20 Cars That Have Faded into Automotive History

Reflecting on past automobiles shows how much has changed, with many old models now only seen in movies or as reimagined versions. These cars, once common on American and European roads, now rest in museums as symbols of past technological progress.

Ford Taurus

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A common sight on American roads, the Taurus was deemed not road worth in 2019. Reminiscing their earliest experience with the beast, one user says that although the Taurus did not give the jazzy feel of fast cars, it was reliable and easy to move around.

Pontiac Grand Am

Pontiac Grand Am
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Many users remember the Grand Am as a reliable car with decent power and a sleek design. Several users noting the engine strength of the vehicle mention its susceptibility to frequent mechanical issues, especially with the car’s transmission system. “The Grand Am was a good-looking car, but it was also a nightmare to maintain.” Despite its flaws, the Grand Am remains a nostalgic relic of a bygone era in American automaking.

Oldsmobile Cutlass

Oldsmobile Cutlass
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A mid-size car of General Motors merchandise, the Oldsmobile Cutlass had a 3-decade stint of popularity between the 60s and 90s. Several users say the Cutlass was the preferential car of many Americans in the 70s and 80s, hinting at how much of a rave it was in its era. The absence of innovation and the influx of big-money marque automobile lines, someone claims, ushered in the demise of the Oldsmobile.

Chevrolet Cavalier

Chevrolet Cavalier
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Several comments agree the Cavalier was reliable but could have been more exciting to drive. A second user opines that the Cavalier was a typical rental car back then but had a little fancy to it other than brute efficiency.

Dodge Stratus

Dodge Stratus
Image Editorial credit: Art Konovalov / Shutterstock.com

The Stratus was one of the rides that blended in with everything else on the road, several persons retort. Hard to notice but always there to see; many identified the nondescript car as a popular rental car anyone hardly wants to have permanently. On whether it bossed the tarmacs, well, that many users agree is not open for debate.

Plymouth Neon

Plymouth Neon
Image Editorial credit: Rakhmat Darmawan / Shutterstock.com

Plymouth Neon, also known as the Dodge Neon, was famous in the late 90s and early 2000s for its affordability and dependability. They were cheap and reliable, and everyone seemed to have one; they could ride around. Several users attest to seeing Neon everywhere in the late 90s/early 2000s.

Geo Metro

Geo Metro
Image Editorial credit: Haggardous50000 / Shutterstock.com

Do you feel like going for a drive on a roller skate? This compact beast was a first choice of the 1990s for its affordability and fuel efficiency. It’s surprising how the Metro embraced oblivion and personal remarks.

Volkswagen Cabriolet

Image Editorial Credit: Roman Belogorodov / Shutterstock.com

This convertible was popular in the 1980s and 1990s, known for its stylish design and fun driving experience. It’s, however, become increasingly rare to see. One user says she used to love the VW Cabriolet, but last saw it a few years ago. Several other users remember the Cabriolet for the power of its engine and the car’s distinct frame.

Mercedeze Benz S Class

Mercedeze Benz S Class
Image Editorial credit: ANAID studio / Shutterstock.com

As recent as five years ago, the S class won the hype to take over the flagship owing to its sleek design, efficiency, and the media rave, someone claims. Finally, sarcastically objecting to the total demise of Benz S, someone replies that the S class still steals shows in showrooms of grocery stores.

Honda Accord

Image Editorial credit: Kazyakuruma / Wikimedia Commons

A reliable and popular choice for many families, the Honda Accord was known for its durability, fuel efficiency, and comfortable ride. It was a common sight on roads across America, offering a blend of practicality and affordability that endeared it to millions of drivers.

Toyota Camry

Image Editorial credit: Alexander Migl / Wikimedia Commons

Renowned for its reliability and longevity, the Toyota Camry dominated the midsize sedan market for decades. With a reputation for smooth performance and low maintenance costs, the Camry became a staple on highways and city streets, often favored by commuters and families alike.

Nissan Altima

Image Editorial credit: Dinkun Chen / Wikimedia Commons

Competing in the same segment as the Accord and Camry, the Nissan Altima carved out its own niche with sporty styling and spirited performance. Its spacious interior and advanced features made it a popular choice among buyers seeking a blend of comfort and excitement in their daily driver.

BMW 3 Series

Image Editorial credit: Damian B Oh / Wikimedia Commons

A symbol of driving pleasure and luxury, the BMW 3 Series set the benchmark for compact sports sedans. Known for its agile handling, powerful engines, and upscale interior, the 3 Series appealed to driving enthusiasts who valued performance and prestige.

Audi A4

Image Editorial credit: EurovisionNim / Wikimedia Commons

Combining elegant design with advanced technology, the Audi A4 offered a refined driving experience in the luxury sedan segment. With its sophisticated styling, plush interior, and available Quattro all-wheel-drive system, the A4 attracted discerning buyers looking for a blend of comfort and sophistication.

Ford Mustang

Image Editorial credit: WMrapids / Wikimedia Commons

An icon of American muscle cars, the Ford Mustang captured the hearts of enthusiasts with its powerful engines and timeless design. Whether roaring down the highway or cruising through city streets, the Mustang evoked a sense of freedom and excitement that few cars could match.

Chevrolet Corvette

Image Editorial credit: Alexander Migl / Wikimedia Commons

Synonymous with high-performance driving, the Chevrolet Corvette was a symbol of American engineering prowess. With its sleek styling, potent V8 engines, and track-ready capabilities, the Corvette offered a thrilling driving experience that appealed to adrenaline junkies and car aficionados alike.

Jeep Wrangler

Image Editorial credit: Vauxford / Wikimedia Commons

The epitome of off-road capability, the Jeep Wrangler was beloved by adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts for its ruggedness and go-anywhere attitude. Whether tackling rocky trails or cruising along sandy beaches, the Wrangler embodied the spirit of exploration and adventure.

Toyota Prius

Image Editorial credit: Kārlis Dambrāns / Wikimedia Commons

Leading the charge in hybrid technology, the Toyota Prius revolutionized the automotive industry with its exceptional fuel efficiency and eco-friendly credentials. As one of the first mass-produced hybrid vehicles, the Prius became synonymous with environmentally conscious driving and paved the way for future electrified cars.

Subaru Outback

Image Editorial credit: Kevauto / Wikimedia Commons

Blending the versatility of an SUV with the practicality of a station wagon, the Subaru Outback was a favorite among active families and outdoor enthusiasts. With its symmetrical all-wheel-drive system and rugged design, the Outback offered confidence-inspiring performance on and off the beaten path.

Honda Civic

Image Editorial credit: Vauxford / Wikimedia Commons

A perennial bestseller, the Honda Civic was known for its reliability, efficiency, and affordability. Whether as a compact sedan, coupe, or hatchback, the Civic appealed to a wide range of drivers with its practicality and spirited driving dynamics.

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