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Paying for gas is never fun, but finding out you have low-quality gas is even more painful. Knowing what kind of gas you’re putting in your tank is crucial to operating your vehicle.

Best Quality Gas in the Market

If you’re curious about Top Tier Gas, we’re here to help. Read on for more information on the brand of gasoline and what you’re putting in your car.

What Exactly Is Top Tier Gas?

Top Tier Gas is brand-name gasoline that contains multiple additives and detergents to help it perform better.

You’ll find that most major automakers will recommend using Top Tier Gas. Unlike many other brands, Top Tier Gas goes beyond the minimum standards provided by the federal government.

Doing so creates a better gas for your engine and can cause less wear and tear on your components.

Do Gas Stations Have Different Quality Gas?

In some ways, yes. Some gas stations will carry brand names like Top Tier Gas, whereas others will use more standard gasoline.

Other than that, many gas stations will present three octane grades, including “Regular,” “Midgrade,” and “Premium.”

Each brand will have its own additives, but it won’t make an enormous difference as they all follow the same standards. One needs a brand like Top Tier Gas that exceeds the criteria to notice a difference.

How Do You Know if Gas Is Top Tier?

Once you’re looking for Top Tier Gas, how do you know if you’ve found it? The detergent gasoline is available at many major gas stations, but you’ll need to keep your eye out.

Here are some ways to spot Top Tier Gas and what you can expect from detergent gasoline.

Fuel Additives

The primary difference for Top Tier Gas is the additives given. These additives help complement your engine. As engines have become more fine-tuned and advanced, inferior gasoline presents multiple problems.

One of the greatest uses for high-quality gasoline is helping to cut down on intake valve deposits. Studies showed Top Tier Gas leading to up to a 72% reduction in deposits.

Octane Ratings

Octane ratings of gas are one of the big differences that can change quality. Lower-quality gasoline usually has a lower octane rating than premium, for example. You can often spot Top Tier Gas by the higher octane rating that the company adds to its fuel.

Check the Logo

Any retailer selling Top Tier Gas is required to display the Top Tier Gas logo. If you see this logo, you can rest assured that you’re using Top Tier Gas.

Ask the Staff

If you aren’t positive the gas you’re using is the quality you want it to be, you can ask the station attendants. The attendant should know what brand the gas is, which can help you determine what gas you’re putting in your tank and spot any imitations.

Check Top Tier’s List of Retailers

Finally, you can check the list of Top Tier Gas’s certified retailers. They present this information on their site and update it frequently.

If you go to a station that says they have it and they don’t, Top Tier asks that you contact them so that they can remedy the situation.

Best Quality Gas in the Market

What Is the Best Quality Gas To Buy?

Every car is different, and some will require different kinds. Diesel and “Regular” gas aren’t necessarily different qualities so much as completely different gas, for example.

The higher the gas’s octane, the higher quality. Typically, Premium gas is the best quality of gas you’ll find a company carrying.

How Do You Know if a Gas Station Is Top Tier?

A gas station that carries Top Tier Gas will have stickers or decals that display the company’s logo. These may be on the pump, the sign, the canopy over the pump, or somewhere else nearby. If a gas station doesn’t display this logo, it isn’t a Top Tier Gas station.

Which Gas Stations Have Top Tier Gas?

Many gas stations carry Top Tier Gas. The companies are found in North and Central America and many other places. You can find a full list of companies that carry Top Tier Gas here.

Which Gas Station Has the Highest Quality Gas Overall?

Each gas station will mix its own choice of detergents. If you can find Top Tier Gas in the following five retailers, we suggest them! However, Top Tier Gas will be of high quality, regardless of what station you use.


Texaco is known for carrying Top Tier Gas. They’re a widespread company, so you shouldn’t struggle to find Top Tier Gas near you!


Costco has a reputation for selling high-quality, low-cost gas. Costco sells gas that’s certified Top Tier Gas as well as being a Kirkland Signature product.


Sinclair is one of the oldest gas stations in the world and has more than 1,300 gas stations. You can find their Top Tier certified gas in most of the United States. They also contain Dinocare, which helps push the gas even further.


Shell’s gas is certified as Top Tier Gas, though not every station will have it. This station’s gas contains the correct concentration of the Top Tier detergent gasoline additives.


Finally, Chevron is another company that will carry Top Tier Gas. However, Chevron does often have higher prices than many other competitors. If they’re the only source of Top Tier Gas near you, this extra price is worth it.

Pros and Cons of Premium Gas

Now that we know so much about premium gas, what are the exact pros and cons? Here’s a quick chart on some of the most notable benefits and drawbacks of premium gas.

Benefits of Premium GasDisadvantages of Premium Gas
Helps keep the engine cleanerHigher Cost
Gives an official octane ratingDifficult to find at times
Keeps engine more efficientNot widely supported by manufacturers
Higher-quality gasoline with additivesResearch is still being conducted on the benefits

Does It Matter Which Gas You Put in Your Car?

Ultimately, yes. Putting higher-quality gasoline in your car can keep your engine cleaner and more efficient. Top Tier Gas is proven to help prevent materials from building up in your engine’s intact valves as well.


With all the information we’ve covered, there are a few more things you may have questions about. Here are three of the most frequently asked questions regarding Top Tier Gas.

Can I switch from Regular to Premium gas?

Jumping to premium won’t harm your engine. However, switching gasoline can cause problems for your engine. You should also ensure your tank is empty of regular gas before adding a different quality of gasoline.

How much Ethanol is in 87 octane gas?

87 octane gas is generally 10% ethanol as a standard.

What octane is Premium gas?

Premium gas ranges from 91 to 94 octane. Anything below this octane is not premium.

Fueling Up

Top Tier Gas is manufacturer-endorsed detergent gasoline from which any vehicle can benefit. Look into your local gas stations to see what stations offer Top Tier Gas to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

For more information on taking care of your vehicle, be sure to browse the rest of our site!

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