Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost – Current Prices

The serpentine belt in your car is a relatively cheap replacement and only needs to be done every 100,000 miles. It’s an easy job and can be done in your garage if you know what you’re looking for. On average, the parts cost around $70.

How Much Is a Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost

What Is the Average Cost To Replace a Serpentine Belt?

Serpentine belt replacement costs aren’t too expensive if you take it to the right place. On average, the repair will put you around $70 to $200 poorer than before. That breaks down to $50 for the part and $150 for the labor.

Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost at Dealership

Your dealership may be more or less expensive than the average serpentine belt replacement cost. It all depends on what your dealership charges for an hourly rate. For example, Ford dealerships are around $115 for the repair, Audi is $160, and BMW can be over $250.

Jiffy Lube Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost

Prices at Jiffy Lube vary by location and state, thanks to state labor laws. However, most Jiffy Lubes offer serpentine belt service for $80. This price includes checking the belt to see its condition and assessing if they need to install a new one.

If your vehicle needs a new belt, you can expect to pay another $50 or so for the part before tax.

Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost at Walmart

Serpentine belts at Walmart start at a wonderful cost of $20 and go up to $160. The make, model, and year of your car help determine how expensive each part is. Walmart also offers parts that connect to the serpentine belt, meaning you can replace the entire system if you want to.

How Much Is a Serpentine Belt at AutoZone?

AutoZone offers belt and pulley kits for an average of $90 with a two-year warranty. AutoZone sells Duralast, ACDelco, Bando, Continental, and Valucraft belts and belt kits.

How Much Does Firestone Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost?

Firestone belt replacement costs around $70, depending on which shop you visit. Some locations offer it as part of the vehicle tune-up, while others do not.

How Much Does a Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost at Valvoline?

Serpentine belt replacements cost $80 at Valvoline, and they can complete them on the same day. They often run coupons, so visit their website before making an appointment to see if there’s a deal.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Pulley and Serpentine Belt?

Purchasing the pulley and serpentine belt simultaneously will be the cheapest because you can buy them in a kit. It wouldn’t make sense to purchase a pulley and a belt separately. AutoZone is an excellent place to go if you want to do it yourself.

At a shop, you’ll be looking at $100 to $200.

Midas Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost

Midas replacement costs range from $70 to $90, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. They offer limited warranties and can include the belt inspection in their engine inspection.

How Much Is a Serpentine Belt Replacement Cost

What Are the Signs of a Bad Serpentine Belt?

There are a few ways to know when you need a new serpentine belt before it goes completely bad. Visible wear and tear, “chirping” belt noises, and a power steering failure are the most common.

Visual Wear and Tear

You can inspect your serpentine belt for damage by looking under the hood of your car. The belt is slightly different for each vehicle model, so you may have to look up a quick diagram or consult your driver’s manual. If you see cracks, rips, or fraying on the belt, you need to have it replaced.

Loose Tension on the Belt

You need to replace your serpentine belt if you notice it’s become loose and isn’t tightly hugging the engine components. You can check by tapping it or lightly pulling on it. If the rubber is taut and unmoving, you’re alright. If it gives or stretches, you need a replacement.

Strange Belt Noises

I know “strange belt noises” is very vague. When your serpentine belt starts to fail, you’ll hear a chirping noise from under the hood when the car is running. To check this, safely put your car in park and open the hood. It’ll be loud enough that you can hear it.

Power Steering Failure

A power steering failure can be from a few mechanical problems, but it can also mean your serpentine belt is bad. Because the belt connects the drive shaft to the engine, it helps you navigate your car. A steering failure is one of a damaged belt’s most dangerous side effects.

Dead Alternator

The serpentine belt helps charge the alternator when the car is running. The alternator won’t charge correctly if the belt isn’t tight enough or has become too frayed. You can end up stranded with a dead battery.

How Often Does a Serpentine Belt Need To Be Replaced?

Serpentine belts have a part life of 60,000 to 100,000 miles, and you should replace them every 100,000 miles. The belt is nothing but rubber, so it can last a long time!

You may have to replace it more often if you live in an area that gets extremely hot and extremely cold, as these temperature shifts will weaken the rubber over time.

Can I Replace a Serpentine Belt Myself?

Yes. Replacing a serpentine belt takes time, proper tools, and a few YouTube tutorials. It’s not difficult to repair, and you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself. You don’t have to know what’s under your hood, but it’ll help.

Can You Drive With a Broken Serpentine Belt?

Technically, yes. However, and that’s a big “however,” your power steering and the alternator will fail. The last thing you want is to be driving down the expressway and lose power steering. It leads to a dangerous situation that can put you and other drivers at risk.

The best action is to pull over and call a tow truck. While that will cost you a few extra dollars, avoiding a potentially disastrous situation will be worth it.

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