to consider which ones will work best for your vehicle. In addition, you’ll want to consider the ease of installation, the cost, and the quality of the product.

Both are straightforward to set up and work with, but each is best used in its respective home market.

While Monroe designed the struts and shocks to be simple to install onto domestic automobiles, KYB is straightforward to set up on most Asian and Japanese automobiles.

KYB vs. Monroe Performance

While both KYB and Monroe Performance shocks can handle a wide range of driving conditions, the performance of each shock when driving at different speeds varies.

The KYB shocks perform better at slow speeds than the Monroe Performance shocks.

KYB shocks are more sensitive to changes in road conditions, which means they can more easily adapt to uneven surfaces or bumps in the road.

There is little difference between these two brands of shocks at medium speeds. Both brands perform well under these conditions and will not cause any problems for drivers.

However, the Monroe shocks become more effective at higher speeds than the KYB shocks.

Which Shocks Give the Smoothest Rides, KYB or Monroe

Both KYB and Monroe are great shock absorbers that provide a smooth ride. However, KYB is slightly better than Monroe in most conditions.

KYB shocks are good for all terrain and do particularly well on rough roads. They give enhanced comfort and stability, making them ideal for situations in which you require a bit more vehicle control.

KYB shocks offer better performance in even the roughest conditions. They are constructed to tolerate road irregularities without breaking down.

Monroe shocks are also well-suited to various driving conditions. Still, they don’t have the same ability to handle rough road surfaces and KYB shocks.

KYB vs. Monroe Durability Comparison

When you’re looking for a new shock or strut, you want to make sure you invest in a product that will last. You don’t want to replace your shocks or struts every few years.

In addition, you want them to be reliable and robust enough to last for the duration of your car’s life.

Monroe shocks and struts are well-known for their durability, meaning they can last long. Monroe made them from quality materials that will not break down or wear away easily.

They are designed to be strong enough to withstand harsh driving conditions and heavy use. Monroe shocks and struts have been proven to be a good value in terms of durability.

KYB vs. Monroe Customer Reviews

We looked at customer reviews from sources including Amazon, CarParts, PartsGeek, and many more to find out which brand had better reviews overall regarding the quality of design and ride comfort. The results were mixed.

When it comes to customer satisfaction ratings, while there were some specific models that customers seemed very happy with on both sides, overall, the KYB brand had slightly better customer satisfaction ratings than Monroe did.

People reported that KYB’s shocks were easier to install than those made by Monroe and were also less likely to leak oil over time due to inferior manufacturing processes or materials used during production.

KYB vs. Monroe Price Comparison

You’ll find that both brands offer great products at reasonable prices when it comes to shock absorbers.

However, KYB offers its products at significantly lower prices than Monroe does, making KYB a great choice if you’re looking for a quality part without breaking the bank.

KYB vs. Monroe Pros and Cons Table Summary

AffordableNot as widely available in the marketGood for everyday drivingPricier
Overall easier to installNot ideal for everyday drivingEasier to install on American-made vehiclesMore challenging to install
Performs well on all terrainNot as long-lastingDurableDoes not perform as well for off-roading
Performs well for slow drivingSome parts are pricierPerforms well for faster drivingSofter rear shock assembly

Which Is Better, KYB or Monroe?

KYB and Monroe are great shocks and will each perform differently depending on your vehicle, driving style, and the road you’re driving on.

KYB has better reviews online and performs better overall, but that doesn’t mean it will be a perfect fit for you. It depends on your vehicle, its use, and where you drive.

Best KYB and Monroe Shocks and Struts Alternatives

If you are looking into getting KYB or Monroe shocks and struts, you may be disappointed that these popular brands are out of stock. While it would be nice if every manufacturer stocked every part, this is not always the case.

Fortunately, there are some great alternatives to both KYB and Monroe shocks and struts that you can buy instead. Here’s a list of the best ones:


Mevotech is a leading manufacturer of automotive suspension and steering systems. Their innovative solutions provide improved comfort, control, and safety for drivers.

Mevotech’s heavy-duty shocks and struts are designed to meet the needs of your vehicle’s specific driving conditions.

Their products are engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications while providing dependability and performance under driving conditions.

You can find their products on many vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, vans, and passenger cars.


Moog is one of the most well-known names in the automotive industry, and for a good reason. They offer a wide range of shocks and struts for cars and trucks.

They have various sizes for each vehicle model, so it’s easy to find exactly what you need. You can also choose from multiple colors if your car stands out from others on the road.


Motorcraft also offers a wide range of products, including shocks and struts. They are an affordable alternative to OEM parts and are backed by a full warranty from Ford.

These shocks and struts have been designed with performance, providing better handling, ride quality, and stability than your original equipment.

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