Does AutoZone Take Used Oil? (Process + Cost)

If you’re a car owner, you’ll need to dispose of your oil at some point. So, where can you do this that’s also less impactful on the environment?

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Luckily for you, AutoZone has your back. They will happily take your old oil and recycle it. All you need to do is drop it off at an AutoZone store, and they’ll do the rest!

Does AutoZone Still Take Used Oil?

Yes, they most definitely do! Autozone has an Oil Care recycling program, and they will collect used oil from their customers at no extra cost. All you need to do is drop off a container with used oil in it. This way, it won’t end up in landfills.

How Is the Process Of Taking Used Oil to AutoZone?

The process is relatively easy.

  1. Get the used engine oil into a container; you’ll want to try and capture most of it. Put a plastic sheet or tarp underneath the area where you are working. Put a container underneath your engine and above the tarp so that you can catch the oil while it drains.
  2. Empty the oil filters; poke a hole into the dome of the filter, and let it drain into the drip pan. There could still be residual oil in the filter, so seal it in a plastic bag to recycle it.
  3. Get the oil ready for transportation; you’ll need to transfer your oil into a container using one made of polyethylene or suitable material. This will let you store and transport the oil. Make sure not to mix it with other substances as it will become unrecyclable.
  4. Store the used oil; keep it in a dry and cool place before you drop it off at AutoZone.
  5. Deliver the container to Autozone.

Does AutoZone Charge To Take Used Oil?

No, they don’t! Their oil recycling program is free of charge. You can even get redeemable vouchers at specific stores when dropping off oil. However, you should note that government laws limit the quantity of oil that Autozone can take in daily, so ensure that you abide by these laws.

What Type Of Used Oil Do They Take?

It may be best to contact your local or nearest Autozone as there are different opinions on what oils they do take in. Each branch may be different. So it’s a good idea to call ahead to double-check.

Will AutoZone take used transmission/gear oil?

There are mixed answers about used transmission fluids. It may be best to ask your local AutoZone. If they do, ensure that you do not mix any oils; otherwise, they can’t be recycled.

Do they take used cooking oil?

No, they don’t. If you need to dispose of cooking oil, let it cool down, put it in a closed non-recyclable container, and throw it in the trash. Or you will need to recycle it through food and cooking companies. It is also not a hazardous oil.

Will they take used hydraulic oil?

No, they won’t. If you want to recycle hydraulic fluids, you should contact your local recycling center or Earth911 for more information.

Does AutoZone take used oil filters?

Yes, they will take a used oil filter. Autozone can accept one per customer and two filters a day – there are regulations that they need to adhere to. Make sure you first properly drain them of oil.

Does AutoZone take used oil containers?

Yes, as long as it is a proper container and no fluids have been mixed. It is also best to drop the oil off in an oil container in the first place.

Does AutoZone Take Used Oil In 2022

What Does AutoZone Do With Used Oil?

Autozone is doing a fantastic job of looking after our planet through its oil recycling program. They do various things with the old oil by repurposing and reusing it. Here are some of the great things that Autozone does:

They recycle the oil

AutoZone uses the used oil as industrial fuel so that they don’t need to buy fresh fuel for their delivery trucks. It takes about 11 gallons of used motor oil to produce about 1 gallon of industrial fuel.

They sell the oil

The oil gets sent to a processioning facility where it gets filtered, and it gets tested for contamination, separated into different groups of quality, and then sold. If the oil doesn’t meet specific standards, it is sent to manufacturers in the livestock and pet food industry.

Autozone repurposes the oil

They are able to recycle it into motor oils and fluid products like hydraulic fluids, gear lubes, antifreeze, and transmission fluids. Autozone also uses it as grease or brake fluid. This reduces their dependency on petroleum-based products.

They turn the oil into various products

The oil also gets processed into asphalt for parking lot construction and roads and can be a fuel source for power plants. So make sure the oil you bring in is uncontaminated. It can also be processed into paint, carpeting, and clothing fibers.

Use the oil to manufacture their own products.

Autozone uses the old motor oil to manufacture all of their products; this way, they reduce their costs and keep their prices low for their consumers. They recycle the oil in every way, so they do their best to let no drop go to waste.

Who Else Buys Used Motor Oil?

Safety-Kleen also collects used oil. And Walmart takes used oil at their Auto care centers; they recycle it and dispose of it. Lots of Jiffy Lube stores also collect oil for recycling. O’Reilly Auto Parts collects old motor oil, and so do Napa auto parts stores. Loads of Automotive retail stores will happily take in used motor oil; it depends on your location.

You can search through CalRecycle and find recycling centers or convenient drop-off locations. Additionally, you can locate recycling centers in your area through the Earth911 website. Recycling used oil is excellent for the environment, and it’s incredible to see so many companies getting involved and making this process simple for all vehicle owners.

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