Motor Mount Replacement Cost (Current Average Prices)

Motor mounts, also known as engine mounts, are parts that you don’t even know exist until they need replacing. While they function very simplistically, these parts are one of the most labor-intensive to replace.

Motor Mount Replacement Cost

The average motor mount replacement cost is between $400 and $500.

The motor mount is what holds the engine in the car. That is why they are commonly also called engine mounts. The motor mounts are the bridge that connects the engine to the car’s chassis. However, they do provide an additional function than simply holding the machine.

Engine mounts also have a rubber cushioning filled with fluid to suspend the engine inside the engine compartment to move without creating vibrations, rattles, and excessive engine movement, which would affect the performance and safety of the vehicle. Think of engine mounts as dampers that bolt your engine into your car.

If the engine mounts break and go un-repaired or un-replaced, the results can range from doubling and tripling the amount of fuel you need to buy to catastrophic failure of all the motor mounts.

How much should it cost to replace motor mounts?

The cost of replacing a bad motor mount is equally divided between the labor costs and the parts themselves. It is recommended to replace all of the mounts simultaneously, even if you only have a single failed motor mount.

The average cost of an engine mount

The current cost of the motor mounts themselves averages around $250.

Average labor cost for engine mount replacement

The labor cost of removing and replacing all the motor mounts averages around $180 to $230.

How long does it take to replace a motor mount?

This greatly depends and varies based upon two factors:

  • Your car’s engine type (front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, etc.)
  • Specific car models are easier to repair while others are a nightmare

With that said, you should expect the repair time to average a minimum of 1 to 2 hours, and it could be up to a day’s worth of work for a mechanic in some situations.

What causes motor mounts to go wrong?

Any car part can go wrong for any number of reasons. However, the most common causes of engine mount breakages or failures are:

  • Age
  • Stress

The dampening elements of engine mounts are made of rubber. As all car owners know, the rubber wears and eventually deteriorates. There is no way to stop, prevent, or even slow this process down. It is merely a fact of nature.

Once that deterioration begins, the engine mount will develop small cracks in the rubber. Because of these cracks, the fluid inside the mount will leak out, and eventually, you have nothing but a rigid connection between the chassis and the engine.

The engine’s movement puts enormous stress on the engine mount and the connection, eventually failing. Before this point, however, the symptoms of a bad engine mount will become apparent.

Motor Mount Replacement Cost

Bad motor mount symptoms

A defective or deficient engine mount can cause many things in your car. However, the most common symptoms of a bad engine mount tend to be the following.

Loss of smooth function

Changing gears causes a lurching or jolting felt throughout the car.

Startup movement

Starting the engine shakes the car.

Engine noises

You can hear the engine block moving, such as upon startup.

The car vibrates excessively

Excessive vibrations are the most common lousy engine mount symptoms as the engine is moving inside the engine compartment.

The mount looks different

While the mount’s metal housing won’t change, the rubber will, and if it does, it is or will be going bad.

Should you replace all motor mounts?

The motor mounts play a crucial role in the performance and safety of your vehicle. That alone justifies the motor mount replacement cost for replacing all the motor mounts simultaneously. So, absolutely that is the correct and best course of action to take.

All motor mounts should be replaced at the same time.

Can you drive a car with a broken motor mount?

To put this answer in the proper perspective, it is critically important to remember that simply because your car will drive with any specific defect, such as a broken mount, does not mean that it is necessarily safe.

A straightforward answer to this question is yes. You can drive with a damaged or broken motor mount, but it is not a good idea and not recommended. Broken or damaged parts are not going to fix themselves miraculously. Only two outcomes will occur:

  • The part will either break beyond repair and lead to a more expensive repair or serious issue involving safety.
  • The part will add additional stress to the surrounding shroud and other features and cause numerous factors to fail or become damaged, which could create a cost of repair unjustified compared to the car’s value.

Is it worth replacing engine mounts?

To be very honest about this, whether or not the motor mount replacement cost is worth it directly should be considered in the context of the vehicle’s overall value. It never makes much sense to put more money into a car than what it will be worth once fixed.

Motor mounts may seem merely infrastructure, but they’re far more significant than that. The role that motor mounts have in a vehicle is simply one of the most important of any of your car’s parts.

Simply stated, motor mounts are the only thing keeping the car’s engine in the vehicle. If a defective motor mount affects your vehicle’s safety and or performance, then motor mount replacement costs are definitely worth the investment.

Where to get engine mount replacement services

Pretty much any garage offers engine mount replacement service.

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