Mobil 1 Oil Filter vs. K&N Filter

Owning a car comes with many decisions. Among these are the brands for every car care and equipment you buy. If you’re deciding which type of oil filter to purchase for your car, you might have it narrowed down between two of the top brands in the field: Mobil 1 and K&N.

Mobil 1 Oil Filter vs. K&N

Which oil filters are better, and which will work best for your specific vehicle and needs? We’ve done the research for you.

Here is a guide to the Mobil 1 oil filter versus the K&N filter. Soon, you’ll know which is better for you and your needs.

Mobil 1 Oil Filter Overview

Mobil 1 is one of the biggest motor brands in the world and makes several different oil filters. There is a high-performance oil filter for thicker oil and a standard filter. I

n this review, we’ll talk mainly about the stock oil filter. This filter works with all vehicles and can filter oil for up to 20,000 miles.

K&N Select Oil Filter Overview

K&N started out making products for motorcycles and eventually began creating products for cars as well. The company focuses on high-performance vehicles, such as motorcycles and race cars.

K&N’s oil filter was made for thicker oil and is sturdier than many other models, making it ideal for heavy-duty vehicles.

Similarities Between Mobil 1 and K&N Oil Filters

Of course, the two oil filters have several similarities. They are compatible with most engines and oils and do an excellent job of filtering motor oil. Here are the similarities between the two filters.


Of course, the most significant similarity is in what the products do. Both Mobil 1 and K&N oil filters do an excellent job of filtering oil and removing impurities before it ends up in the engine.

Shape and Size

Both brands of oil filters come in a conical shape, which is meant to be placed in the engine in the same spot. They will filter the oil through the folds of material in the cone itself.


Both the Mobil 1 and the K&N oil filters are said to last about a year. While this may vary, the oil filters are very durable depending on how much the car is used.


Another area of similarity between the two products is their performance. Although this is a comparison article, it’s crucial to point out that both K&N and Mobil 1 oil filters do an excellent job. They are both great oil filters.

Mobil 1 Oil Filter vs. K&N

Mobil 1 vs. K&N Oil Filters Features Comparison

Although these two oil filters have several similarities, they are intended for different oil types. K&N was made for higher-performance vehicles, which use thicker oil, while Mobil 1 is meant for everyday cars. Here is a comparison between the main features of the two oil filter brands.

Mobil 1 vs. K&N Oil Filters Type and Technology

Mobil 1 uses a synthetic fiber blend to filter the oil through a regular oil filter canister. K&N, on the other hand, K&N makes their filter with a mix of synthetic fibers and cellulose, creating a broader net for the oil.

Mobil 1 vs. K&N Oil Filters Capacity

Mobil 1 filters can last up to a year or 20,000 miles if used correctly. Some users may find that they need to replace their filters earlier if they drive a lot. K&N filters are made for high-performance vehicles and only last 10,000 miles.

Mobil 1 vs. K&N Oil Filters Filtration Media and Accuracy

Both Mobil 1 and K&N oil filters use a combination of synthetic materials to filter the oil. However, because K&N filters are made of thicker oil, they have a lower filtration accuracy. K&N filters remove 85% of contaminants, while Mobil 1 removes 98%.

Mobil 1 vs. K&N Oil Filters Oil Flow Rate

The oil flow rate between the two is very similar, but K&N has a higher oil flow rate. Although it’s less efficient when it comes to filtering the oil, the K&N filter allows more oil to flow through, making it popular for high-performance vehicles.

Mobil 1 vs. K&N Oil Filters Compatibility

Mobil 1 oil filters are compatible with almost any modern engine. The conical shape works with any machine, and the filter is small enough to fit in small or large vehicles.

K&N filters are also very compatible, but the metal casing around the filter can reduce compatibility in smaller vehicles.

Mobil 1 vs. K&N Oil Filters Mileage Interval and Longevity

Both Mobil 1 and K&N oil filters advertise that they will last up to a year. However, the Mobil 1 filter mileage is officially 20,000, while K&N only allows for 10,000 miles. 10,000 miles might be about a year’s usage with a high-performance vehicle or motorcycle.

However, if an owner uses a car heavily, the filters might need to be changed sooner.

Mobil 1 vs. K&N Oil Filters Bypass Pressure

The standard Mobil 1 oil filter operates at a bypass pressure of 22 psi. Meanwhile, the K&N oil filter works at an average force of anywhere from 30-45 psi.

Mobil 1 vs. K&N Oil Filters Overall Performance

Overall, both K&N and Mobil 1 oil filters do an excellent job of filtering the oil. Because K&N oil filters were created for thicker oil, it naturally works better in high-performance vehicles. K&N filters are 85% effective, while Mobil 1 filters are 98% effective.

Mobil 1 vs. K&N Oil Filters Price

A Mobil 1 oil filter can cost between $11 and $22, depending on where you buy it. However, K&N oil filters usually cost at least $25. The heavy-duty oil filter costs $35 from K&N. This price difference reflects the difference in materials and performance.

Mobil 1 vs. K&N Oil Filters Pros and Cons Summary

Mobil 1 prosMobil 1 consK&N prosK&N cons
Less expensiveLower bypass pressure and flow rateGreat for high-performance vehiclesNot as high longevity
Excellent efficiency and filtrationDoesn’t work for motorcyclesHigh flow rate and pressureIsn’t compatible with all vehicles
Perfect for everyday driving needsNot ideal for thick oilGreat for thicker oilMore expensive
20,000 miles of filteringDoesn’t work for high performance carsExtremely durable and sturdyNot meant for everyday driving

So, Are K&N or Mobil 1 Filters Better?

After all of this information, you might be leaning toward a K&N filter or a Mobil 1 filter. Like most products, these two oil filters were created for slightly different vehicles and work better under other circumstances.

Both are high-quality oil filters and will do the job well; it simply depends on what your specific needs are.

When to Use Mobil 1 Oil Filters

If you are a regular driver and you use Mobil 1 engine oil, it’s probably best to go with a Mobil 1 oil filter. They are less expensive than K&N filters and aren’t made especially for high-intensity driving. With the right kind of oil and a regular driving schedule, you can count on a Mobil 1 filter to last you up to 20,000 miles.

When to Use K&N Oil Filters

However, motorcycle riders or high-performance drivers might need something a little more robust. If you use thicker oil to help keep your engine running in any high-intensity scenario, the heavy-duty filters on the K&N unit might be your best choice.

You’ll need to replace it more often, but you can depend on the filter to catch all of the contaminants.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a complete picture of Mobil 1 vs. K&N oil filters, you likely know which brand you want to buy for your vehicle. If you are focused on high performance and use thicker oil or drive a motorcycle, K&N might be the right filter for you.

However, for cars with more average driving needs, Mobil 1 makes an excellent filter as well.

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