How to Know if your Car Has a Secret Compartment?

A hidden compartment in your car is a perfect spot for keeping important items and documents safe and out of reach. Money, passports, and other valuable things can be stored away in secrecy, so only you will have access to them.

There are lots of places you can have a seccompartment in your car, from a center console with a false floor to a secret chamber in the armrest.

Does Every Car Have a Secret Compartment?

Lots of new cars these days have secret spots and places to hide your valuable items away from sight. A lot of cars now come with the standard center console and glove compartment that will allow you to store your belongings without taking up too much space.

However, some manufacturers have created clever ways to make hidden compartments that are so hard to find that you, the owner of the car, might not even know they are there.

Cars with Factory Hidden Compartments

Below, we have made a list of some cars that are manufactured with hidden compartments built into them. We also tell you how to find and access them so you can protect your personal belongings.

1. Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Volkswagen Golf GTI has several places to hide your valuable items. Underneath the cup holder is a small nook to store keys. Behind the vents on the dashboard and below the center console are other locations that have enough space to store some valuable items like passports and expensive electronics.

2. Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon is a favorite for large families. For this reason, they have incorporated a number of hidden compartments that allow you to keep personal items out of sight. One of the most impressive spots is a hidden chamber underneath the trunk that can be opened by pressing a button located below the trunk.

3. Infiniti G35

Although the manufacturing of the Infiniti G35 has been terminated, many are still on the road, and owners may not even know how about its hidden compartments. The armrest of the seats are foldable and contain a secret cavity to stash items of value. This spot can be found in the backseat area and can also be found in other models, including the G35 and G37.

4. Volkswagen Passat

The Volkswagen Passat has installed a number of concealed locations to hide your belongings. On the left side of the dashboard, there is a spot to keep important items safe. The rear armrest located in the center seat of the car is another location to hide belongings.

Like many cars, the Passat has a center console and glove box that are popular places to keep valuables out of sight.

5. Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee hasn’t specified any hidden compartments in its manual, but some owners have found them. One of the more impressive spots is a hidden area below the bin, located next to the power plug.

If you pull the bin up with some force, you will find a chamber below which can be used to store all of your important items. Once you have stored your belongings safely, you can place the bin back in place to conceal the hidden compartment.

Does Your Car Have a Secret Compartment?

The best way to know if your car has one of these specially designed compartments is to read the car manual. It should have all the information on all the possible places to store your personal belongings, including the extra secret chamber.

It will also tell you how to access these compartments, as some are made with spring-loaded mechanisms and require you to press down to reveal them.

Where popular car secret compartments are located

Secret Trunk Chamber

A lot of cars have concealed areas underneath the trunk that opens up to reveal a secret area to store goods.

Under the Bin

A bin that has been installed in a car can sometimes be removed to expose a secret hiding spot that can be used to keep valuable items away from prying eyes.


The dashboard is one of the most common spots for hidden compartments. They are often found on either side of the dashboard and can be used to keep small valuables like keys out of sight.

Center Console

The center console is another popular spot located between the front seats and back seats. Some cars have a button you can press to open and close the compartment which allows you to hide any valuables being stored in it.


Hidden compartments in the armrest are one of the more ingenious ways to hide belongings. It maximizes storage in your vehicle while protecting small items that you wouldn’t want on show while away from your car.

Dash Vents

Hidden compartments are impressive spots to hide belongings in plain sight. Most people would never think to look behind a dash vent which makes them a perfect spot to hide valuable items in your own car.


The backseat is a common place for cars to have hidden compartments. They are often located underneath the seat and are perfect for using up storage to keep more important belongings out of sight.

Can You Make a Secret Compartment in Your Car?

Yes, you absolutely can make your very own hidden compartment, and it is relatively easy to do so. With a little bit of DIY and by following some simple steps, you too can have somewhere to hide your keys and money.

How Do You Make a Secret Car Compartment?

One of the most simple ways to make your own hidden compartment involves a small container like “The Ice Breaker” used in this video. You can stick rubber material to the top of it, then place it in your cup holder. This way, you can still use the cup holder for its normal function while having a small chamber to keep important belongings hidden.

To make this, all that you will need is a small container, a material such as a mouse pad as a cover, some double-sided sticky tape, a pair of scissors, and a marker.

Is It Illegal to Have a Secret Compartment in Your Car?

There is currently no federal law that prevents the creation and use of hidden compartments in your car. This stands true even if the compartment is made with the intent of hiding illegal drugs or items. On occasion, the Department of Justice has attempted to prosecute trap makers that have been caught selling illegal substances.

However, it is very hard to prosecute on these grounds successfully as it usually requires explicit evidence. An example of this would be a recording showing that the hidden chamber was explicitly created to hide illegal items.

For this reason, you should have no worries about making your own hidden chamber in your vehicle, and in fact, it is a sensible thing to do to keep your belongings safe.

Who Builds Secret Compartments in Cars?

Anyone can build hidden compartments in an automobile. However, there are a few manufacturers that are open about incorporating them into their vehicles. Buick is an example of a manufacturer that talks openly about including hidden compartments in their car designs.

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