Who Makes Kirkland Motor Oil?

This article will answer all of your questions about this oil, including who makes Kirkland motor oil and why they have recently gained popularity in the motor oil industry.

Who Makes Kirkland Motor Oil

Nevertheless, this cheap motor oil with high quality for its value sparked a sudden interest in Kirkland as a brand, with many people wondering who makes Kirkland motor oil and the different kinds of products they offer. So, who makes Kirkland motor oil?

Warren Distribution blends private label oils, including Kirkland motor oil, specifically for Costco.

What brand is Kirkland motor oil?

The brand Kirkland is owned by Costco, which means it is a private label. This allows Costco to control the price of its products without the impact of third-party distributors. This will enable Costco to keep costs very competitive with similar brands, attracting customers to return for cheaper products that are just as high in quality.

Kirkland motor oil is therefore also owned by Costco and is sold under the Kirkland brand. This also means that you will only be able to purchase the oil at Costco stores, again another reason for customers to be loyal to Costco.

What company makes Kirkland brand motor oil?

Warren distribution makes Kirkland motor oil, a company founded by James Schlott in 1992 and is based in North America. They are one of the giant blenders of oils for a private label.

Warren distribution makes it for Costco stores around the world and some other well-known brands of engine oil. Motor oil, industry oil, heavy-duty engine oil, and greases are some of the other products made by Warren distribution.

Who owns the Warren oil company?

Trail Creek Investment owns Warren oil company, which acquired the company in October 2016. Trail Creek Investment is a privately owned investment company specializing in the supply and distribution of motor and industrial products and medical and beverage gases and products.

Where is the company located?

Warren oil company is currently located in Marion, Illinois, United States, and is in the Oil and Gas Extraction Industry. They have several manufacturing facilities across the United States, including:

  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • North Carolina
  • Texas
  • Pennsylvania.

They have over one million square feet of space for manufacturing and a staggering twenty-one million gallons of storing ability. They also have almost three-hundred staff members that work around the clock to ensure efficient and reliable production of their products to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Who makes Kirkland heavy-duty motor oil?

Kirkland heavy-duty motor oil is made and blended by Warren distribution, the same company that manufactures Walmart’s Super Tech brand. Warren distribution also has its brand of motor oil known as Mag 1 oil.

In addition, Warren distribution blends motor oils for Meijer and AmazonBasic oils. They have established themselves as one of, if not the giant blenders of private oil manufacturing.

Who Makes Kirkland Motor Oil

Who makes Kirkland’s signature synthetic motor oil?

Kirkland synthetic motor oil is made in the United States by one of the giant oil blenders, Warren Distribution, a private manufacturer of oil and motor products. Kirkland 0w-20 synthetic oil has been described as one of the top synthetic oils produced by Warren Distribution.

Kirkland 5w-30 is another synthetic oil produced by Warren Distribution that is sold at a slightly lower price and is said to have a similar quality to Mobil 1. If you are looking for motor oil with a high viscosity, then Kirkland SAE 5w-30 is your product.

What kind of oil is Kirkland motor oil?

Kirkland oil has been specially designed to optimize fuel efficiency and maintain and protect motor engines for long periods. The type of oil manufactured by Warren Distribution is Kirkland synthetic oil, entirely made from synthetic products proven to provide the best results for protecting and enhancing engines.

Kirkland motor oil specs

Kirkland’s signature brand is full synthetic motor oil that meets the standard of viscosity that allows it to function correctly in cold and hot temperatures. It also includes detergent additives, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, and barium, which help prevent corrosion and engine wear.

Other components of the motor oils include Antiwear additives such as phosphorus, zinc, and boron, which help protect friction of the metal in the engines by forming a protective layer.

Kirkland motor oils are also checked to make sure they do not contain several metals that can cause harm and damage to engines, such as silver, aluminum, and nickel, to name a few. The oil also contains silicon, a common component that works as an antifoaming agent.

Are Kirkland motor oil products any good?

When it comes to the oil industry for engines, Kirkland is a relatively new name. Brands such as Mobil 1 and Castrol have dominated the market for the longest time. It came quite a surprise for many vehicle owners when Kirkland motor oil hit the market as a cheaper alternative that didn’t sacrifice quality.

Kirkland engine oil has both Dexos and API certification, meaning they meet the required standard for safe oil. These accreditations are the main ones people look for when trying to understand if the oil is high quality. This means they are very safe to use despite being cheaper than many other competitors, making them great value.

In addition to meeting these standards, the Kirkland motor products have outperformed many rivals with much better fuel efficiency.

Where to buy Kirkland motor oil

Warren Oil Company produces all types of Kirkland motor oils exclusively for Costco. This means that you will only be able to purchase the oil from Costco themselves. You will be able to find Costco stores worldwide, especially in Canada, the UK, and the USA.

There are three types of oil sold under the Kirkland brand, separated on viscosity. 0W 20, 5W 30, and SAE 5W 30 are the three products sold in order of density from lowest to highest. 0W 20 is one of the best Kirkland motor oils most popular amongst customers.

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