The 20 Most Exclusive Dodge Cars Ever Made

Over the decades, Dodge, a name synonymous with American muscle and automotive prowess, has rolled out icons that have roared down streets and racetracks alike. But beyond the well-known Chargers and Challengers that dominate car shows lies a shadowy echelon of rarities — vehicles so scarce they’ve become the stuff of legend.

1969 Dodge Super Bee A12

Image Editorial Credit: Sicnag / Wikimedia Commons

The A12 package transformed the Super Bee into a true drag-racing monster. It was a beast on the quarter-mile, fitted with a 440 cu in Six Pack V8 engine (three two-barrel carburetors). Only 1,487 A12 Super Bees were made, all with a unique fiberglass lift-off hood.

1989–1991 Dodge Dakota Sport Convertible

Image Editorial Credit: Gestalt Imagery /

Quite a departure from muscle cars, this was the first convertible truck since the Ford Model A. Dodge produced fewer than 3,500 of them over its three-year run, making it a rare sight indeed.

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 426 Hemi Convertible

Image Editorial Credit: Tony Savino /

Only 9 of these were ever produced, making it one of the rarest Dodge cars. Featuring the mighty 426 cu in Hemi V8 engine, these convertibles were essentially the peak of the muscle car era in drop-top form. (Note that the standard 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible is pictured above).

1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

Image Editorial Credit: catwalker /

Introduced as a homologation special for NASCAR racing, the Charger Daytona is instantly recognizable by its large rear wing and extended nose. Only 503 were produced, making it a highly sought-after collector’s item. The standard engine was a 440 cu in (7.2 L) Magnum, but the legendary 426 cu in (7.0 L) Hemi was available as an option.

1996 Dodge Viper GTS-R

Image Editorial Credit: Johnnie Rik /

Only 100 of these race-inspired Vipers were made, each featuring a white exterior with blue racing stripes, reminiscent of the Shelby Daytona. It had aerodynamic improvements and engine modifications to enhance performance.

1978-1979 Dodge Lil’ Red Express Truck

Image Editorial Credit: Oleg Mirabo /

Known for its distinct vertical exhaust stacks and wood-paneled bed, it was also one of the fastest vehicles produced in its time, due to a loophole in emission regulations. Production was limited, with only 2,188 units in 1978.

1968 Dodge Dart 426 Hemi

Image Editorial Credit: Gestalt Imagery /

Produced for drag racing and not for street use, only 80 of these Darts were made. They came with a stripped interior and a 426 cu in Hemi engine.

1970 Dodge Charger 500 426 Hemi

Image Editorial Credit: chorche de prigo /

Positioned as a more aerodynamic version of the Charger for NASCAR, only 27 units were produced with the 426 Hemi engine. (Note the standard 1970 Dodge Charger 500 is shown above).

1967 Dodge Coronet R/T 426 Hemi

Image Editorial Credit: Greg Gjerdingen / Wikimedia Commons

This muscle car was among the first to carry the R/T (Road/Track) badge, marking Dodge’s entry into the performance car segment. Featuring a 426 cu in Hemi engine, it was limited to just over 200 units. This low production number, combined with its powerful engine and classic muscle car styling, makes it highly sought after today.

1971 Dodge Challenger Convertible

Image Editorial Credit: Bull-Doser / Wikimedia Commons

In 1971, the production of Dodge Challenger Convertibles was particularly low, with fewer than 2,000 units made. The rarity is heightened for those equipped with the 340 cu in V8 engine. Its limited production run and the cessation of convertible models in subsequent years have made surviving examples especially valuable.

1969 Dodge Charger R/T SE

Image Editorial Credit: Sicnag / Wikimedia Commons

The Charger R/T SE (Special Edition) added luxury features to the high-performance R/T model. Equipped with a 440 Magnum or optional 426 Hemi, these cars featured enhanced interior comforts and unique trim options. Fewer than 4,000 were made in 1969, adding to their collectibility.

1970 Dodge Super Bee 440 Six Pack

The 1970 Super Bee with a 440 Six Pack (three two-barrel carburetors) was a rare setup that boasted 390 horsepower. Dodge produced fewer than 2,000 of these high-performance models, making them a rarity and a prized find for collectors due to their raw power and distinctive “bumblebee” rear stripe.

1984 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z

Image Editorial Credit: InsomniacMI / Wikimedia Commons

The Daytona Turbo Z showcased Dodge’s commitment to integrating turbocharged engines in production cars. Featuring a 2.2-liter turbocharged engine, this model was a frontrunner in bringing turbo technology to the American market. With a limited production run and being a product of its era, this model holds a special place in automotive history.

1992 Dodge Viper RT/10

Image Editorial Credit: Mr.choppers / Wikimedia Commons

The introduction of the Dodge Viper in 1992 marked a significant moment in American sports car history. With an 8.0-liter V10 engine and a minimalist, no-frills design, the early Vipers are now highly coveted. Only 285 units were produced in the first year, making these original models exceptionally rare.

1971 Dodge Dart Demon 340

Image Editorial Credit: Sicnag / Wikimedia Commons

The Dart Demon 340 was designed as a budget-friendly muscle car with a robust 340 cu in V8 engine. However, its name caused controversy among conservative groups, leading to a rebranding to “Dart Sport” in subsequent years, which limits the number of units carrying the “Demon” badge.

1966 Dodge Charger 426 Hemi

Image Editorial Credit: Sicnag / Wikimedia Commons

The first-generation Charger featured a fastback design and could be ordered with the legendary 426 Hemi engine. This option was costly and thus rarely selected, leading to very low production numbers. Today, these are among the rarest and most desirable Chargers due to their iconic design and powerful engine.

1978 Dodge Magnum XE

Image Editorial Credit: Mr.choppers / Wikimedia Commons

The Magnum XE was an attempt to blend muscle car styling with luxury amenities. Equipped with optional T-tops and a choice of V8 engines, the Magnum was a product of the late 70s push towards personal luxury cars. Low production numbers and a brief two-year production run make it a rare find.

1980 Dodge Mirada CMX

Image Editorial Credit: Davo / Flickr

A personal luxury coupe, the Mirada CMX featured unique styling elements like a faux convertible top and opera windows. With a production run that never exceeded high numbers, this model stands out due to its distinctive design and the transition period it represents in automotive design philosophy.

1991 Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo

Image Editorial Credit: Mr.choppers / Wikimedia Commons

Developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi, the Stealth R/T Turbo was Dodge’s iteration of the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4. Featuring a twin-turbo V6 engine and advanced all-wheel-drive, it was a technological marvel of its time. However, sales were limited due to its high price point and competition within its segment.

1974 Dodge Monaco Police Pursuit

Image Editorial Credit: Greg Gjerdingen / Wikimedia Commons

Famous for its role in “The Blues Brothers” movie, the 1974 Monaco Police Pursuit vehicles were equipped with heavy-duty components to handle the rigors of law enforcement use. These models were not commonly retained for civilian use after their service life, making them rare and iconic, especially among movie enthusiasts.

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