The 5 Strongest Engines to Swap into a Honda Civic

Looking to get a higher power-to-weight ratio for your Honda Civic? Consider swapping in a stronger engine. People have been swapping engines into their Honda Civics for decades, but there are five engines most commonly used in Civics since they provide plenty of power. Perhaps one of these engines will find its way into your Civic.

5 Strongest Engines to Swap into a Honda Civic

The G23

The G23 is a SOHC 2.3-liter F23 shortblock engine with a H22 cylinder head, and it is known for making an excellent amount of power in the Civic. Of course, this engine might not be for everyone since it isn’t an easy swap despite delivering an abundance of torque.

The thing about the G23 is its cost-effectiveness. You can build it for under $2,000, whereas a K Series swap could run you over $7,000.

The G23

The K Series

Although it is exponentially more expensive than the G23, the K Series is a popular choice. This DOHC engine first became available in the Honda Civic EP3 Si. Aftermarket companies lend a lot of support to the K Series, so if you need a modification or part you don’t know much about, you can easily get the scoop on it.

The price of the K Series hasn’t gone down over time as predicted, which is why it isn’t for everyone. You also will need to do some mount mods, but they aren’t as extensive as those on the J Series.

The K Series

The B18C1

The B Series is a strong choice for an engine swap in a Honda Civic. Among the top pics is the B18C1, which has more torque than the B16 and isn’t as expensive as the Type R B18C5. It can be pulled from a 1994-2001 Acura Integra with VTEC. It is also an easy one to swap in, especially if your Civic already has VTEC.

The B Series – and the B18C1 in particular – has more components and parts available than any other Honda engine. They’re easy to find, and you can smog them without a problem since a lot of factory Integra smog parts can be popped into a Civic.

The B18C1

The Type R

The Type R can make for a brilliant mesh of high revs and small engine displacement. The Type R is wildly popular and can easily be swapped into the Civic. Popping the B18C5 into the Civic lets you just bolt it in and take off without having to mod or enhance the engine’s performance. You won’t need to mess around with cam gears or cam profiles.

Just bear in mind this isn’t a cheap swap. The Type R will cost a pretty penny, so you might want to look into a B18B or B18C1 before leaping into the Type R.

The Type R

The F20 S2000

The F20 S2000 engine hails from the 1999-2005 era and is a track-tuned beast powered by a 2.0-L F20C and a 2.2-L in the F22C. It is indeed a rear-wheel drive design, sure, but people are still dropping this engine into the Civic, effectively converting it to a RWD model. In terms of power to displacement rations, this engine is one of the best. And it’s certainly unique!

The drawback is obvious – RWD. This requires a lot of subframe work, reworking of the shifter linkage, and buying and installing a whole new rear end. With a new rear end, subframe, driveshaft, and axles (not to mention labor), this is an expensive job.

Picking the right engine to swap into your Honda Civic isn’t easy, but you can get a lot of bang for your buck from these engines. Some require more work and money than others, but the payout can be immense.

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