Cali’s Finest: Cars of the Stars – (Lady Gaga, Beyonce etc.)

Hate it or love it, celebrity gossip has been a media cornerstone for decades. The public’s curiosity over who wore what and who’s dating who has pretty much made the streets of Los Angeles an eternal photo op. But we’re not here to air out celebs’ dirty laundry, instead, we’d like to take a moment to admire the wheels driven by some of our favorite actors, musicians, and multi-hyphenates. Read on for a who’s-who guide to the cars of the stars.  

Lady Gaga and her 1967 Ford Bronco

lady gaga
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1967 Ford Bronco
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Lady Gaga’s success is well-earned and she’s got the car collection to prove it. But she wouldn’t be Gaga if she stuck to typical six-figure sports cars (though she has those too). Gaga is actually quite the high-brow car collector and has a particular predilection for vintage—one of her favorite vehicles is a 1967 Ford Bronco. 

Gaga’s semi-restored, baby blue version of the classic trucklike SUV perfectly suits her quirky-cool vibe. It’s cute, tough, and wild all at once—just like Lady herself. She even used the Bronco as her off-roader of choice in the desert-set music video for Perfect Illusion.  

Pharrell Williams’ rare Ferrari Enzo

Pharrell Williams
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Enzo Ferrari
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Musician and producer Pharrell Williams has been at the top of the game for decades and he toasts his accomplishments with an affinity for Chanel and a beyond-opulent vehicle collection. One of his most-prized rides is a 2003 black Ferrari Enzo with black carbon fiber interior that set him back $2.5 million.

Sculptural and exotic, the Enzo is fitted with a V12 engine that’s capable of hitting a top speed of 218 mph, which Pharell admits is a bit much. Only around 400 of these cars were made, which classifies it as a rare find—but not rare enough to stop fellow music makers Axl Rose and Eric Clapton from owning an Enzo too! 

Leo’s eco-conscious Toyota Prius

Leonardo Dicaprio
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2006 Toyota Prius
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When he’s not sunbathing with models or being an amazing actor, Leonardo Dicaprio devotes himself to saving the planet. To prove it, he abandoned glitz and hopped into a 2006 Toyota Prius. He’s been a vocal supporter of the best-selling hybrid—even buying a Prius fleet for his family.

As much as Leo loves a well-crafted hybrid, he’s also quite the EV ambassador. He’s been spotted behind the wheel of a Tesla Roadster and Model S as well as a Fisker Karma. In fact, Dicaprio enjoyed the Karma so much that he even partnered with the luxury EV brand prior to their decade-long hiatus.

Beyoncé’s 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II

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1959 Rolls Royce
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Nothing says I love you like a mid-century automobile worth around $1 million. For Queen B’s 25th birthday, husband Jay-Z gifted her a 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, a car that’s both unique and next-level classy. 

Sure, a Rolls-Royce is a common possession among A-listers but Bey’s mint-condition, old-school Silver Cloud II is particularly stunning. It features a powder blue body with matching leather interior, a navy soft convertible top, and whitewall tires. Beyoncé also owns a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, and a Tesla—but we have to argue that her Silver Cloud II might be the coolest among them.

Christian Bale’s modest Toyota Tacoma pickup

Christian Bale
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Toyota Tacoma pickup
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Maybe it’s a method actor thing, but Christian Bale isn’t spending his paycheck on a classic Ford GT40 like his character raced in Ford vs Ferrari, nor is he working up a flashy car collection in his climate-controlled Batcave. Bale is quite content to arrive on set in a 2003 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck—that’s right, the same one your dad traded in ten years ago.

The Welsh actor doesn’t let fame and talent interfere with his down-to-earth lifestyle (but he will go full diva on you if you walk through his scene). When asked about his understated car choice, Bale noted that the first-generation Tacoma is a reliable family vehicle that’s also perfect for helping his friends move. What a guy!  

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