Car Dent Repair Cost Guide – Current Prices

Car dents can reduce your car’s resale value and be an eyesore. So knowing what to expect when it comes to dent repair costs is crucial!

If you’re curious about how much it will cost to repair your car’s latest dent, we’re here to help. Read on for a quick guide on car dent repair costs.

Car Dent Repair Cost

How Much Does It Usually Cost to Fix a Dent In a Car?

Multiple factors will impact the cost of a dent repair, including whether your dent needs to be repainted, how large the ding is, and your car’s model.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 to $200 for smaller dents. For more extensive repairs, you can expect to pay over $200.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to look into the rates of any local repair shops. Their rates and costs may differ from their competition.

How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair Cost?

For a small ding in your car, paintless dent repair is the cheapest it’ll get. You can expect to spend around $100, give or take $10, depending on the dent’s severity.

How Much Does a Dent Repair Cost With Paint?

Unfortunately, paint repair will drastically increase the cost of your dent repair. The cost will also depend on the following factors:

  • Paint color
  • The car’s model
  • Paint style

Because of this, the price can vary massively. You could get repairs done for as cheap as $200 for a minor, easy-to-fix dent.

You could also find yourself shelling out thousands of dollars for a complex dent. Make sure you know the price before you give the go-ahead to start repair!

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Dent In a Car Fender?

If the dent is minor, the cost shouldn’t change much. If the damage is significant, you can expect to replace your entire fender. Replacing a fender will cost thousands of dollars.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Dent In a Car Bumper?

As with a fender, your bumper shouldn’t have too high of a cost to have the dent repaired. Minor dents may be a couple of hundred dollars. You could also see prices as high as $600. However, there is the possibility you need to replace the entire bumper.

How Much Is It To Fix a Dent In a Car Door?

Small dents in a car door shouldn’t cost more than $50-$100. Some significant damage could cost up to $2,000 or even require the door to be replaced.

Hailstones Damage Repair Costs

Thankfully, the damage from hailstones is typically small. Dents an inch across or less rarely require much repair work.

You should expect to pay around $50 for hailstone dents, the price increasing as the severity of the damage increases.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Car Dent Repair

Here are some factors that impact how much a dent repair will cost.


One of the biggest factors is whether it’s a paint or paintless repair. The same dent could have its cost increased by hundreds or thousands of dollars if paint is involved.

Size and Severity of the Dent

Past this, the biggest factor is the size and severity of the dent. A small ding from your child accidentally hitting the door with a tennis ball shouldn’t cost much. An entire door dented in from being T-boned at an intersection will cost a great deal.

Repair Work

Some dents may require car repair rather than just having the dent knocked out. If this is the case, most of the cost will come from labor and parts.

The Mechanic or Repair Shop

Finally, a considerable factor is the shop you’re getting the repair done at. Many shops will compete with each other’s rates and offer different deals. Going to a local mechanic may help reduce the cost.

Car Dent Repair Cost

What Makes Car Dent Repair So Expensive?

The dent’s location makes a big difference! Dents to doors or bumpers can sometimes damage sensors, which will need replacing. Others may also include services like:

All these factors will significantly increase the cost of your repair.

Can You Fix Car Dents Yourself?

Many dents are repairable from a DIY perspective. The true answer depends on your equipment, skill level, and the dent’s severity. Some dents require specific tools to get out, while others can sometimes be as simple as using a plunger!

When in doubt, always take the vehicle to a professional. Doing so will ensure the car isn’t damaged further.

What Kind of Dents Can Be Repaired?

Most aesthetic dents are repairable. The dents that aren’t repairable are usually a result of a severe collision or similar damage. These dents are often more than just aesthetics and may have damage beyond what you can see.

Are Car Dents Covered by Insurance?

This answer depends on what your insurance covers! Some insurance and liability plans cover dents and damage, but it usually depends more on the source of the damage.

Consult your car insurance to know what they do and don’t cover. That way, you can get a better idea of what you’ll spend when it comes to repairing your vehicle.

Is It Worth It to Fix Dents in Cars?

It’s up to you whether you fix a dent. Many drivers don’t like the aesthetic of a dented car. However, other people don’t mind what their car looks like!

Most dents are just cosmetic damage, meaning you shouldn’t suffer in performance. That said, severe dents can cause some issues with your vehicles, such as difficulty closing doors or the trunk. Weigh the costs and the reward to make your decision!

Final Thoughts: Car Dent Repair Cost

Seeing a dent in your car can fill you with anxiety, but don’t worry! Most cosmetic dings are relatively cheap to repair and shouldn’t cause much hassle. More significant dents are more expensive, but the repairs are often quick.

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