How Many Ford Points for an Oil Change?

If you’re wondering about earning Ford points for an oil change, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will explore various aspects of the FordPass Rewards program and its benefits for vehicle owners.

We’ll look into not only the amount of Ford points necessary for an oil change but also what they can be used on, their equivalent cash value, and how to gain and redeem them. 

How Many Ford Points for an Oil Change
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FordPass Rewards Overview

Are you a Ford owner or looking to purchase one? If so, you’ll soon learn about the FordPass Rewards program. This loyalty program is designed exclusively for Ford owners and offers various benefits, such as earning points on vehicle purchases, service visits, and more.

How Are the Points Earned?

FordPass members can earn reward points in several ways:

  • Members receive bonus points when they purchase or lease a new eligible Ford vehicle.
  • Servicing your vehicle at participating dealerships; the number of points varies depending on the type of service received.
  • Participating in special events and promotions where members can earn additional reward points.

How To Join the Rewards Program?

To become a member of the FordPass Rewards Program:

  1. Create an account by downloading the free FordPass App or signing up on the website within 60 days of the purchase or lease date.
  2. Once you have signed up, link your FordPass Rewards account with your vehicle using its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

What Can FordPass Points Be Used For?

FordPass points can be used towards various expenses related to your vehicle’s maintenance and service needs, including:

  • Vehicle maintenance and service, including oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, and more at participating dealerships.
  • Genuine Ford parts and accessories.
  • New vehicle purchase or lease allows loyal customers to save when upgrading.

How Many Ford Points Equal One Dollar?

Generally, 10 FordPass Rewards Points are equivalent to $1. At a rate of 10 points to $1, 1000 FordPass Rewards Points would equate to $100 when redeemed at an eligible dealership. 

How Many FordPass Points Are Needed for an Oil Change?

The number of FordPass points needed for an oil change depends on the vehicle type and engine; gas vehicle oil changes differ from diesel vehicles. 

For Gas Oil Change

Most dealerships require around 11,000 to 12,500 FordPass points for a standard gas-powered vehicle’s full synthetic or semi-synthetic oil change service.

For Diesel Oil Change

Since diesel engines typically require more specialized care, approximately 20,000 and 25,000 FordPass Points are necessary for a diesel engine oil change.

How Many Ford Points for an Oil Change
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Do You Have To Use the FordPass App To Earn Rewards?

No, using the FordPass App is not mandatory for earning FordPass Rewards points. However, it is a convenient way to keep track of points and view your rewards balance. 

If you prefer not to use the app but still want access to all its features, such as checking point balances and redeeming rewards online, visit the website.

How To View Your FordPass Rewards Points Balance

There are several ways to view your FordPass rewards points balance. 

FordPass App

The easiest way to view your rewards points balance is by using the FordPass App. 

  1. Sign in to the FordPass App with your registered email address and password.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Account’ tab found at the bottom right of the display.
  3. Select ‘Rewards’ from the menu options.
  4. Your current rewards point balance should be displayed prominently on the top part of the screen within the reward section itself.

Through the Website

If you prefer accessing information via a desktop computer or do not have access to a smartphone, follow these steps to view FordPass points on the website.

  1. Log into your account and click on the “FordPass Rewards” tab.
  2. Your current rewards point balance will be displayed under the “My Points” section.

How To Redeem FordPass Rewards Points

Redeeming your FordPass Rewards points for services or accessories is simple.

  • Log into your account: Log into your FordPass account through the app on your phone or via the website.
  • Browse available services and accessories: Explore the options for redemption by browsing services such as oil changes, tire rotations, vehicle inspections, and more. You can also choose from a wide range of genuine Ford accessories that suit your needs.
  • Select your preferred dealership: Choose your authorized Ford dealer to ensure any service performed on your vehicle is done by certified technicians who know how best to maintain it.
  • Choose service or accessory: Select the desired service or accessory for which you want to use your points and review the point value needed.
  • Confirm your redemption: You’ll be asked to verify personal information and agree to applicable terms and conditions to confirm the redemption of your points. 
  • Schedule an appointment: If redeeming points for a service appointment, make sure to schedule with your preferred dealership. 

What Can Members Expect When They Use Their FordPass Rewards Points?

When members use their FordPass Rewards points, they can expect a seamless and rewarding experience at participating Ford dealerships. Here are some of the benefits that come with using your FordPass points:

A Wide Range of Services and Products

FordPass Rewards points can be used for various services, including oil changes, tire rotations, brake service, accessories purchases, and more. You can also redeem your points towards purchasing or leasing a new Ford vehicle.

Flexible Redemption Options

FordPass Rewards members have the freedom to choose how to redeem points. Save money on gas oil changes (approximately 5,000 – 7,500 FordPoints) and diesel engine oil changes (around 10,000 -12,5000), or use 2,500-3,000 points for a tire rotation.

Ease of Tracking Points Balance

The FordPass App allows users to effortlessly monitor the points balance, making it simple to know precisely how many rewards are available for redemption at any given time.

Exclusive Offers and Promotions

FordPass Rewards members may also receive exclusive offers and promotions, including bonus points opportunities or discounts on services and products at participating dealerships.

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