Everything You Need to Know About Supertech Oil

Your choice of engine oil can boost or reduce your motor engine’s performance. Days are gone when few companies produce engine oils, so you’ve lots of options.

Do you use Supertech oil? Read on to learn of its origin.

Who Makes Supertech Oil

About Supertech Oil

Supertech oil is a popular car oil that users recognize as the top product in the oil industry. The oil’s design is to fulfill all of the oil criteria in the United States, ensuring quality.

Supertech lubricant is a synthetic formulation that safeguards your engines in cold and hot climates. And it is inexpensive.

Who Makes Supertech Oil?

Warren Oil of Trail Creek Investments is an international company that produces and manufactures SuperTech oil.

Tennessean William K. Warren is the founding father of the lubricant company. He established the company during the twentieth century’s oil boom.

During this era of the 1950s, Warren Petroleum was the primary manufacturer of both LPG and natural gasoline.

Supertech Oil Manufacturers

Supertech Motor Oil is a brand with several producers, and all products perform the same. The essential factor to concentrate on is the specs of your engine.

Here are the makers of Supertech motor oil:

Warren Oil Corporation 

As the primary producer of SuperTech oil, Warren’s distinctive logo is distinct, with a white rectangular shape on the rear or front of the screen.

The rectangle has several variations, such as being blank, having a QR code, or even having a serial number.


ExxonMobil features a more oversized lid than standard Supertech oil canisters, similar to the covers of their second brand, Mobil1. And this shows the oil operates to stand out from the competition.


Pennzoil bears the Constar brand. There at the lower section of the container, you’ll discover an uppercase C plus a star.

On the other hand, the Warren oil company employs the Constar when they are low on vessels. Hence, verify the white rectangles to get rid of them.

Who Makes Supertech Gear Oil?

Warren Oil Company is the manufacturer of Supertech gear oil. The gear oil’s composition helps safeguard hypoid gears, gearboxes, manual transmissions, light truck conventional differentials, passenger car, steering, and transmission gears.

Who Makes Supertech 2-Stroke Oil?

SuperTech, a 2-stroke oil, is a product of Warren Oil Company.

Who Makes Supertech Synthetic Oil?

Warren Oil Company of Trail Creek Investments manufactures various motor oils, including Supertech synthetic oil.

Who Makes Supertech Hydraulic Oil?

Supertech hydraulic oil is from Warren Oil Company of Trail Creek Investments, Walmart Incorporation, and sold by Walmart Incorporation.

Is Supertech Oil Made in the USA?

Warren Oil Company is among the United States America’s (USA) largest corporations, producing Supertech Oil. Tennessean William K. Warren created the business in the 20th century.

Is Supertech Good Oil?

Supertech Lubricant is less expensive and produces excellent effects. Additionally, it’s a favorite oil among motorists.

Regardless of its fame, it remains approachable to customers. And this is why it’s good oil.

Here are some reasons Supertech is quality oil:

Enhanced Engine Performance

Supertech oil doesn’t become thicker in cold weather.  Thus your vehicle’s engine is safe from shivering during autumn. Furthermore, it doesn’t vapourize quickly, allowing your engine to run more smoothly.


Supertech lubricant is significantly less expensive than its rivals. Should you choose the options, you could wind up spending twice or three times the price of a single container.

Reduce Friction

Deposits are safe since friction is negligible. Whenever the motor operates, there is no acid buildup or residues.

Able to Work in High Temperatures

Supertech oil is resilient to severe temperatures, and significant volumes of heat do not affect it, enhancing engine efficiency.

It also has no adverse effects that can harm your engine because it can function at extreme temperatures.

Who Makes Supertech Oil

Types of Supertech Oil With Prices

Supertech oils come in different quantities, sizes, and prices:

Supertech Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil

The motor oil provides exceptional wear shielding for 10k miles to ensure your car functions properly.  Supertech Full Synthetic 5W-30 motor oil is available in a 5-quart jug.

The motor oils formulation has a quality base oil blend and an upgraded additive strategy to improve engine safety. It has a high-performance composition for petrol engines, allowing yours to run efficiently and smoothly.

You can use the motor Oil in conjunction with traditional lubricating oils. It surpasses GM Dexos1 Gen2 criteria across all GM automobile petrol cars presently in use globally.

It also aids in the reduction of hazardous residues and chemicals that can destroy your motor and other parts, robbing them of their capacity.

