10 Innovative Car Features You Didn’t Know You Needed

As you buckle up and prepare for your daily commute or set off on that long-awaited road trip, you might think you have everything you need in your car. From essential safety features to comfort-enhancing tech, modern vehicles come with a plethora of features designed to make driving more convenient and enjoyable. However, car manufacturers often go above and beyond the expected, venturing into the world of the quirky, eccentric, and downright peculiar.

Mercedes-Benz’s Energizing Comfort Control

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Found in high-end models like the S-Class and E-Class, this feature combines climate control, ambient lighting, massage seat functions, and even scent to create various mood settings for the driver and passengers. While it’s certainly unusual, it’s also an innovative attempt to improve the overall driving experience, aiming to reduce stress and increase alertness during long drives.

BMW’s Gesture Control

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This feature, available in several BMW models, allows drivers to control certain features like volume and navigation with hand gestures. Twirling your finger clockwise increases the volume, while a swipe to the right rejects a call. While it’s an interesting technology, some may find it unnecessary given traditional buttons or touchscreens can perform the same tasks.

Nissan’s Self-Cleaning Car

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The European Nissan Note introduced a special self-cleaning paint that repels mud, rain, and everyday dirt. This hydrophobic and oleophobic paint, marketed as Ultra-Ever Dry, uses nanotechnology to create a protective layer of air between the paint and the environment. It’s a neat feature for those who dislike washing their cars, although its long-term durability has yet to be seen.

Volvo’s Heartbeat Sensor

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The Volvo S80 has an optional Personal Car Communicator (PCC) that includes a heartbeat sensor. This feature can detect if someone is hiding inside your car, warning you before you get inside. While it’s a thoughtful security feature, its specificity makes it rather unusual.

Peugeot’s Frunk (Front Trunk)

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The Peugeot iOn and its siblings, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Citroen C-Zero, all electric cars, have a rare feature – a “frunk” or front trunk. As the cars have compact electric motors that don’t take up much space, the front area where a conventional engine would be is used for additional storage, much like the design in Tesla models.

Honda’s Vacuum Cleaner

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In the Honda Odyssey, there’s a built-in vacuum cleaner called the HondaVAC. It extends throughout the entire cabin, allowing you to clean up spills and debris in any part of the minivan.

Renault’s Twizy’s Lack of Windows

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The Renault Twizy is a compact electric car designed for urban environments, and it originally came without any windows at all – just clear roof panels for light. Instead, windows were an optional extra, which is unusual as they’re usually considered essential. The idea was to keep the Twizy lightweight and efficient for city driving.

Rolls-Royce’s Starlight Headliner

Rolls Royce Phantom
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This feature in Rolls-Royce models transforms the car’s roof into a starlit night sky with hundreds of fiber-optic lights. Owners can customize the ‘sky’ to match the star pattern from a specific date or location. It’s a beautiful feature but undeniably unusual and extravagant in the world of cars.

Jeep’s “Easter Eggs”

Jeep Wrangler
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Jeep is known for hiding “Easter Eggs”—small, clever design elements—in their vehicles. These can range from miniature Jeep grilles hidden in the headlight design to gecko decals and spider decorations. While these details don’t offer any functional advantage, they provide a unique charm to each vehicle.

Bentley’s Optional Falconry Kit

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This unusual feature, available in the Bentley Bentayga, caters to the niche market of falconers. The Mulliner falconry kit includes a perch, a tether, and a special storage area for the bird. It’s an extravagant feature that truly stands out due to its incredibly specific use.

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