Best Trucks That Seat 6 Currently on the Market

Don’t want to scratch up your car interior, get it dirty, or even worse, smelly? It sounds like it’s time for you to get a truck.

The only downside is that what you gain in utility space, you often lose in passenger space. But sometimes you can have the best of both worlds.

Let’s look at the best trucks in 2022 that seat 6.

Best Trucks That Seat 6 in 2022

 Are There Any Trucks that Seat 6?

Trucks are generally seen as utility vehicles, not family vehicles. This makes finding a truck that seats 6 a bit more difficult.

At times it may seem like searching for a needle in a haystack, but they are out there. And thankfully, as the demand for a vehicle that meets family and utility needs grows, they are becoming more common.

 Which Trucks Seat 6 in the Market 2022?

Trucks that seat 6 are difficult to find. Even brands that started exclusively selling spacious cars, like Honda, don’t offer 6 seat options.

These are the trucks we have found that do have 6 seats:

  • Nissan Titan
  • GMC Sierra
  • GMC Sierra HD
  • Ram Big Horn
  • Ram Laramie
  • Ford F-250
  • Ford Super Duty
  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • Chevrolet Silverado HD
  • Toyota Tundra

 Review of 10 best trucks that seat 6 in 2022

Nissan Titan

The Nissan Titan is first on our list. As a mid-priced option for this size of the truck, it treats your family to many modern luxuries without overdoing it. With the Titan, even the small details matter.

It has modern touches, like a USB-C outlet for new phone models. Plus, to keep the kids entertained this truck comes with hotspot compatibility.

The Nissan Titan has your family’s safety in mind, with new assisted driver technology such as blind-spot monitors and lane departure warnings.

The thoughtful design has earned the Titan a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rating of 4 stars overall, with 5 stars awarded to side collision safety.

The Titan is powered by a 400-hp V-8 engine paired with an automatic transmission. The Nissan Titan’s price starts at just $40,000, offering a great option for a family who needs a lot from their vehicle but has to stick to a budget.


  • Mid-range affordability
  • High safety rating
  • Price includes modern technology updates


 GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra offers customers the opportunity to customize the car they want. But whether you choose to dress it up or dress it down, the Sierra is sure to impress with its sturdy and comfortable design.

Just looking at the center console / fold-down seat will show how thoughtful the designers were – it isn’t just the back of a seat, but a utilitarian console with large cup holders and 4 other spaces for holding your items. For families with lots of sippy cups, it’s a must-have.

Plus, it is another truck with a 4-star safety rating, so you know your family is safe.

For a no-frills but sturdy model that includes 6 seats, you’re only looking at spending a little over $36,000. You won’t get all the modern options like built-in mapping or a giant screen, but not everybody needs those things.


  • Very affordable
  • High safety rating
  • Customizable for each family’s needs


  • The ase model doesn’t include much
  • Does not do very well off-road
  • Low MPG average

Ram Big Horn

Ram’s Big Horn truck line states that “no roads are required”. Sounds pretty good, especially if you have an adventurous family to take out in the wild with you.

This 6 seater has more of an old familiar look on the inside – its dashboard doesn’t double as a plasma screen TV. If you like quality over flashy gadgets, this is the truck for you.

Customers are said to love this smooth 8-speed automatic transmission.

While the gas mileage depends on the model you choose, V6 Eco, V8, or diesel, the Ram Big Horns have slightly higher than average miles per gallon. That’s impressive for a half-ton truck.

Ram’s were voted “Best Truck Brand of 2020” by US News and World Report and we can see why. For a $40,000 base price, your family can feel secure in a Big Horn.


  • Mid-Range Affordability
  • High safety rating
  • Perfect for off-roading


  • Stalling issues after 100,000 miles
  • Multiple electric systems recall
  • MPG average

Ford F-250

This 7-foot wide truck offers room for even adults to sit side by side in the bench seats. It also helps that Ford noticed a flaw in the usual design of 6 passenger trucks- the center seat is tethered to the passenger seat.

Making the seats separate allows the passenger to move their seat forward and backward, so their shoulders don’t have to be right next to each other.

With space in mind, not only does the center seat fold into a console, but it also has a storage cubby underneath the seat and a large storage container under the back bench seat.

This is the perfect truck for a family with young kids. Stock the spaces with emergency snacks, wet wipes, or coloring books.

At $39,000, the F-250 even comes with top-of-the-line techs, like a 360-degree tow camera that helps for tight backups.


  • High-end tech at a low price
  • Intuitive seating space
  • Interior storage


  • Lower gas mileage
  • Inconsistent detail quality

Chevrolet Silverado

Chevy has been providing families and workers this classic for a long time. It’s hard to go wrong with a timeless design that you know will last. This truck is a mid-weight hauler, making it perfect for work and family.

This truck means it when they say your family in mind. You can set speed limits and audio limits on the car, so you know your teen won’t be driving recklessly.

