Does Replacing The Engine Reset Mileage?

An engine replacement or swap is a great way to give a vehicle a new lease of life and can be resold for a higher price.

Does Replacing The Engine Reset Mileage

Replacing a car’s engine won’t reset the odometer. The odometer isn’t connected to the engine; it is connected to the front wheel hub.

Does A New Engine Reset The Odometer?

As mentioned above, an engine replacement, upgrade, or swap isn’t a way to reset the car’s odometer or change the car’s mileage. All of the components in a car are measured by the odometer, not just the engine.

This is a great way to add a great deal of value to your used car and give it more horsepower.

Does A Rebuilt Engine Have 0 Miles?

It is expected that an engine that has been rebuilt should boast a mileage of zero miles. However, the mileage indicated on the car’s dashboard will still show a sufficient amount. It is important to note that an engine swap won’t affect this.

Altering the dashboard mileage is an offense as it’s lying about the mileage the other parts of the vehicle have traveled, such as the wheels, the exterior, and the interior components.

If you alter the odometer reading on a used car, this is classed as illegal.

Should You Reset The Odometer With The New Engine?

As stated before, this is a criminal offense.

You can replace the engine, and this component will show zero mileage. However, the vehicle itself will still list the miles of the other components, which will indicate the age of the vehicle and its usage over the years.

A new engine won’t automatically retract the car’s history, such as the mileage, the wheels, the leather, and the paintwork. It may, however, increase the cars value on a whole as a replacement engine is an asset to a used car.

Is It Illegal To Reset The Odometer?

Odometer fraud is an offense under both state and federal laws.

While each area code boasts its own set of rules on this, federal and state laws prevent the disconnection, alteration, or resetting, of a car’s odometer, especially if the intent is to lie about the mileage or the year of the vehicle in question.

When Can You Legally Reset An Odometer?

The simple answer? You can’t! The United States federal government prohibits the resetting, dissembling, or tampering of any odometer on any vehicle, especially if the intention is to alter the mileage number displayed on the car’s dashboard.

Doing so is classed as deceiving potential purchasers by making your vehicle look less aged and traveled than it is and, as such, asking for a higher price for the car in question.

Altering the odometer for these reasons can get you a stint in prison.

Is Getting A New Engine Like Getting A New Car?

Yes, in a nutshell, it is; providing the rest of the car’s history is good, an engine change is often a lot more cost-effective than investing in a new car and can give many cars a new lease of life.

This is a great option for those on a budget and also those who aren’t quite ready to part with a beloved older car.

Providing you choose your mechanic wisely (or even buy the part yourself), you will most likely pay less for a new engine in comparison to the cost of a new car.

It is also a great opportunity for you to increase or decrease the vehicle’s horsepower.

Does Replacing The Engine Reset Mileage

What To Expect With A New Transmission?

There are many things to expect with a new transmission, some of which we have listed below. It is important to note that the effect a new engine will have on your car comes down to the quality of the entire car, its year, and how well the engine is fitted. Completed properly, the rebuild of the transmission will likely produce impressive results, giving your car a new lease of life.

Warranty changes

It is important to note that an engine reset may affect your warranty or insurance costs, and it will need to be declared.

This is especially the case if you fit the engine yourself or the engine is a much more powerful model than its predecessor.

Providing you invest in a quality technician and all previous parts replaced (that are not related to the engine) are in good condition, a quality rebuild should not pose any additional problems or costs in the future.

Like new

An engine swap from an old engine to a brand new engine will make a huge difference to your driving experience, especially if the fit-out is a quality one!

A good starting point for rebuilding is the 30-40000 mile mark. The rebuild (not just the engine) is expected to last another 30-40,000 miles.

If the replacement engine is maintained well, this could increase to a whopping 150-200,000 miles!


Many may be surprised by the cost of a new transmission, as they are often under the impression it is extremely expensive. This is far from the case.

An engine reset or rebuild will cost a great deal less than a new car, yet it will still feel like a new car. It is like replacing a pair of heels on your favorite shoes or a lightbulb in your most prized lamp.


Although the mileage of the engine will showcase zero, it is important to remember your dashboard will still clearly state the mileage your car has traveled.

Resetting the odometer is highly illegal, especially if you intend to sell the car under false pretenses to a potential buyer or buyers – even once you have replaced the engine.

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