Who Makes Toro Engines?

The Toro Company sells many products, including lawnmowers, filtration systems, snow plows, and turf maintenance equipment.

Who Makes Toro Engines

The Toro Company manufactures engines outside the United States, primarily in Japan and China. After building engines and parts, they ship to the United States for assembly and distribution.

In this article, we will break down who builds Toro engines, their quality, and where you can purchase them.

About the Toro Company

In 1914, the Bull Tractor Company created the Toro Company in Bloomington, Minnesota. At its foundation, the company’s goal was to build engines for tractors. Throughout the 20th century, as the company grew, it began to expand its product list.

The Toro Company soon turned its attention to golf course equipment, outdoor irrigation, and landscaping.

As Toro began to dominate the outdoor landscaping market, they rapidly grew their company through acquisitions. The Toro Company’s list of acquired companies includes:

  • Whirlwind
  • Lawn-Boy
  • Wheel Horse
  • Exmark Manufacturing
  • Boss Snowplow

Today, Toro focuses on lawnmowers, outdoor landscaping, construction, snow removal, and irrigation solutions. They distribute their products throughout the United States and to countries around the world.    

Toro Engine Overview

The Toro Company sells single-cylinder and V-Twin engines. Both models have abundant torque, high fuel economy, and ample horsepower, making them efficient, durable, and high-powered products.

The Toro engine designs include a two-barrel carburetor and an oil hose to remove excess liquid. The engines also feature an auto-choke feature to smoothly start the engine and a self-cleaning air filter system to keep debris and dirt out of the motor.

Toro recommends matching their engines with their mowers and plows for optimal results. These features are designed to ensure Toro engines have long engine lives.

The company offers a warranty for most engine products if your model needs repairs.

Is Toro Made in the USA?

Toro is an American-based company that assembles and distributes its products in the United States. The brand touts itself as “American-made,” and Toro puts together products in factories across the United States. States with Toro warehouses include Minnesota, Florida, California, Wisconsin, and Texas.

However, specific Toro parts, including engines and motors, are produced overseas, namely in Japan and China. Once the products are built overseas, they are sent to the U.S. for assembly, distribution, and marketing.

Where Are Toro engines Made?

Toro engines are made in Japan and China. The Toro Company has partnerships with well-known automobile companies, including:

  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • Loncin
  • Tecumseh
  • Briggs & Stratton

The engines are manufactured overseas and then shipped back to the United States for assembly.

Who Makes Toro Engines

Where Are Toro Engine Parts Made?

All Toro engine parts are made overseas, primarily in Japan and China. Some parts, such as mower blades and frames, are manufactured in warehouses in the United States. All other pieces, including the engine, motor, and engine components, are produced abroad.

 Are Toro Engines Any Good?

Toro engines are known as reliable, durable, and powerful. The Toro Company has partnerships with automobile manufacturers such as Honda and Loncin, so they designed engines to last. Toro works within industry standards to execute its engine and motor designs.

Toro engines are known for their horsepower and engine life. The Toro Company provides warranties for up to three to five years for most products, so you will be protected if an engine has a manufacturer defect.

Where To Buy Toro Engines and Parts

The Toro Company works with distributors across the United States to sell their products, engines, and replacement parts. Retailers include large, national home improvement corporations, such as:

  • The Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Ace Hardware
  • Menards
  • True Value

You can also buy Toro engines and parts at individual and local hardware and supply stores. Through Toro’s partnerships and acquisitions, they have a variety of distributors across the country and overseas, and they sell engines and parts for low costs.

Toro FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Toro engines, parts, and troubleshooting with their products.

Can I buy parts directly from Toro?

You cannot buy parts directly from Toro. You must visit a Toro distributor or retailer to purchase engines or replacement parts. Toro has a distribution center located in Plymouth, Wisconsin, and all parts and supplies are shipped from the warehouse to local hardware stores.

If you have a serial number for your product, Toro has a directory system for parts on its website. After you enter the model number or look up your product, you will find replacement parts, assembly instructions, and warranty information. You can use this information to purchase the components from an individual distributor.

What is a Toro Master Service Dealer?

The Toro Company ranks retailers as Master Service Dealers if they consistently sell and support Toro products at high-quality levels. Toro Master Service Dealers conclude annual training programs to gain mastery of Toro equipment, engines, and parts.

Toro Master Service Dealers are individual retailers located throughout the United States. They know Toro’s warranties and supplies, so they can troubleshoot and repair any issues with Toro products. 

Where are Toro mowers made?

The engines in Toro lawnmowers are manufactured in Japan and China. Toro partners with automobile companies such as Honda and Loncin to produce engines and motors.

Once the engine or motor is created, the parts are shipped to the United States for assembly. Toro has warehouses across the United States, including in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Florida, where lawnmowers are made. Toro then ships the mowers to local distributors and retailers.


The Toro Company is an American company that creates and assembles engines, motors, and outdoor landscaping supplies. Today, the Toro Company continues to expand into new products and ventures. Although Toro touts itself as an “American-made” company, their engines and parts are manufactured in Japan and China.

If you are looking to purchase a lawn mower or outdoor landscaping product, we shared where Toro’s engines are built and where you can buy them. We also broke down the origins of the Toro Company and gave a summary of their engine quality.

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