Revealing Which Cars Are Most Likely to Attract Aggressive Drivers

Get ready to merge onto the highway of vehicular vexations as we cruise through the list of cars that seem to magnetize a certain type of, well, less-than-courteous driver. In our journey across the asphalt jungle, we’ve all encountered them – those drivers who transform our serene ride into an adrenaline-fueled frenzy. They’re the tailgaters, the honkers, the lane-weavers, and the parking space stealers. But have you ever noticed that these impolite individuals seem attracted to certain types of vehicles?

Any Car with Super Bright Headlights

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While specific cars made the list, the general consensus is that ANY car with super bright headlights is a magnet for jerks. These obnoxiously bright headlights cause temporary blindness in other drivers. They’re also dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists, who may be temporarily blinded by the bright lights, making it difficult for them to react to oncoming traffic. One user lamented, “I wonder where I can apply for my blindness allowance.”

Nissan Altimas

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According to forum users, for some reason, Nissan Altimas seem to be driven by some of the most irresponsible drivers. Users noted that they’ve often seen Altimas with expired plates, failing engines, and bad paint jobs. They also said that Altima drivers are always either speeding or driving way under the speed limit.

Lifted Turbo Diesel Pickups

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Massive lifted trucks are seen as a staple among the worst kinds of drivers in America. These types of trucks are seen as useless and terrible for the environment. Forum users also agreed that these trucks are dangerous because of how large they are, making it difficult for the driver to see pedestrians.

Hyundai Velosters

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One forum user commented, “I’ve never seen a Hyundai Veloster that’s not weeving in and out of traffic like a ball-bag.” The post earned thousands of upvotes and hundreds of replies agreeing with the statement that Veloster drivers are speedsters.

Dodge Chargers

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The overall consensus about Dodge Charger drivers is that they always speed and tailgate, making the road incredibly dangerous for everyone else. One popular comment said that they were teaching their children to recognize a Dodge Charger (and similar cars) so they could avoid them when they started driving.


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This next car shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been driving since the 1990s. Although it fell in popularity a bit, the HUMMER has continued to plague roads and annoy other drivers. According to forum users, these cars are massive, awful for the environment, and attract a certain kind of jerk.


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Generally, BMWs are seen as a status symbol, which of course, attracts jerks. Forum users made several NSFW jokes about BMW drivers, which earned hundreds of upvotes.


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Forum users agreed that Teslas were a new addition to the pantheon of cars driven by jerks. A top comment said that Teslas were the new BMWs. Others chimed in that Tesla’s technological features, especially its semi-autonomous driving, make Tesla owners act like huge jerks on the road.

Range Rovers

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The Range Rover is another luxury car that jerks seem to love. According to a comment with hundreds of upvotes, “Range Rover drivers are the worst, most entitled, dickish, piece of shit drivers I’ve ever seen. I have literally never seen someone driving nicely in a Range Rover and I definitely have never seen a Range Rover’s turn signal cause they don’t use them.”

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