Simple Steps to Adjusting Your Windshield Wiper Park Position

Although extremely helpful when it rains, wipers can be a nuisance if the wiper arm is slightly out of line or is creating a greasy line across the screen. This is when adjusting your windscreen wiper comes in handy.

Below we delve into more about windscreen wipers, their mechanisms, components, correct park position, and other adjustment methods.

Simple Steps to Adjusting Your Windshield Wiper Park Position

Windshield Wiper Mechanism

It is not just a convenience; having a working windshield mechanism is a matter of safety. A clean windshield helps avoid collisions and the driver to stop promptly and respond to unforeseen road debris or conditions.

While there are many common windshield wiper malfunctions, understanding the mechanism behind how the wipers work is the first step to knowing how you can fix them.

The front of most vehicles often uses a standard wiper set-up, which involves two blades which run next to one another using a simple wiper motor mechanism. This mechanism, which is activated via a windshield wiper switch, moves the two blades in harmony via a parallel tandem method.

When the wipers begin to move, their motor rotates what is known as the ‘crank’ arm. This has the effect of making the connecting rods push and pull one other.

Parts Of A Windshield Wiper

Along with the wiper motor, the majority of standard Windshield wipers boast three key parts:

  • The arm
  • The base
  • The blade

Can You Adjust The Windshield Wipers?

Yes, but it is important to do so carefully. You will need to begin by moving the wiper blade components over their arm, adopting a twisting movement.

It is important to take extreme care when doing this, as the material is extremely malleable and, as such, is prone to breaking, especially if a great deal of force is applied to adjust wiper arm tension. The last thing you want is a bent wiper arm.

For best results, complete the adjustment procedure in small stages.

What Causes Windshield Wipers To Misalign?

There are numerous reasons windshield wiper motor functions cease to work, and wiper blades become misaligned. We’ve listed some of the reasons and the solutions below.

Ice and snow

Windscreen wipers can become misaligned; in fact, this often occurs naturally over time. To prevent this misalignment from occurring, avoid attempting to remove thick ice or snow off your windshields using the wipers alone and instead do so manually. The force alone can cause your wipers to bend.

Wiper blades have become worn

If you notice your wipers are smearing water over your windshield rather than removing it, it is likely the soft rubber part needs to be replaced. It is recommended this part of the blade be replaced every six months – especially if you live in an area where you use them often.

They are simply dirty

If your wiper blades are pretty new and have not yet lost their windshield wiper arm tension, it may not be worn rubber, foam strip, or plastic cover is the issue. The wiper arm components could quite simply be dirty.

To combat this wiper transmission issue, clean your windshield first, then using soapy, warm water, wipe the wiper arm blade edges with vinegar or rubbing alcohol. They should be in an upright position when you do this.

The third thing you can attempt? Replace your wiper system motor fluid or the nut connects.

Chattering wipers

If your windshield wipers are chattering against your windows in an obnoxious manner each and every time you press your wiper switch, leaving both streaks and smears, it is likely the arm is bent. Alternatively, there may be a build-up of dirt.

Try cleaning and bending the wiper arm back into shape gently before replacing it to see if this solves the issue.

Simple Steps to Adjusting Your Windshield Wiper Park Position

How To Adjust The Windshield Wiper Position?

There are a few tips you should follow when it comes to adjusting the position of your windscreen wipers, all of which will ensure you don’t bend or break the wiper blade component in question.

Tools and equipment needed

You will need to invest in a few basic tools, including a screwdriver or socket wrench, a cloth, and an alcohol-based window cleaner, prior to adjusting the windshield wiper park position setups.

We have listed a step-by-step guide before, although you may need to follow fewer steps depending on the issue.

Step 1

Using the screwdriver, remove the windshield wiper blade’s protective nut cap, using the wrench socket to loosen the nut in its entirety. If required, disconnect the windshield cleaner’s hose.

Step 2

Remove the area of the wiper from the assembly. You will need to do the same for the other wiper arm so that both have been removed.

Step 3

Once both wiper arms have been removed, you should fire up your engine, clicking the wiper switch or lever that activates the wipers. You should leave this running for between one and two minutes in total.

This will give the windshield wiper motor enough time to readjust. You can then turn the wipers off; follow this by turning the engine off a few seconds later.

Step 4

The next step requires you to re-position each windshield wiper arm. Certain manufacturers inscribe or note windshield markings to ensure this process is an easy feat. If not, search for your car model online, and there will be a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Step 5

Now that the wiper arms are back in place, you can replace the wiper arm screw nuts and the protective caps. Finally, test your windshield wipers to see if they are functioning as they should and that the park position and wiper blade alignment sits accurately. You can do this by flicking the windshield wiper switch.

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