Meet 8 Automakers Who Have Pledged to Go All Electric

Electric vehicles (or EVs for short) are becoming increasingly popular. New EV models are constantly being announced by automakers large and small. Sure, Tesla set the gold standard for all-electric vehicles, and now other automakers are clamoring to get a slice of that pie.

A lot of automakers – especially those hailing from European countries – are setting concrete dates for when they plan to phase out their internal combustion engines. While most automakers are looking to do this about a decade out, some are planning to go all-electric even sooner.

That being said, here are eight automakers who have pledged to go all-electric and will likely be doing so sooner rather than later.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo
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Stellantis – parent company of Alfa Romeo – is jumping right onto the EV bandwagon. They recently announced that Alfa Romeo will be their first brand to go all-electric, which will occur by the year 2027. Stellantis is highly protective of their Alfa Romeo brand since it is so lucrative for them.

Stellantis has yet to confirm what the first Alfa Romeo EV will be called, but it might end up being a subcompact crossover since those are in high demand. The STLA large-vehicle design will have to be all set to go prior to 2027, and it will grace multiple brands. Stellantis has also stated that Opel will go all-electric by 2028 and Fiat by 2030.


2018 Jaguar I-Pace EV400
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Jaguar Land Rover is planning to start going all-electric in 2025 with the Jaguar brand as part of its Reimagine plan. However, Jag recently announced that they will be scrapping the previously planned electric XJ. Instead, Jaguar plans to use an in-house created ‘Panthera’ EV platform.

Jaguar Land Rover’s CEO, Thierry Bollore, has gone on record saying that they are “making unique proportion a priority” and that this is why Jaguar decided to make the platform in-house. These upcoming Jaguar models are meant to rival the likes of Aston Martin and Bentley. It could lead to the automaker manufacturing and selling fewer cars but making a lot more money.


2022 Cadillac Escalade ESV Premium
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Cadillac isn’t rushing things like some automakers. GM has plans to convert their light-duty vehicle fleet to being fully electric by 2035. Cadillac, though, could come as soon as 2030. Fans of the high-horsepower v8 combustion engines GM makes might be startled by this news, but the combustion-powered Escalade could stay around until 2029. It all depends on how the market changes within the next couple of years.

Cadillac will probably make an EV version of the Escalade to be sold alongside the current Escalade line-up before their 2030 projected date. Also, the Escalade’s huge frame is well suited for holding the weight of the battery pack, making it an ideal candidate for an EV design. It could even offer a quieter ride quality, more space, and better driving performance than the current Escalade.


2022 Lotus Eletre
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In January 2023, Britishvolt announced that it is going to develop batteries for Lotus’s all-electric sports cars, making Lotus the first publicly-announced customer for this startup business. Lotus intends on putting these batteries into a high-performance sports car. Lotus – which is owned by Malaysia’s Etika Automotive and China’s Geely – is scheduled to go fully electric by 2028.

Lotus is also planning to make more high-end electric SUVs and saloons. Given that Europe and China are about to enter into fossil-fuel car bans, automakers are scrambling to produce solid EV lineups before that happens.


2021 Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG
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Mercedes is on track to go all-electric by 2030. They are designing the EQG, a concept which was unveiling in Munich in September 2021. Production is in the works with a version slated to release in 2024. It is based on the G-Class combustion, but it will utilize a quad-motor system in which each motor delivers high- and low-range gearing and simulates three locking differentials.

The EQG’s battery is being developed with Sila, an American firm. A 20-40 percent energy density gain is projected to come from the silicon anode chemistry batteries, and this vehicle will be able to spin a full 360 degrees in place with the turn being controlled using the steering wheel paddles.


Volvo XC40 Recharge
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With their new flagship electric SUV due out soon, it should come as no surprise that Volvo plans to be fully electric by 2030. Their next-gen SPA-II design, which will be used for the XC90 and XC100, is meant to be fully electric. The XC100 will be EV-only while the XC90 will have a gas-powered version, a hybrid, and an all-electric Recharge trim level.

Volvo currently plans for all of their EVs to come with one front-mounted motor and another mounted in the rear. More will likely be revealed about the XC100 Recharge later this year, and you can expect the starting price to hover around $85,000.


Audi Q4 e-tron
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It is already known that Audi plans to go all-electric by 2033. Their final brand-new internal combustion automobile will be launched in 2026. Owned by the Volkswagen Group, Audi is on track to have the biggest EV portfolio among American automakers with the addition of the Q4 and Q4 Sportback e-tron.

Audi’s strategy is to boost its EV sales proportional to its total vehicle deliveries, which will result in its EV sales bypassing its internal combustion sales after 2025. Audi recognizes the increased consumer demand for EVs and is intent on educating the public about the benefits of buying EVs.


2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV
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General Motors – the parent company of Buick, Chevy, and GMC – has already planned to get rid of combustion-powered vehicles by 2035. GM wants to become completely carbon neutral by the year 2040.

Chevy will be getting a Silverado EV starting in 2024, which is set to rival the popular new Ford F-150 Lightning. The Silverado EV looks a lot like the GMC Hummer EV and will come with a work truck (WT) option available for fleets. Chevy plans to introduce multiple trim levels as time goes on, including the off-road oriented Trail Boss variant. The Silverado EV will reportedly offer up to 400 miles of electric range.

Electric vehicles are in higher demand than ever before, and more automakers are pledging to go all-electric within the next 10-15 years. It is only a matter of time before more manufacturers announce the phasing-out of their combustion vehicles and outline their electric vehicle development plans.

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