10 Best Motorcycles for Winter Riding Excursions

As winter casts its icy mantle over the roads, many motorcyclists hang up their helmets, waiting for spring’s thaw. But for the intrepid few, the thrill of winter riding, with the crisp air and serene landscapes, beckons irresistibly. Picking the right motorcycle for the season, one that combines safety features with weather resilience, becomes paramount. Dive into our curated list of cold-weather champions, bikes that not only brave the frost but revel in it, turning winter roads into the ultimate playground.

BMW R1250GS Adventure

Image Editorial Credit: FernandoV / Shutterstock.com

Renowned for its touring capabilities, the R1250GS Adventure is also adept in winter conditions. Its dynamic traction control, ABS Pro, and hill start control ensure stability on slippery surfaces. The adjustable windscreen and handguards provide protection against cold winds, while heated grips keep your hands warm.

Yamaha Tracer 900 GT

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This sport-touring motorcycle offers an upright riding position, which aids in visibility and control during winter. It features a three-cylinder engine that delivers smooth power, while its traction control system and ABS enhance safety on wet or icy roads. The fairing and adjustable windscreen help shield the rider from the elements.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure R

Image Editorial Credit: Sue Thatcher / Shutterstock.com

KTM’s flagship adventure bike is robust and well-equipped for winter escapades. Its WP suspension provides excellent stability on uneven surfaces, while the Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) system ensures optimal traction. Multiple ride modes, including an off-road setting, make it adaptable to changing terrains and conditions.

Suzuki V-Strom 1000

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A favorite among adventure riders, the V-Strom is known for its reliability and versatility. Its traction control system and ABS enhance safety, while the adjustable windscreen and handguards provide protection from cold gusts. The V-twin engine delivers smooth, manageable power, ideal for uncertain winter roads.

Triumph Tiger 1200

Image Editorial Credit: EvrenKalinbacak / Shutterstock.com

Combining comfort with capability, the Tiger 1200 is equipped with an adjustable windscreen, handguards, and heated grips and seats. Its semi-active suspension and multiple ride modes adapt to various road conditions. The bike’s shaft drive requires less maintenance, a plus during the winter months.

Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro

Image Editorial Credit: otomobil / Shutterstock.com

Designed for challenging terrains, this Multistrada variant offers the benefits of cornering ABS, vehicle hold control, and ride-by-wire throttle with multiple modes. Its spoked wheels and Pirelli Scorpion tires provide additional grip on wet and snowy roads.

Honda Africa Twin

Image Editorial Credit: Dziorek Rafal / Shutterstock.com

Inspired by rally bikes, the Africa Twin is built for resilience. Its torque control system and selectable ABS provide tailored traction on different surfaces. The tall windscreen and fairing provide adequate protection, while the twin-cylinder engine ensures steady power delivery.

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 114

Image Editorial Credit: Kridsada Krataipet / Shutterstock.com

For cruiser enthusiasts braving winter, the Fat Bob 114, with its broad tires, provides improved grip on wet roads. The Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine offers ample torque, and the bike’s solid stance ensures stability in slippery conditions.

Yamaha Tenere 700

Image Editorial Credit: Laminor / Shutterstock.com

This middleweight adventure bike is agile and dependable. Its slim profile allows for better control, while the ABS and switchable traction control ensure safer rides in tricky conditions. The tall windscreen and handguards fend off the winter chill effectively.

Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE LT+

Image Editorial Credit: betto rodrigues / Shutterstock.com

This sport-touring motorcycle boasts advanced electronics, including cornering management and multiple power modes. The adjustable windscreen, handguards, and heated grips shield the rider from harsh weather. Its upright position grants better visibility and control.

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