These Are The 5 Coolest Cars From CES 2023

The annual Consumer Electronics Show, arguably the most influential technology event in the world, took place last weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. Given the ongoing electric vehicle revolution and just how digital modern cars are becoming, it’s not surprising that auto manufacturers have started using this event as a chance to showcase their newest models and concepts.

We chose five that want to do more than just survive in the new electric marketplace – they want to dominate.

Volkswagen ID.7

VW stunned CES-goers with an electrified paint job. Credit: Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s ID.7 concept car has popular EVs like Tesla’s Model 3 and Hyundai’s Ioniq 6 in its crosshairs. Underpinned by VW’s new MEB+ platform, this vehicle is promising more space, more range (up to 435 miles), and a lower price than rival EV’s. The cabin is full of technology like an augmented reality heads-up-display, a huge 15” touchscreen, and a sophisticated climate control system that responds to voice commands.

But the real “show stopper” had to be the ID.7’s illuminated digital camouflage paint, done in a faux QR code theme. According to Volkswagen, approximately 40 layers of electroluminescent and non-conductive black paint was applied over electrical contacts to create this wild exterior treatment.

Part of the reasoning behind the dazzling exterior was for attention, which succeeded in droves, but also to disguise styling details of this new model. Sadly, Volkswagen won’t be offering the illuminated paint on production models when they hit showrooms later this year.

Peugeot Inception Concept

Peugeot Inception Concept
Peugeot’s Inception concept was perhaps the most futuristic at CES. Credit: Stellantis

After a 30 year absence from the North American market, Peugeot chose Las Vegas to debut their cutting edge, literally, Inception Concept. In a further bit of irony, Stellantis, Peugeot’s parent company, reiterated that there are still no immediate plans for the French automaker to return to the U.S. market.

Peugeot claims that the Inception’s 680-horsepower electric powertrain can propel it an impressive 497 miles on a full charge. However, that’s measuring by the more lenient European WLTP standards. If the Inception makes it to U.S. shores, its EPA-rated range will likely be less. Another boast is that its 800-volt architecture means that it can add up to 93 miles of range in just five minutes of charging.

Besides the over-the-top futuristic styling, the Inception Concept showcases Peugeot’s next-generation i-Cockpit, which has provisions for Level 4 autonomous driving, which Stellanis refers to as the “Auto Drive.” When this mode is activated, the cockpit controls disappear completely, transforming the interior into a comfortable lounge.

BMW iVision Dee

BMW iVision Dee
BMW’s iVision DEE can change color from 32 choices. Credit: BMW

Not to be outdone by Peugeot, German automaker BMW made a lasting impression with their new BMW iVision DEE, which stands for Digital Emotional Experience. The DEE’s AI is so advanced that it makes the likes of Siri or Alexa look ancient. As if that wasn’t enough, this concept car is able to change color, solving the age-old dilemma of matching your car to your clothing outfit.

BWW Chairman Oliver Zipse announced that all future BMW models from 2025 onwards will have some variation of the features showcased on the iVision Dee. That’s right, you will be able to hold a conversation with your car in only two years from now, just like David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider.

The iVision DEE also represents BMW’s first ground-up electric vehicle platform, since all of its EVs so far were based on existing models, originally powered by internal combustion engines.

Dodge Ram 1500 Revolution Concept

Dodge Ram 1500 Revolution Concept
A bird’s eye view of the Revolutions glass roof. Credit: Stellantis

Stellantis, Ram’s parent company, dramatically unveiled their first electrified truck during the first day of CES. Despite being behind competitors in the EV race, Ram’s 1500 Revolution Concept was well worth the extended wait. The suicide doors, see-through roof, and LED grille show that Dodge intends to clearly differentiate this Ram 1500 from the previous gas-powered model.

Since this is a concept vehicle, mechanical specifications are still sparse. However, we do know that the electric Ram will have four-wheel steering, as well as an available gasoline-powered range extender which should prove especially helpful when towing. The powertrain in top-level trims is expected to exceed 800 horsepower, with a range of approximately 500 miles.

Sony-Honda’s Afeela

Sony-Honda’s Afeela
The Afeela has clean, minimalistic lines. Credit: Afeela

In a surprising move, technology company Sony is partnering with auto industry veteran Honda to enter the electric vehicle segment. The new joint venture, known as Afeela, showcased what will be its first model, a sedan, at CES. The CEO of Sony Honda Mobility, Yasuhide Mizuno, confirmed in an interview with Autocar that a second and third model for the new Afeela brand are already in the works. One of those new models will undoubtably be an SUV, and likely another sedan that is more luxurious than the one displayed at CES.

Honda will be taking the lead on sourcing batteries and meeting specifications for range, charging and performance. For its part, Sony will be equipping the vehicles with a Lidar unit and more than 40 sensors and cameras, which will enable the Afeela to achieve increasing levels of autonomous driving as regulations and software evolve.

The Afeela sedan has a smooth, understated design that is reminiscent of competitors like the Lucid Air or the Tesla Model 3. The same is true of its minimalist, monochromatic cabin which belies the plethora of technology hiding under the surface.

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