10 Must-Have Aftermarket Mods for Your Bike

Motorcycle enthusiasts often look to aftermarket modifications to enhance the speed and performance of their bikes. Here are 10 popular aftermarket mods that can make almost any motorcycle faster, along with detailed explanations and tips for each:

High-Performance Exhaust System

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Replacing the stock exhaust with a high-performance system can significantly improve engine efficiency and power output. Brands like Akrapovic and Yoshimura offer exhaust systems that reduce weight and increase exhaust flow, leading to better throttle response and higher top-end power. It’s important to ensure that the new exhaust is compatible with your bike and to consider remapping the fuel system to maximize performance gains.

Air Filter Upgrade

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High-flow air filters, such as those from K&N or BMC, allow more air into the engine, which can increase power. These filters are designed to provide higher airflow while still protecting the engine from debris. When upgrading the air filter, regular cleaning and proper maintenance are crucial to ensure optimal performance.

ECU Remapping/Flash Tuning

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Tweaking the Engine Control Unit (ECU) can unleash extra power from your motorcycle’s engine. Remapping adjusts the fuel and ignition parameters to optimize performance. Companies like Dynojet offer Power Commanders which allow for detailed adjustments to the fuel map. It’s advisable to have this mod done by a professional to ensure safe and reliable results.

Performance Camshaft

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Installing a performance camshaft can significantly increase engine power, especially at higher RPMs. Brands like Hot Cams offer camshafts that alter valve timing for improved air intake and exhaust flow. This mod is more complex and should ideally be complemented with other engine mods and a proper tuning for maximum effect.

Lightweight Wheels

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Switching to lightweight wheels can reduce rotational mass, leading to quicker acceleration and improved handling. Brands like Marchesini and BST offer high-quality lightweight wheels. Remember, lighter wheels will not only improve acceleration but also braking and cornering performance.

Upgraded Brakes

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While not directly increasing speed, better brakes allow for later braking and thus faster lap times. Upgrading to high-performance brake pads, discs, and even a full brake system from brands like Brembo can significantly improve braking performance and bike control.

Suspension Upgrades

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Improved suspension components can lead to better handling and stability at high speeds. Upgrades can include adjustable rear shocks and fork internals or replacement kits from brands like Öhlins or Showa. A well-tuned suspension is key for maintaining control at higher speeds.


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A quickshifter allows for faster gear changes, which can improve acceleration times. It cuts the ignition for a fraction of a second as you shift up through the gears, allowing for clutchless shifts. Brands like Translogic and Dynojet offer quickshifters that are relatively easy to install and configure.

Lighter Chain and Sprockets

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Replacing the stock chain and sprockets with lighter, higher-quality versions can reduce weight and improve power transmission efficiency. Companies like DID and Renthal offer lightweight chains and sprockets that can also be tailored for gearing changes to optimize acceleration.

Nitrous Oxide System

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For those seeking a significant boost in power, a nitrous oxide system can be a game-changer. It should be used cautiously and is more suited for track use than for street riding. Systems from brands like Nitrous Express offer controlled bursts of speed but require careful installation and tuning.

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