Easy Ways to Get Bird Poop Off Car Without Damages

Sometimes you’re faced with bird poop on your car. Unfortunately, no one is immune to this, but there are solutions to resolve it.

Here you’ll learn why birds poop on your car, why it’s bad, and ways to clean off and prevent birds from doing so.

Easy Ways to Get Bird Poop Off Car Without Damages

Why Is Bird Poop Bad for Your Car?

There are several reasons why bird poop is terrible for your car. Usually, when a bird poops on your car, you might put off cleaning or getting rid of it.

However, you should remove it sooner or later before the stain gets worse.

Bird Poop Will Be Harder To Remove the Longer You Wait

Now there are two types of bird poops. Depending on which you’re dealing with will determine how hard it will be to remove: topical or fractured.

Topical bird droppings are easily manageable as it’s a chalky or faded stain. Even if you wait a while to remove it, it won’t cause significant damage to the car.

However, since it’s an easily removable stain, you don’t have to worry about extensive maintenance.

Aside from topical stains, any bird-dropping stains that are fractured or wrinkled might be more difficult to manage.

Fractured or wrinkled stains usually leave a hardened stain made up of grains, seeds, or other particles.

Bird Poop Is Highly Acidic

Surprisingly, bird poop is highly acidic, damaging your car’s exterior significantly. Due to the bird’s reproductive and digestive orifice, referred to as the cloaca, whatever they eat is then coated in uric acid and disposed of out of their body.

The chemicals within the bird poop can strengthen over time if not removed immediately. An average pH range of bird droppings is from 3.5 to 4.5.

Bird Poop Can Cause Significant Damage to Your Car

As a result of bird droppings having a strongly acidic pH range, the uric acid can eat away at the top coat of your car and damage the paint.

Another factor to consider is that since it’s most likely a fractured or wrinkled type of bird poop, it will be harder to remove, especially under high temperatures.

Without Immediate Action It Will Imprint On Your Car

Even if the bird poop might not be fractured or wrinkled, you must remove it from your car to prevent a permanent stain or stains.

One of the easiest solutions to removing bird droppings is by going to the car wash. However, some stains will require more work.

Easy Ways to Get Bird Poop Off Car Without Damages

What Is the Best Way To Get Bird Poop off Your Car?

No one enjoys having their car get pooped on by birds. It’s a situation you might have encountered now and then. Fortunately, there are ways to remove bird poop off your car.

How To Get Bird Poop Off Your Car Windows and Windshield?

Luckily, removing bird poop off your car windshield is easy. Getting rid of bird droppings off your car windshield includes the following:

  1. Apply glass cleaner solution onto your windshield and wipe down. Then, use a glass stripper cleaner to remove the bird droppings.
  2. Rinse off the cleaner solution and glass stripper cleaner by using warm, non-soapy water.
  3. After rinsing thoroughly, spray rain repellent onto the windshield and rub it down.
  4. Dry off your windshield by using a clean, dry towel.

How To Get Bird Poop Off Car Without Scratching Paint?

There are two ways to eliminate bird poop without scratching your car’s paint. For instance, one solution is to use a detailer sprayer.

This will not only loosen the firm grip from stubborn stains but leave a nice, shiny gloss on your car.

Another solution you can use without scratching the paint is by using WD-40. Surprisingly, WD-40 can remove the bird poop stains due to the stains being comprised of oily textures.

This solution helps loosen and break down oily stains – including bird poop.

How To Get Bird Poop Off Car Without Washing It?

Believe it or not, there are ways to remove these stains without washing. One of the ways you can eliminate bird poop is by using drop wipes on the surface. However, that’s only if it’s a topical stain.

If the bird poop stain is still stuck on the surface of your car, you might have to go to an auto repair shop to restore the paint or get it detailed.

Sometimes bird dropping stains are too stubborn to get out and a repair shop is the only course of action, but this is only if the other solutions do not work.

Can Bird Droppings Damage Car Paint?

Bird droppings can damage your car paint. Due to its uric acid element, it can eat through the top coat of your car, and even if you remove the stain, it scratches off your car’s paint.

It can leave a permanent etching onto the paint and rust over time.

How Long Does it Take for Bird Poop to Damage Car Paint?

Bird droppings can start damaging your car after 48 hours of exposure. This usually consists of topical bird poop turning into wrinkled or fractured bird poop, making it harder to clean off your car.

How Do You Stop a Bird From Pooping on Your Car?

So now that you know how to remove bird poop stains, are there ways you can prevent this in the future? Yes!

Here are some solutions you can implement to avoid bird poop stains:

  • Install a bird deterrent. This can be either a visual or sonic deterrent to ward off birds.
  • Do not park near trees. This is a prime hangout for birds, making your car a target for their poop.
  • Place reflective items on your vehicle. This can be from small mirrors or CDs, scaring them off.
  • Install a protective car cover. This will prevent potential damage to the exterior of your car.

Overall Thoughts

So, how can you get bird poop off your car? The primary solutions are using a WD-40, detailer spray, drop wipes, or glass cleaner.

See if these solutions work for you, or let us know if you’ve found something else that works!

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