MS-6395 Chrysler Oil – Specs and Pros & Cons

What is MS-6395 oil?

The MS-6395 certification system was developed by Chrysler as a standard for motor and engine oils.

It was developed as a guide for oil manufacturers to adhere to the best oil properties necessary for Chrysler vehicles.

Any motor oil certification requires multiple tests in accordance with material standards.

This is to ensure maximum engine performance.

Any motor oil brand that seeks the Chrysler MS-6395 certification has to comply with these standards.

Tests are strenuous and involve cars sometimes traveling further than 100,000 miles in various weather conditions.

What oils meet MS-6395 standards?

Certifications sound pretty strict, right? That’s because they need to be.

There are some serious adverse effects if you use motor oils that aren’t up to standard.

Motor oil needs to uphold maximum performance in your car. It needs to add value and protect your engine.

Any oils that are not up to standard could be shortening the lifespan of your car, and the wrong motor oil affects the performance of your vehicle. Who wants a 6/10 when it could be a 10/10?

MS-6395 Chrysler oil specifications

The Chrysler MS-6395 certification is the benchmark for motor oil. It’s the holy grail of sorts.

So, what are the specifications?

For starters, oil manufacturers are required to adhere to the requirements detailed in the API Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System (AOLCS). They must also hold an API License for their products to be approved and meet the MS-6395 certification standards.

The ACC Product Approval Code of Practice is used as a guideline when testing engines with this oil.

Additionally, the motor oil has to contain specific additives for service-fill engine crankcases.

Some of the specific characteristics of MS-6395 oils include higher viscosity, top-grade oil, and thick oil (reduces wear and tear).

As you can see, only the best of the best can meet the standard. That’s what it takes to get your baby performing optimally.

MS-6395 oil list 2022

Let’s take a look at some of the oils that meet this standard.

Oh, and by the way, good job for taking the time to research – your vehicle will be thanking you!

The following are some of the best Chrysler MS-6395 certified motor oils:

It’s a pretty comprehensive list of the top motor oils available on the market.

Each oil has been subject to the rigorous MS-6395 motor oil certification standards.

Some are conventional oils, and some are synthetic oils. There is no outright winner when it comes to choosing either a conventional oil or synthetic motor oils. Let’s take a further look.

Is MS-6395 a synthetic oil?

The answer to that question is simple. They come in synthetic oil and conventional oil forms.

It seems there is a lot of debate surrounding which type is better. It’s difficult to say because poor quality synthetic oils obviously won’t compare to good conventional motor oil.

But, there’s even more to it. It’s dependent on the formulation of these oils.

Conventional motor oil has crude oil or petroleum as the base lubricant during processing. Many argue that this makes it inferior because it contains impurities that actually damage the vehicle.

Synthetic oils, on the other hand, are formulated using petroleum, alcohol, and hydrocarbon gases. This leads many to believe that synthetic oils are superior and top-grade oils.

Pros and cons of MS-6395 Chrysler oil

MS-6395 pros

  1. Improved performance – Among the biggest pros of using a Chrysler MS-6395 certified oil is improved performance. You can expect a more efficient engine that continues to deliver impeccable performance regardless of the conditions.
  2. Minimizes damage – Want to prolong the life of your engine? Use MS-6395 certified engine oils. The engine oils act as lubricants that reduce the wear and tear of your engine. The high-quality motor oil ensures the integrity of your engine.
  3. Improved fuel economy – Who doesn’t want a more economical vehicle? Using an approved oil can help enhance your fuel economy. This is because the engine is running optimally – pretty neat, eh?
  4. Reduced Noise – We all know how irritating car noises can be – they can be worrying too! Luckily when you use an approved MS-6395 oil, you’ll likely have reduced engine noise. Can you hear that? Whistling like she used to!
  5. Extensive Lifespan – The lifespan of MS-6395 certified oils is significantly higher than other brands. This is mainly because of the premium quality and processes used to produce these motor oils.

MS-6395 cons

  1. More expensive – This was to be expected. You can’t sacrifice quality, though. MS-6395 oils are a bit pricier, but that’s what you pay for quality.
  2. Excessive use of oil leads to loss of power – You need to use MS-6395 oils with caution. Excessive usage can actually cause significant damage.

Best MS-6395 Chrysler certified oils 2022

Let’s take a look at the five best Chrysler MS-6395 certified oils.

1. Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 0W-20

This is the industry leader when it comes to MS-6395 certified oils. Pennzoil has produced a spectacular, high-quality motor oil that is guaranteed to maximize performance.

Their unique formula provides complete protection, reduced wear and tear, and brilliant performanceeven in the harshest conditions!

The engine oil is fully synthetic, and it’s made from natural gas, not crude, using Pennzoil’s patented gas-to-liquid PurePlus Technology.

You can also expect improved fuel economy compared to conventional oils allowing you to get some extra miles on every tank.

Overall, Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 0w-20 offers the highest-quality motor oil available on the market.

2. Castrol 03124 Edge 0W-20

Another close contender is the Castrol 03124 Edge 0w-20 fully synthetic motor oil.

This product has exceptional ratings and user feedback, and it’s easy to see why. It boasts an impressive 42% better rating on fighting power-robbing deposits.

This motor oil is guaranteed to keep your engine protected – it’s far superior when compared to other motor oil brands.

It exceeds all the ILSAC GF-5, API SN, ACEA A1, ACEA B1 requirements. It’s also relatively affordable when compared to other brands.

3. Quicksilver Premium Plus TC-W3

The advanced Quicksilver formulation ensures optimal engine performance, and superior lubrication protects the engine’s components.

This is the preferred choice for engines operating at high speed, offering seamless and reliable protection – it’s actually specially formulated for severe conditions.

4. Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30

If you’re looking for an affordable and top-quality motor oil that protects your engine against oil breakdown and degradation – look no further!

The Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5w-30 motor oil offers 25% better protection against deposits with its extra engine-cleaning detergents.

It also boasts high viscosity retention and increased temperature protection – perfect for more challenging climates.

5. Mobil 1 Extended Performance

Mobil 1 Extended Performance motor oil has a unique formula that reduces sludge build-up and aids in maintaining stable oil viscosity.

This is an excellent option for vehicles exposed to cold weather. The motor oil regulates temperature and provides excellent engine protection.

It preserves the integrity of your engine’s components while providing balanced lubrication for reduced wear and tear.

What Are Some MS-6395 Oil Equivalents On The Market?

Now that you understand the superior quality of MS-6395 oils, let’s explore some of the equivalents available in the market.

Most of the top selections have been synthetic oils, while conventional oils have taken a backseat for the time being.

But, some notable mentions might just be as good as MS-6395 certified oils.

Mobil-1 motor oil is arguably the only equivalent on the market. It offers every single aspect of what the other MS-6395 certified oils do but without the certification.

It’s received numerous accolades for being an exceptional motor oil that improves fuel economy, reduces wear and tear, maintains stable viscosity, and delivers in harsh conditions.

It’s also a fully synthetic oil that uses premium, high-quality ingredients in its production.

Where to buy MS-6395 certified oil

The most important question of all. You can purchase MS-6395 certified oil at most gas stations and even online.

You can find most of the certified oils mentioned above on Amazon, but alternatively, you could just shop around at automotive stores, local mechanics, or gas stations.

It’s important to give your vehicle the best possible quality. By maintaining a certain quality standard, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of a healthy engine and unrivaled performance.

Time to get that baby purring again!

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