Flowmaster Super 44 vs. Super 40: Which Muffler Is Loudest?

A muffler is part of every car’s exhaust system. Its primary purpose is to reduce the amount of noise generated during engine operation, and it releases the flow of combustion gases.

Flowmaster Super 44 vs. Super 40

On the vast majority of cars, you never hear the muffler. However, some mufflers feature a design to tell you when that particular car is heading down the highway.

The Flowmaster Super 44 or Super 40 are great options for car owners who want their mufflers to resonate. But which is the loudest muffler? The short answer is the Flowmaster Super 44.

But, of course, there is much to like about the Super 40, too!

About Flowmaster Mufflers

Flowmaster has been revving up engines for over 25 years. They are known for using high-quality materials backed up by exhaustive research and design.

The patented Flowmaster dyno-tuned exhaust systems provide horsepower boosts and a unique sound that car enthusiasts the world over appreciate.

The Flowmaster mufflers deploy the Delta Flow technology. This system dampens the interior sound levels when the engine is operating.

However, the noise levels do not completely dissipate. You can still hear them even with your radio cranked up.

Flowmaster Super 44 vs. Super 40 Features

The one thing that the Flowmaster Super 44 and Super 40 mufflers have in common is that they utilize superior materials in their manufacture.

In addition, they come from a company dedicated to providing the best in auto parts. But there can only be one exhaust system per car.

That means choosing between the Super 44 and the Super 40. It is not just about the pulsating engine sounds because they both will deliver on that front.

Instead, the choice might come down to which features you want to install for your muffler system.

Flowmaster Super 44 Features

The Flowmaster Super 44 builds on the design success of the Flowmaster Super 40. When fired up, it utilizes the same Delta Flow technology but delivers a more deep, resonating tone.

According to the company specs, the Flowmaster Super 44 is the most aggressive four-inch case street muffler the company has ever put out.

Flowmaster Super 40 features

The Flowmaster Super 40 utilizes a chambered design for its muffler. The Delta Flow technology developed exclusively by Flowmaster is a crucial component in the Super 40.

That technology generates low-frequency interior residents along with enhanced performance for the engine. It is an improved version of the Original 40 series from Flowmaster.

You will also find total MIG welding points throughout the muffler that provides terrific durability. And the larger case profile elevates this muffler system to deliver exceptional performance and sound.

Flowmaster Super 44 vs. Super 40

Is Flowmaster 40 Series Louder Than Super 44?

The main reason for installing one of these Flowmaster series mufflers is to create that distinctive engine rumble. Muscle car fans recognize the engine sounds generated by the Super 40 as the kind of classic engine roar you associate with high-performance automobiles. That level of noise will also resonate inside the car.

With the Flowmaster Super 44, the engine rumble is slightly louder. You might recognize a deeper resonance with this system. One thing you will notice is that with the Flowmaster Super 44, the interior sound is much lower. However, that sound is not entirely gone from inside your car.

What Is the Difference Between Flowmaster 40 and Super 44?

Just because the Super 40 and the Super 44 come from the same manufacturer doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be differences in their design and performance. Here are some of those differences to consider when deciding which muffler you should purchase:


Both the Super 40 and Super 44 mufflers use high-quality materials in their construction, but those are not the same materials. The build for the Super 40 incorporates aluminized steel. The Super 44 uses stainless steel in its construction. Fortunately, both of those types of construction provide an extremely durable muffler.


The Flowmaster Super 44 is more versatile when it comes to installation. That is because its compact design allows it to fit into a wider variety of automobiles. It will be a shame if you go to the trouble of investing in a muffin system only to find it won’t fit on your car.

Case Width

As to the actual case of the mufflers, the Flowmaster Super 40 has a thicker case than the Super 44. However, that does not impact the performance of the muffler as much as it affects the decibel levels.


With regard to the issue of sound, the question is, do you want aggressive or subdued? The Super 44 delivers on the aggressive sound front, while the Super 40 is quieter.

Flowmaster super 44 vs. super 40 Pros and Cons

Here are a few pros and cons to consider between the Flowmaster Super 44 vs. Super 40:

Flowmaster Super 44Flowmaster Super 40
Provides a more aggressive sound from the engine exhaust.  The Delta flow technology does not silence all the inner resonance.Reasonable price.Internal noise is not thoroughly dampened.
Durable stainless steel construction.  Although louder than the Super 40, there are even louder mufflers on the market.Durable construction.Aluminized stainless steel construction can trigger rust.
Simple installation in a variety of car models.   It provides a decent initial horsepower boost.The muffler comes with a limited warranty.
The muffler comes with a lifetime warranty.     

Generally, What Is the Best Sounding Flowmaster Muffler?

The Flowmaster Super 40 and Super 44 mufflers are both designed to make some noise. In fact, it was the sound created by the original Super 40 muffler that put Flowmaster on the map. That sound rumbles out because of the thicker case design.

As you might judge by the number designation, the Super 44 is the next generation of the Flowmaster muffler system. This upgraded version utilizes features and a more compact design than its predecessor. As a result, the Super 44 packs a more potent sound punch when revved up side-by-side.

How Much Does Flowmaster Super 44 Cost?

The price for the Flowmaster Super 44 depends on whether you are interested in buying just the muffler case or the entire system. The price for the case alone averages between $95 and $105. The cost for the whole system ranges between $264 to $294. Those are the current prices offered on Amazon.

How Much Does Flowmaster Super 40 Cost?

The price range for the Flowmaster Super 40 starts at $85 and goes up to $114 on Amazon. That would make both muffler systems comparable in cost.

Do Flowmaster Mufflers Increase Horsepower?

As a general rule, mufflers increase or decrease the sound level from the exhaust system. They are not meant to enhance a car’s performance. However, if you install either the Flowmaster Super 44 or the Super 40, you might experience a quick boost in your horsepower performance.

That boost is a little bit higher with the Super 44. Over time, these mufflers might both lower your vehicle’s performance levels.

A side-by-side comparison is the best way to judge the Flowmaster Super 44 versus the Super 40. If you can hear each engine revved with those exhausts, you might be able to make a discernible difference between the two.

With either choice, you will get a quality product that will deliver a distinctive sound for your ride.

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