Plus, it acts as a hotspot and has a Bose sound system, to keep your younger kids entertained.

Most of these luxury items are included in the lower-priced models of the Silverado, making this a great deal starting at only $37,000.


  • Comes equipped with modern luxuries
  • Low price
  • Has unique family safety features


  • Interior detailing feels cheap to some customers
  • Turning feels stiff

Toyota Tundra

Toyota isn’t the first brand that comes to mind when thinking about trucks, but they have earned a spot on this list. The Tundra has become known for its reliability – you’ll be driving this truck until it’s time to pass it on to your kids.

The Tundra is truly a family truck. Their focus is more on having a utilitarian family vehicle over a work vehicle. This is shown through the truck’s lower towing capacity at 10,200 pounds.

This option is the best for someone looking to do personal hauling, not for a worksite.

Tundras were still being manufactured with 6 seats in 2021, but we aren’t sure if that will last.

We hope it does because at a starting point of 36,000 it is a great deal for a family.



  • Low MPG average
  • Low towing capacity

Ford Super Duty

The Ford Super Duty is comparable to their F-250 model. The cab is once again spacious with an intelligent design, and you can enjoy saving money with the base model or spending a bit more money to get a fully tricked-out ride.

The body is a surprisingly sturdy, lightweight aluminum. The towing capacity starts at a mid-range of 13,000 pounds but goes all the way up to 20,000 pounds.

It is an impressive workhorse that has its place at home and on the job site.

This model is a bit more expensive than the others on our list, with a starting price of $42,000.

Some models of trucks have a lot of bells and whistles at that price, but for Super Duty, that price is just a starting point that doesn’t include much.


  • High tow capacity
  • Spacious interior


  • More expensive than other options, especially as you add more to your truck
  • MPG average

Ram Laramie

This truck is a true beast in size, but customers say that driving it couldn’t be smoother. Whether it’s the running boards that come down automatically when the door opens or the minimal rotary shifter, this car feels like putting on your comfiest pair of shoes.

Ram designed this truck intelligently. They know a massive vehicle like this won’t have amazing fuel economy, so they try to give you more time between gas station stops with a 33-gallon tank.

They also know that in the modern age, you want the hot tech, so even the base models feel like a spaceship inside.

With so much space, gadgets, and power offered, the baseline price for the 6 seater model Laramie is $54,500. That’s a pretty big investment for a family, but with all that it comes with it is hard to fault Ram.


  • Luxury inside and out
  • Large gas tank
  • Extremely spacious


  • Very expensive at its starting point
  • The size can be difficult to get young children into
Best Trucks That Seat 6 in 2022

GMC Sierra HD

The GMC Sierra Heavy Duty is another affordable line that offers seating for 6. Customers say that it lives up to its Heavy-Duty title, it is more of a workhorse than a show pony.

This is probably what keeps its price reasonable, valuing old-school strong construction over expensive screens and cameras.

This truck has a towing capacity of a whopping 18,500 pounds to 35,000 pounds, depending on the model.

The interior is durable and family-friendly, with lots of innovative cubby spaces for snacks and activities, or of course, tools.

The price jump of Heavy Duty vehicles is noticeable, leaving the $30,000 range and jumping to a starting price of $54,000. That might be a high price on paper, but you are paying for power.


  • Strong construction
  • High towing capabilities


  • Labeled as a luxury, but is beat out by other luxury truck competitors
  • Low MPG average

Chevy Silverado HD

Another Heavy Duty version of a truck already on the list, the Silverado HD is another workhorse. Drop the kids off at school and head straight to work.

The Silverado HD has a wider towing range than its Sierra HD counterpart, starting at a lower 17,400 pounds, but leaping to 36,000 pounds for the diesel version.

Inside the cab, each model comes with the same high-definition screen. You won’t have to upgrade to have that modern luxury.

As mentioned before, there’s quite a price jump for HD vehicles and the Silverado HD is no exception at a starting point of $55,000 for a 6 seater.

It’s a lot, but when both your work and your family rely on the truck, you’ll have to pay more to have it all.

 Best Overall Pick

With so many good options it is difficult to make a top pick. Each truck has its pros and cons and serves a different purpose.

With these diverse considerations in mind, we chose the Ford Super Duty as our best overall pick.

The Super Duty is first and foremost a work car. It has a high towing capacity, without the price tag of a Heavy Duty model.

The sturdy build will keep it on the job site for years to come until you’re finally able to pass it down to your kids.

As a family vehicle, it also shines. It is extremely spacious, so you can put a booster seat in without crushing your other kids. While it’s big, it isn’t outrageous.

You can take it out on the town without worrying about finding a parking spot. Not to mention the tech that’s inside the cab.

On this list, there are no bad options, just different options to fit your family’s different needs. Finding a truck that fits 6 can be difficult, but hopefully, we made your search a little bit easier.

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