Exposing America’s Top 10 Least Reliable Car Brands

While American car brands are known for their innovation and style, some have fallen short on dependability. This article highlights 10 American car brands that have garnered a reputation for being less reliable, based on user reviews and reports. From transmission troubles to electrical gremlins, we dive into the specific models that contributed to their ratings and give you a snapshot of what to look out for. Whether you’re in the market for a new set of wheels or just curious about the automotive landscape, read on to discover which brands and cars you might want to approach with caution.


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Chrysler has faced challenges with reliability, particularly with the Chrysler 200 model, which had reports of transmission issues and engine stalling. These models often come equipped with Uconnect infotainment systems and a 3.6L V6 engine, but despite their comfortable interiors and smooth ride, reliability concerns have affected their reputation.


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Dodge, while known for its powerful engines and muscle car aesthetics, has seen specific models like the Dodge Journey criticized for reliability. Issues with the suspension, brakes, and electrical systems have been noted by owners.


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Jeep’s rugged image is occasionally overshadowed by reliability concerns, particularly with the Jeep Renegade. Owners have reported problems with the transmission, engine cooling, and electrical system. These vehicles are designed for off-road capability but have faced reliability issues in past model years.


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Ford has had a mixed reliability record, with some models like the Ford Focus experiencing significant transmission problems, particularly in the 2012-2016 models with the PowerShift transmission.


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Chevrolet has a broad lineup, but the Chevrolet Cruze has had its share of reliability issues, including engine problems and coolant leaks. These models typically feature a range of four-cylinder engines and a comfortable interior but fall short on dependability for certain model years.


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Cadillac has struggled with the reliability of several models, including the Cadillac ATS, which has seen issues with its infotainment system and transmission. These luxury vehicles are equipped with advanced technology and powerful engines but have been let down by reliability concerns.


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GMC is known for its trucks and SUVs, but models like the GMC Acadia have been noted for their transmission issues and electrical system malfunctions. These vehicles are designed with a focus on utility and comfort but have encountered reliability challenges.


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Although not traditionally included in lists of unreliable brands, Tesla has seen quality control issues, particularly with early models like the Model S, which faced drivetrain replacements and build quality issues.


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Lincoln’s luxury appeal is sometimes offset by reliability concerns, with models like the Lincoln MKX facing issues with electronics and transmission. These vehicles often feature plush interiors and a smooth ride but have faced durability issues.


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Buick’s Enclave had reports of power steering failures and air conditioning problems in past models. While Buick scores well in some reliability surveys, certain models have tarnished its overall reputation.

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