The oil fits the parameters for all gas car engines consumers use that need an SAE 5W-30, which fulfills API Parameters SP and ILSAC GF-6A or prior regulations.

Constantly follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct SAE rating and API category. The Dexos1 Gen2 replaces the GM4718M and GM 6094M. A bottled quart is also accessible.

Put it into it and boost your car to maintain peak performance.

Supertech Heavy Duty SAE 15W-40 Motor Oil

The Supertech Heavy Duty SAE 15W-40 Motor Oil is suitable for the most demanding automobiles.

It is compatible with diesel and gasoline engines, offering a flexible alternative to conventional engine oils. The lubricating oil is applicable for farm and fleet use.

It’s perfect for heavy-duty diesel and gasoline engines, construction, and agricultural equipment.

Supertech is the place to go if you require high-quality engine oil for your bulky machines. The  SAE 15W-40 Diesel Oil satisfies the specifications for all gasoline and diesel car engines that use older standards or SAE 15W-40 API CK-4/SN, CJ-4, CI-4.

The oil offers enhanced wear protection and works well in low-emission or turbocharged diesel engines.

Supertech Full Synthetic 10W-30 Motor Oil

Supertech Full Synthetic 10W-30 motor oil comes in a handy twelve-quart container. Rotate the tip of the nozzle to pour the desired quantity. The motor oil provides outstanding wear protection to ensure your car constantly runs smoothly.

It has a high-productive composition for petrol cars, allowing yours to run effortlessly.

Also, this Supertech Full Synthetic 10W-30 motor oil has a superior base oil composition and an upgraded system to safeguard your engine.

At operational temperatures, this motor oil exhibits exceptional resilience to thermal disintegration.

You can use Supertech Full Synthetic Motor Oil in conjunction with traditional lubricating oil. The oil fulfills the parameters for all fuel car engines that necessitate an SAE 10W-30  matching ILSAC GF-6A and API Specifications SP or earlier standards.

It also aids in the reduction of hazardous deposits and acids that can destroy your engine’s elements.

Strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct API categorization and SAE grade. It comes in a  one-quart bottle and a 5-quart jug.

Supertech 5W30

The motor oil’s design has a high-performing composition for fuel cars, ensuring that your engine operates effectively. 

Supertech lubricating oil offers superior wear prevention and thermal disintegration tolerance at working temperatures.

Supertech 5W30, All Mileage engine oil, keeps your car running smoothly, whether it has covered 75,000 miles or it’s new.

Consequently, the oil has an upgraded additive system and a blend of quality base oils to protect your engine better. The motor oil is available in a 5-quart jug.

High Technology All Mileage Motor Oil is interoperable with standard engine oils. The oil satisfies the criteria for all modern petrol car engines that demand meeting ILSAC GF-6A and API Specs SP or prior specifications.

It also aids in the reduction of hazardous residues and chemicals that can destroy your engine.

Who Sells Supertech Oil in the US?

Walmart sells high-quality oil in the USA. The seller is a United States of America global retail firm based in Bentonville, Arkansas operating a chain of inexpensive stores, hypermarkets, and groceries throughout the United States.

Sam Walton launched the business in neighboring Rogers, Arkansas, in 1962. The company operates and owns the Sam’s Club’s retailing facilities.

Supertech Oil Alternatives

There are a few competitors to Supertech Oil that offer compatible alternatives.


Castrol and Supertech are both SAE accredited. Therefore they have the same characteristics. There are, although, specific areas where they vary.

The Castrol replacement time is greater than the Supertech; you may increase it to 15,000 miles instead of 7,000 miles. However, in comparison to Castrol, Supertech is less expensive.

Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is a famous motor lubricant in the industry. Most auto professionals respect it for its durability and quality.

Furthermore, Mobil 1 is the original motor lubricant of Nascar that several automobile and racing professionals have pushed and endorsed.

Mobil 1 is more costly than Supertech because of its fame and relationship with NASCAR. However, are there differences?

Although we cannot say for sure if Supertech and Mobil 1  are equal, they do have numerous similarities. Both are synthetic lubricants, for example.

They completely conform with the state’s safety regulations and norms and are suitable for fuel engines. Dexos 1T has certified them.

The most significant distinction between the products would be that Mobil 1 charges about twice as much as Supertech. Hence most consumers perceive the first to be better.


Amazonbasics is the budget competitor of Supertech and is less expensive and appropriate for motor engines.

Each functions in severe conditions, but Supertech has an advantage in one area. In contrast to its price counterpart, it performs better in the cold.

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