Top 10 Cars That Took Over The Roads In The 90s

Looking back into the recent past, we are filled with memories of cars that once owned our road but are no more. The 90s were incredibly full of them, bringing us some of the most iconic autos ever seen. Recently, a fandom of car lovers converged on a popular forum to share what cars dominated their roads in the 1990s. These four-wheelers are their top picks.

1. Honda Civic

Honda Civic
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According to one, the Honda Civic was popular in the 90s due to its reliability, affordability, and fuel efficiency. A second user says they agree, citing the sporty look and customizable option of the Honda Civic as the irresistible features that made it the #1 choice of many drivers in the 1990s. Although the Civic Honda is long gone,  its memories still live here. The Honda CRX was also everywhere.

2. Ford Mustang Cobra

Ford Mustang Cobra
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The Ford Mustang Cobra has been described as a “beast” that could “tear up the road” by a Ford Lover. The Mustang Cobra was one of the most influential American cars of the 90s, with a 5.0-liter V8 engine that produces up to 240 horsepower at full speed.

It was a car that demanded respect on the road, and even today, the Mustang Cobra still turns heads wherever it goes. 

3. Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra
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The Supra was a popular choice among car enthusiasts in the 90s. One forum motorhead says, “The 90s Supra was an absolute icon, especially with the 2JZ engine. It’s a shame they stopped production for so long, but it’s great to see it back in the game now.” 

Affirming this claim, a second individual has dubbed the 2JZ engine one of the greatest car engines to ply American roads. 

4. Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline
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According to one person’s account, the Nissan Skyline was not officially available in the United States until much later. He argues that Skyline’s popularity in the early 1990s was due to its appearances in video games and movies. “Gran Turismo was a massive hit on the original PlayStation, and the R32 [Skyline] was the car to have.” 

Numerous drivers agree that the Skyline appearance in the first Fast and Furious film placed the car on American maps in the mid and late 90s.

5. Mazda RX-7

Mazda RX-7
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Mazda’s fortune as a popular car brand may be dwindling, but that does not change the reputation of its RX-7 models as one of the best cars of the 90s. One person describes the RX-7 as a “great car with a unique engine,” referring to its rotary engine design.  sdafdffdfasd

Countless others have only good words for the RX-7, with some noting its sleek and stylish design and others its impressive handling and performance capabilities. 

6. Mitsubishi 3000GT

Mitsubishi 3000GT
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The Mitsubishi 3000GT, one individual claims, is the most fantastic car they’ve ever driven. All-wheel drive steering, twin turbos, active aero, and enough electronics to spin your head. It was a technological marvel of its time and had a unique look. The 3000GT was also known for its electronic features, which were cutting-edge for the 90s. 

7. Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro
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Many in the car lovers community cite the Chevrolet Camaro engine and its sporty appearance for its popularity in the 90s. 

Camaro was a “quintessential 90s car,” one uses clarifies. One enthusiast notes that the Camaro was popular in movies and TV shows in the 90s and had a sleek design that easily made it an instant cynosure on the road. 

8. Geo Metro

Geo Metro
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The Geo Metro has a reputation for being fuel-efficient and cost-effective. By the account of one car enthusiast who drove a Metro in high school, the car was highly cost-effective and super rugged for any terrain and weather. 

Further highlighting the durability and the safety features of the Geo Metro, a second user says they’ve got a sister who, while driving the car, got in “a pretty bad accident” but got out with far fewer bruises than expected. So it’s safe to say the Geo Metro ruled the 90s because it offered easy maintenance and prioritized safety. 

9. Honda / Acura Integra

Acura Integra
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“Phenomenal… for its time” is the way one individual describes the Acura Integra. This 90s four-wheeler had a reputation for being reliable and easy to modify. 

The commenter also notes that Integra had a strong aftermarket community, which made it popular among car enthusiasts who liked to customize and personalize their vehicles. Several motorists praise the Integra for its sporty handling, fuel efficiency, and affordability.

10. Volkswagen GTI

Volkswagen GTI
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The Volkswagen GTI is one of the most memorable vehicles of the 1990s, many car lovers agree. One user tags the MK3 Golf GTI as “the pinnacle of 90s cool”. Another user sharing their experience says the GTI “had just enough tech to be comfortable, but it still felt like a raw, driver-focused car.” 

The Volkswagen brand continues to be popular among car enthusiasts even today, with a focus on innovative technology and environmentally friendly designs.

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