Are Modern Car Headlights Too Bright? Drivers Weigh In

I’m not the only driver who has noticed the trend of brighter and brighter headlights in the past few years. Driving at night has always been a pain, but now it’s even worse. One concerned driver took to a popular internet forum to ask others if they noticed the trend too and wondered, “Have car headlights become too bright?” Others shared their opinions.

 High Beams
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I Can’t Tell if the High Beams are On or Off

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Have you ever seen a car approaching in the oncoming lane with blinding headlights and flashed your high beams at them, only for them to flashback with their even-more blinding high beams?

“This has happened to me enough times that I just suck it up and take the brightness full force and no longer question it,” says one driver.

Car Headlights are Aimed Too High

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One reason car headlights may seem brighter is that the headlights aren’t appropriately aimed. When headlights are aimed downward, they’re less blinding to other drivers. One states, “Even brand new cars will come off the lot with lights aimed way too high.”

It’s Even Worse on Dark, Rural Roads

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On darker roads, brighter lights feel even more shocking to the eye. Not to mention, dark and rural roads tend to attract big trucks with strong foglights aimed directly at eye level.

What’s With the LED Blue Lights?

LED Blue Lights
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It’s not even the brightness as much as the switch to the blue light LEDs. One driver notes, “No idea why this has become so standard. The yellow light can be way brighter while still not hurting the eyes as much, but that blue light is blinding for no reason.”

Brighter Lights are Dangerous

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Not only is it uncomfortable to look directly into bright lights while you’re driving, but it’s also dangerous.

“Dealing with astigmatism at night is hard enough, but those lights genuinely make it so I can not see a single thing, not even the white line on the side of the road,” one user claims.

It’s ironic because the purpose of having brighter lights in the first place is to improve visibility for the driver. But what about everyone else on the road?

People Won’t Turn Off Their High Beams

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Other people have noticed a trend of drivers refusing to turn off their high beams. Many drivers leave the high beams on to see the roads more clearly without considering how it impacts other drivers.

Tailights Seem Brighter, Too

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It’s not just headlights that are brighter. Drivers are noticing brighter taillights too. It’s irksome to get a headache every time you’re stuck in traffic at night and facing a massive row of bright red lights in your eyes.

Why the Additional Headlights?

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Headlights are brighter than they used to be, and many newer cars and trucks are built with multiple headlights. “I’ve seen trucks and cars with sets of two-to-three headlights,” one driver complains.

This Can’t Be Good for Our Eyes

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Many commenters note that these increasingly bright lights can’t be healthy for our eyes, especially for those who frequently drive at night. For example, our retinas are sensitive, and protecting them from harm is essential.

It’s Not Just Headlights That Are Brighter

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While brighter headlights are one massive problem, other lights on the road at night can be distracting and headache-inducing.

One user remarks that the lights at “Gas stations, street lamps” and other signage are brighter and brighter. “there’s one stretch of road in my city where I legitimately can’t see anything while driving because it’s blinding.”

This Reddit thread inspired this post.

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