Does the Subaru STI Hold Its Value?

The Subaru STI is a reputable model in the upper echelon of performance vehicles. Coming to the scene in the 1990s, the STI is now a highly sought-after automobile by rally enthusiasts.

Do Subaru STI Hold Their Value?

The Subaru STI holds its value better than most other models in its class.

About the Subaru STI

The Subaru STI took off as a reliable car brand when it first entered a competitive rally race, and since then, it has continued to evolve.

The STI is known to win races and break multiple records.

Subaru Tecnica International (STI) was a name coined in 1988. The Subaru Legacy inspired the STI after Subaru partnered with Prodrive, which was a British motorsports corporation.

Even though it took time to become successful, the STI eventually developed into a sedan-style automobile that included all-wheel drive and a turbocharged engine.

Subaru created the WRX in 1992, and in 19o4, the Subaru WRX STI, which wasn’t available in the U.S. until 2002. The company continued to sell the WRX STI as the new upgraded model in 2014.

Will the 2022 STI Hold Value?

ALG notes that STI sports cars hold their value best when ranking new models. Despite a new Subaru WRX for 2022, everyone expected a new STI model, but the company has announced that they won’t be releasing another generation of the WRX-STI.

Why Do STIs Hold Their Value?

Here’s why the Subaru STI continues to hold value:

Low Depreciation

One of the primary reasons that the STIs retain value is because they depreciate at a much slower rate than other cars in their class. Their cars don’t tend to sell a lot in terms of volume.

Still, they have loyal customers that help the value appreciate thanks to them producing quality vehicles with first-class features and all-weather functionality.

Excellent for Enthusiasts

The STI is what many call a cult car. The WRX STI has been iconic since around 1995, and the rivalry between the Mitsubishi Evo and this car contributed to pop culture. Think race car games like the Gran Turismo series.

Many people have loved the WRX STI throughout multiple generations, which is in low supply. All of these factors together create the perfect combination for car enthusiasts.

Unique Car

Piggybacking off of the last point, the STI is the last of a dying breed. Dying in the sense that the company has discontinued this particular model.

Of all the cars that were formidable against the STI, such as the Toyota Celica GTS, and the Nissan Pulsar GTI-R, the most popular and dependable is the STI.

There’s a higher demand for the car than the supply available. This demand creates a desire for the vehicle from buyers that have kept it in excellent condition.

Car Market Rising

In the car market, prices are rising for all makes and models. This factor is even more noticeable with cars like the STI in high demand.

Since the vehicle is capable of daily driving in addition to rally racing, it satisfies the needs of many loyalists that want performance and convenience.


The STI is also valued for its tremendous performance potential and exceptional durability. STI holds the distinction among automotive tuners that the STI can be highly modified without any risk of damage or other potential problems, which is rare in the automobile industry.

Aside from the factors mentioned above that make the STI desirable for the tuning world, the vehicle’s ability to be tuned lessens the number of clean, stock STI examples; this only serves to make it more valuable.

Do Subaru STI Hold Their Value?

What Is the Rarest Subaru STI?

In 2006, only 300 Impreza WRX STi Spec C Type RA-R made it to production—a rare Subaru with 320 horsepower.

This model of Subaru is even rarer than the Impreza 22B. When the car was officially released, the asking price was 4,284,000 Yen, or $35,685 in today’s market value.

Which Subaru STI Is the Best Year?

The best Subaru STI according to year has to be 2018, 2019, and 2020 WRX STI due to their uncanny reliability.

The 2011 version of the WRX STI is noteworthy for its reliability, but they are getting older by the minute and becoming increasingly harder to maintain.

Is the STI Worth It Over the WRX?

The price difference between the two models can range anywhere from $5,000-$10,000 different.

On the other hand, the mechanical differences between the most iconic models of Subaru vary greatly.

Regarding fuel economy, the WRX has better results than the STI, and this mostly has to do with its technologically advanced FA20 motor.

Additionally, the WRX automatically limited power progression and boost, and its smaller turbo size also helps.

The numbers plainly say that the STI gets 16 mpg city and 22 highway while the WRX receives 20 mpg city and 27 highway.

Ultimately your budget and what you intend to do with the car will dictate which model is best for you. For example, the WRX STI has a higher horsepower potential when compared to the WRX.

The STI will also handle better but at the expense of fuel economy and a heavier vehicle. Conversely, the WRX makes more torque sooner thanks to the FA20 engine, which is also something to consider.

People who enjoy rallying through the woods will prefer the STI, even though it’s a bit more expensive than its counterpart.

Is the Subaru STI a Good Daily Driver?

The STI is fantastic regarding the old-school turbo, hydraulic steering, and manual transmission. However, there are better choices for being an everyday driver.

The 2015 model or older models are viable if and only if it’s been maintained carefully.

Is Subaru STI Worth Buying?

The Subaru is worth the buy if you’re looking for a versatile vehicle capable of driving in all kinds of conditions and road surfaces.

Additionally, you can use the strong engine and wheel drive system to provide superior handling. These vehicles are very dependable despite their expensive upkeep costs.

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