4 Best Ways to Clean Inside the Windshield

Whether you are a new driver who has just purchased their car or a long-time driver interested in how to better maintain excellent visibility while driving, it is important to know the best way to clean the inside of your windshield.

To learn about the tips and tricks for getting your windshield cleaner than ever, continue reading below.

Why Is It Hard to Clean the Inside of the Windshield?    

Cleaning the inside of your car’s windshield usually proves to be a difficult and exhausting task. This is because your windshield is coated with a special glass coating that very easily takes on smudges and is slow to release the dirt.

When cleaning windshields, people tend to touch them with their hands in order to get good access to the inside of the windshield. This results in placing hands on the windshield and creating more smudges that must then be carefully cleared off. Due to the windshield’s sloping shape, it is difficult to reach the corners of the windshield and ensure that full cleanliness and visibility are completely achieved.

Best Methods to Clean Inside Windshield?

For those seeking the best and more effective methods to clean the inside of your windshield without needing to result in calling a car detail specialist or driving to the car wash, there are four main methods and tips to follow:

1) An Alcohol Solution

Utilizing a simple alcohol and vinegar solution of 50% alcohol and 50% water can help you create a great oil dissolving agent to wipe away unsightly windshield marks. Adding a cap full of white vinegar can sometimes help minimize the rubbing alcohol smell in your car when using the liquid to clean.

2) A DIY Cleaner Solution

If the alcohol smell is too overwhelming, consider making your own at-home DIY cleaner with 70% water, 15% window cleaner, and 15% dish soap. Mix it in a bucket and then coat the inside of your windshield with it before removing it. It should do the trick.

3) A Store-Bought Glass Cleaner

Buying a cleaner made especially for cleaning the inside of your windshield is also a good option for those willing to spend the money on a high-quality cleaner. Avoid cleaners that contain ammonia because they can easily damage other aspects of your car and sometimes end up leaving a weird green tint on your windshield.

4) Hand Rubbing

Try rubbing down the inside of your windshield with plain and dry paper towels. Use a lot of pressure and make little circles across the whole thing until the dirt and smudges are no longer there. While this won’t work on all windshield dirt, it might be the simple trick you need to get the inside of your windshield clean and clear enough to see well.

Tools and Equipment Needed

When planning to start cleaning the inside of your windshield without seeking professional help, there are a few specific tools and equipment items needed that will make the job easier for you. Before getting started, consider going to your local auto or hardware shop and purchasing the following:

  • Vinger
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Dry Paper Towels
  • Shop Towels
  • Plastic card or credit card
  • Alcohol
  • Window Cleaner
  • Dusting wand

Recommended Best Brands for the Job

If dealing with your car’s windshield, the brand does matter. When at the store or looking online for the best glass cleaners to purchase, consider looking for the brands listed below. Not only have they been highly rated by a majority of users, but they have also proven to work without completely breaking the bank. The recommended best brands for the job include:

  • Shine Society Glass Cleaner
  • Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner
  • 3M Glass Cleaner
  • Sprayway Glass Cleaner
  • Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner
  • Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner
  • Stoner Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner
  • TriNova Premium Glass & Mirror Streak-Free Cleaner

Why Does the Inside of Your Windshield Get Dirty?

Windshields are made of very temperamental tempered glass, making them incredibly susceptible to dirt that makes seeing the road in front of you incredibly difficult. If you cannot see properly, regardless of weather conditions, driving can become hazardous and even dangerous depending on the time of day. Some of the reasons that the inside of your windshield may become dirty include the following:

Fingerprints from Hand Contact

If you have children, odds are that you will occasionally see tiny hands and fingerprints across the inside of your car’s windshield. This can create oily smudges that occur due to the natural oils produced on human hands. This oil makes it difficult to see and improperly reflects light, making your windshield seem dirty.

Dust and Dandruff

Dust from the road, pollen, dry skin, food, bugs, sap from open windows, and tiny hair particles naturally accumulates on all surfaces over time. This, accelerated due to lack of ventilation, occurs in our cars and piles up on our windshields.

Animals in the Car

Animals often shed dandruff and hairs that can get caught on the windshield and stay there. If you are someone who travels with animals or lets them ride with you in the car’s cabin, your windshield is likely to get dirtier.

Sea Salt Accumulation

Sea Salt Accumulation usually happens in coastal climates or places with a lot of air humidity. When salty water pools on the inside of your windshield from driving with the windows open or from condensation, it is likely to become dirty with salt particles as the water dries.

Springtime Season

During a time of year when flowers are in bloom and plants are being pollinated, a lot of dirt tends to collect on both the inside and the outside of the windshield dint the form of both pollen and sap. This can congeal on your windshield with humidity over time, making it hard to get rid of.

A Cleaner Windshield Makes for a Safer Car

When you cannot see through your windshield, particularly in inclement weather or on dark winding roads, you put yourself and others at risk for an unwanted automobile accident. Avoid danger by taking the time to either make your own or purchase an inner windshield cleaning solution and cleaning up your windshield for maximum visibility.

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