Do You Tip Windshield Installers? (Like Safelite Guys)

Tipping a windshield installer is not required, but it would be a welcome gesture.

In most service businesses, tipping is a common practice. Several points may factor into the decision to tip a windshield repair person, such as how long the replacement took to complete and whether the technician completed the job to your satisfaction. How much tip is appropriate, and what steps should you take following a replacement? Read on to learn more.

Do You Tip Windshield Installers Such as Safelite Guys

What Do Windshield Installers Do?

Windshield installers replace or repair your impaired windshield should you fall victim to a crack or other damage unable to be fixed. The windshield installers will remove your existing windshield and its remaining residue, then secure a brand new windshield of your choice in its place. You or your insurance company typically contract them to complete the job.

Should You Tip the Guy That Fixes Your Car Windshield?

Although there is no expectation to tip a windshield repair technician for their work, some customers like to tip them for their hard work. The tech’s salary is below the national average; therefore, it would be a nice gesture to offer a tip, especially since they will generally travel to your location for the repair.

How Long Does It Take To Replace a Windshield?

Windshield replacement takes, on average, one hour or less. This estimate does not include the time it takes for the tech to arrive and the recommended waiting period after replacement for the new windshield to cure before your car returns to the road.

The windshield replacement process includes:

  • Removing the old windshield
  • Priming the area with adhesive
  • Inserting a new windshield
  • Cleaning the windows and vacuuming any remaining glass from the vehicle

You can help minimize the time spent on installation by ensuring your vehicle is in a safe parking area and away from possible weather changes, such as rain or snow. You should also make sure you’re available to relieve the tech of his duties as soon as the work is complete.

Things To Consider Before Tipping

The decision to tip a windshield installer will depend on several factors.

Customer Experience

If your installer was friendly and you had an excellent experience, you might feel inclined to reward the tech for superior customer service.

Windshield Replacement Cost

The average cost to replace a windshield is roughly $400; however, several factors can affect the price, such as having a backup camera or lane-assist technology. Due to the high cost of the product and its service, a tip may be worth considering.

Quality of Work

Whether or not you feel the windshield tech did a good job may affect your decision to tip. If the installer took care of your vehicle during the repair, a tip would be a nice gesture of appreciation.


The amount of time the replacement takes may be another factor. If it was a fast job, you may feel like a flat amount would be a sufficient tip for the time spent. For lengthier replacements that face complications or setbacks, the gesture of a tip would show appreciation for the tech’s commitment.

How Much Is Appropriate to Tip?

Determining how much to tip can be challenging, but the general rule for tipping in the service industry is 10%-20%.

Do You Tip Windshield Installers Such as Safelite Guys

Signs of a Bad Windshield Replacement


The molding around your new windshield should be neat and even. If it’s not, your new windshield may not be seated correctly.


Removal of the previous windshield and all adhesives is necessary to install a new windshield properly. If there is residue, the new windshield may not have a snug fit, leading to leaks.

Water Seepage

Evidence of water seepage is a sign that your windshield is not secure. If you spot moisture around the edges following a rainstorm or car wash, this may be a sign of a bad windshield replacement.

Unusual Sounds

If you hear abnormal sounds from the windshield while driving, this may indicate poor installation.

What Can You Not Do After Windshield Replacement?

For the new windshield’s seal to properly cure, you must wait a minimum of one hour before driving your vehicle; otherwise, you risk damaging the seal.

Use caution and gently close the car doors for the first few days following the replacement. Slamming the doors could cause a jolt, potentially loosening the curing adhesive.

You should take care when cleaning your new windshield since ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners may cause the adhesive to come undone, affecting the installation and causing a potential safety hazard.

A car wash could also cause the molding to become damaged, so you should avoid running your vehicle through one for at least two days following installation.

If there is any remaining tape surrounding the windshield, leave it in place for 48 hours and follow the directions given by the installation technician for removal.

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