Chevy’s 2024 Corvette E-Ray Reveal Will Hold Few Surprises

It’s official – Chevrolet will reveal the highly anticipated 2024 Corvette E-Ray this week, January 17th to be exact. However, a recent error from Chevy’s IT department allowed many key details of the E-Ray to appear on their online configurator for a brief period of time.

Fortunately for us, Corvette Blogger was quick enough to take some screenshots before the pages were taken down.

Wider Than a Standard Corvette

Corvette E-Ray
The 2024 C8 will get three additional color choices. Credit: Chevrolet Configurator

Clearly, the E-Ray has a wider stance than a typical C8 Corvette, a trait shared with the racetrack-ready Z06 trim. Besides the widebody, the E-Ray also has a monochromatic theme, with fewer contrasting black bits than the regular C6 Corvette. Body-color pieces include the grille insert, side intakes and both the front lip and rocker panel covers. Subtle differences can also be found in the front fascia and rear bumper, which has a small lip spoiler. And of course, there’s an obligatory “E-Ray” emblem on the lower rear quarter panels.

Chevrolet’s online order configuration also displayed three paint new colors for the 2024 E-Ray. At present, it’s unclear if these new colors will be exclusive to the E-Ray or available on all 2024 C8 Corvettes, but we suspect the latter. The new colors are: Cacti, Riptide Blue Metallic, and Sea-Wolf Gray Tri-Coat.

Over 600 Horsepower on Tap

Some subtle differences exist in the rear bumper. Credit: Chevrolet Configurator

Undoubtably, what Corvette fans are most concerned with is the powertrain, so let’s go. It’s widely expected that the E-Ray will be powered by a gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain based on the standard C8’s 6.2-liter LT2 V-8 which is rated at 495 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque.

But the exciting part is that the internal combustion engine will be coupled with an electric drive unit located in the front cargo area, plus four batteries located in the middle of the car. Peak output of the electric side of the system is forecast to be around 115 horsepower and 111 pound-feet of torque, bringing the combined total system output to the low-600 horsepower range.

Once again aping the Z06, every E-Ray will come a wider wheel/tire combination than standard C8’s to get all that extra horsepower to the ground, as well as standard carbon ceramic brakes for superior stopping power. Chevy’s website visualizer shows four different 5-spoke aluminum wheel designs, plus another three choices in carbon fiber.

Minimal Interior Differences

Minimal Interior Differences
The E-Ray’s cockpit with carbon fiber steering wheel. Credit: Chevrolet Configurator.

Interior photos show a carbon fiber steering wheel with a distinct E-Ray badge. More importantly, two new buttons are visible: One for the regenerative braking system and another one to control the automatic stop/start feature.

A new safety feature is also in the works, Forward Collision Alert, which utilizes a combination of front-facing cameras and radar sensors to warn drivers of slow or stopped traffic ahead. Like the new exterior paint colors, this feature will likely make its way to all C8 trim levels, but it would make sense to preview it on the E-Ray, given all of the other technology present.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability
Several alloy and carbon fiber wheel sections are on offer. Credit: Chevrolet Configurator

Unlike some hybrids that are focused on fuel economy, such as Toyota’s Prius, the E-Ray hybrid architecture is more concerned with improving performance. In spite of this, the E-Ray will still be the most fuel-efficient ‘Vette ever as a byproduct of the performance-boosting electric motor(s). The E-Ray should also offer a better on-road package as opposed to the more hardcore Z06. The electric motors promise instantly available torque and possibly better cornering from what will essentially be an AWD setup.

The configurator’s fine print said it’d reach dealership showrooms sometime this summer, as a 2024 model. Base pricing is expected to land just under $100,000 to start. But markups from unscrupulous dealers and private flippers due to scarcity could easily raise asking prices to the $150k range, similar to a Z06.

Which flavor of the C8 would you prefer?

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