The Most Extraordinary Motorcycle World Records

From the thunderous roars of engines to the blur of speed and the daredevilry of stunts, the world of motorcycling is brimming with heart-stopping action and exhilarating stories. We’ll look at feats of speed, daring jumps, unprecedented long-distance journeys, and some records that defy belief. Whether they’ve ridden their motorcycles faster, further, or more audaciously than anyone else, these mavericks have truly etched their names into motorcycling lore.

Fastest Speed on a Motorcycle

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In 2010, Rocky Robinson reached a blistering speed of 376.363 mph on the Top Oil-Ack Attack Streamliner to set the current world record for the fastest speed ever recorded on a motorcycle. This astounding feat occurred at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, a popular site for speed records due to its flat and expansive terrain.

Longest Motorcycle Ride

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Emilio Scotto holds the record for the longest motorcycle journey ever recorded, covering an astounding 457,000 miles. Between 1985 and 1995, the Argentinian adventurer rode his Honda Gold Wing GL1100 motorcycle through 214 countries and territories, making his journey one of the most epic motorcycle adventures ever.

Longest Motorcycle Jump

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In 2008, Robbie Maddison set the record for the longest jump on a motorcycle. He leapt an incredible 350.4 feet (106.98 meters) on his Honda CR500 at a New Year’s Eve event in Las Vegas. The jump was equivalent to leaping over a football field.

Most People on a Single Motorcycle

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In 2013, the Indian Army Service Corps created a world record by fitting 58 men onto a single moving motorcycle. The team, known as the “Tornadoes,” rode their 500cc Royal Enfield for 1,200 meters to secure this impressive record.

Highest Altitude Reached by Motorcycle

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In 2019, Austrian enduro racer Matthias Walkner set the record for the highest altitude ever reached on a motorcycle. He climbed 6,361 meters (20,869 feet) above sea level on his KTM 450 Rally to the summit of Ojos del Salado, the world’s highest active volcano in the Andes on the Argentina-Chile border.

Fastest Wheelie on Ice

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In 2014, Swedish rider Robert Gull set the record for the fastest wheelie on ice, reaching a speed of 183.8 km/h (114.2 mph) on his modified BMW S1000RR. The record-breaking ride took place on a frozen lake in Årsunda, Sweden.

Longest Backwards Motorcycle Ride

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In 2014, Indian daredevil Dipayan Choudhury set the world record for the longest continuous backward motorcycle ride. He rode a staggering 125.52 miles in 4 hours and 40 minutes on a Honda Stunner, relying solely on the bike’s rearview mirrors to navigate.

Fastest Motorcycle Wheelie

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In 1999, Patrick Fürstenhoff set the record for the fastest wheelie on a motorcycle. The Swedish daredevil, also known as “Ghost Rider,” reached an astonishing speed of 213.309 mph (343.18 km/h) on a Honda Super Blackbird 1100cc during a wheelie in South Africa.

Fastest Quarter Mile Drag Strip (Female)

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Angelle Sampey set the record for the fastest quarter-mile run by a female on a motorcycle in 2016. The American motorcycle drag racer completed the quarter-mile in just 6.728 seconds at 198.26 mph on her Buell S1 during the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle competition.

Most Consecutive Motorcycle Backflips

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Travis Pastrana set the record for the most consecutive backflips on a motorcycle in 2009. The action sports legend successfully landed seven backflips on his motocross bike during an episode of “Nitro Circus” in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

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