5 Reasons Your Car Shuts off While Idling

We all get anxious when dealing with car troubles, but it’s crucial to get them fixed quickly. If your car shuts off while idling, you’ll want to handle the situation before it worsens.

If you’ve been dealing with your car shutting off while idling, we’re here to help. Read on for a quick guide on what it means and how to fix it.

Car Shuts off While Idling

What Does It Mean When Your Car Shuts off While Idling?

Your car shutting off while idling almost always means some issue with your engine. The problem could be gas flow, a loose cap, or a damaged transmission.

No matter what the issue is, you have to handle the problem quickly. If you aren’t sure how to diagnose the problem, you should take your vehicle to your local dealership or mechanic. They can diagnose the problem faster and handle it quicker than the average DIY enthusiast.

Diagnosing a Car That Dies While Idling but Restarts

What if your car shuts off but comes back on? Some vehicles may shut off when idling in traffic but come back on if you turn the ignition again. Here are some of the situations in which you may find this issue.

Car Dies While Idling in Park

If your car is shutting down while in park, the problem is likely severe. Most sources state that this problem will typically lie in the transmission.

It isn’t a guarantee that your problem rests in the transmission, but you should expect this as the source of your woes. However, the fix might prove simple, such as low fluids that you can replenish.

Car Dies While Idling In Drive

If your car dies while idling in drive, it could pose a significant threat. Your car shutting down in traffic like this can strand you, hold up traffic, and put your life in danger.

If your car has shut down while in drive, don’t waste time trying to guess at a fix. Get your vehicle to professionals as soon as possible.

Car Shuts off While Idling With AC On

Some people report having their car shut down if it’s idle with the air conditioning on. The most common reason for this is the IAC (Idle Air Control). Faults such as build-up or poor flow can cause idling, stalling, or shutting down to reduce strain on your system.

What Causes an Engine to Stall at Idle?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of reasons why your engine may shut down while idling. This issue makes it more difficult to diagnose what is causing your problem.

Here are five of the most common reasons. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many other reasons why you may face the problem. These are simply the most likely to be the culprit!

1. Defective Airflow Sensor

Your vehicle has multiple sensors that work to make sure your engine functions properly. These sensors monitor fuel and airflow as they mix in your engine. These sensors communicate with your control module to keep tabs on everything.

If you have a defective sensor, it may have told your control module to shut the engine off. The sensors do this to prevent significant damage or hazards. Thankfully, this is often an easy fix.

Car Shuts off While Idling

2. Failing Spark Plugs

We hear about spark plugs often, but what do they do? Your spark plugs ignite the fuel and air in your engine, but this causes some wear and tear.

Namely, carbon deposits will build up on the plug. Because of this, your spark plugs will regularly need replacing to ensure they don’t stop your engine.

3. Fuel System Malfunction

Your fuel system is intricate with sensors, plugs, hoses, valves, and more. That creates quite a few points of failure!

A malfunction with your fuel system may cause your engine to stall or shut down. Have a professional look under the hood to see if there are problems with your fuel system.

4. Transmission Issues

Transmission issues are among the most common causes of your engine shutting down. That could mean anything from low fluids to problems switching gears. Specifically, you should check the torque converter, as this component can cause your motor to stall during a malfunction.

5. Damaged Valve

Several valves may become damaged. For example, your Idle Air Control valve can cause your vehicle to stall. The Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve can also prove problematic and shut your engine down.

How To Fix a Car That Randomly Dies While Idling?

With all these issues, how do you fix the problem? Here are five quick fixes to help keep your engine running.

Replace Damaged Parts

Any damaged or broken parts need replacing. If your valves or hoses are causing an engine to shut down, you’ll need to fix the problem before you continue.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance and tune-ups are great ways to keep your engine running. For example,  if the issue is your spark plugs, you can replace them during this time. Many other parts are inspected and replaced.

Repair Vehicle

If your vehicle has sustained damage from an accident or a fender bender, repairing the damage may fix your issue. You could discover that minor damage has thrown off one of your sensors, shutting down your engine.

Professional Help

Ultimately, it’s often best to bring your vehicle to the professionals. Whether you prefer a dealership or a local mechanic, get your car to someone who can help you with your needs.

Rebuild Transmission

In some severe cases, a broken transmission may need repairing. Check smaller components first, such as your torque converter. While costly, this fix can keep your engine turning.

Driving Off

If your car shuts off while idling, you could be in danger when you drive. Look into the problems we’ve diagnosed here to see if these issues are what’s causing your issue. When in doubt, always bring your vehicle to professionals for proper repairs.

For more information on how to keep your car running, be sure to browse our site!

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