Are Volvos Expensive To Maintain?

When looking for a new car, there are a number of factors that need to be considered, including total purchase price of the vehicle. The average annual repair cost of a Volvo is around $800.

There are things you can do to ensure the cost of keeping your vehicle on the road is kept as low as possible.

Are Volvos Expensive To Maintain

Do Volvos Require A Lot Of Maintenance?

Compared to other models, Volvo cars need to be regularly checked and serviced to ensure smooth running. This will prevent any major and costly repairs later down the line.

Volvo maintenance schedule

Volvo’s prepaid maintenance plan, which varies depending on the model you own, means getting your vehicle checked over at regular intervals based on the number of years you have owned the car or a certain mileage. This decreases the risk of encountering huge bills from major repairs in the future.

Are Volvo parts expensive?

This model is in the category of luxury vehicles, so they are pretty economical if you compare parts with those of other luxury brands such as BMW. However, compared to standard Japanese and US cars, parts for Volvos are pricier, and some parts also need a particular type of software to run.

Once your vehicle has been purchased, you can show your receipt at one of the certified workshops to claim Volvo lifetime replacement parts. The parts included with the Volvo lifetime replacement parts program include brake pads, serpentine belt/timing belt and batteries, and a labor warranty.

Volvo scheduled maintenance cost

Luckily, Volvo offers a complimentary service with each purchase of one of their vehicles. The factory scheduled maintenance program includes coverage for the first three years or 36,000 miles. After this time has passed, you can also purchase a prepaid maintenance plan covering regular service checks when the car is a little older or has higher mileage.

Are Volvos Expensive To Fix And Maintain?

The question, “Are Volvos expensive to maintain?” really depends on whether you stay up to date with servicing. If you attend the three maintenance services that come free of charge with the purchase of your car, it should keep your Volvo running smoothly for the first years you own it.

However, if you fall behind with servicing after the three complimentary maintenance services, you may find your Volvo requires unscheduled maintenance, which can be expensive.

How Expensive Are Volvos To Maintain?

This car model can be expensive to maintain if you do not keep up with consistent vehicle checks and wait for something to happen to your car to take it for repairs.

With a pre-paid maintenance plan, you can ensure that your Volvo is always in the best form, and you are protected from any future price increases on parts and services. This plan kicks in after your three complementary services and includes further checks such as replacing spark plugs.

Are Used Volvos Expensive To Maintain?

While it is true that used vehicles can be more expensive to run, luckily, there are still maintenance plans for those who own used Volvo cars. If you choose to extend your warranty, you can pick from three different extended plans that offer a different amount of coverage, ensuring you choose the best package for you.

If you own a used Volvo, your best bet to ensure your vehicle is not expensive to maintain is to purchase one of these extended warranty plans. You are much less likely to encounter hefty maintenance costs.

Are Volvos Expensive To Maintain

How To Cut Down The Cost Of Servicing Your Volvo

So, as we have seen, a Volvo is classified as a luxury car, which comes with pricey servicing and parts. However, there are ways to keep the costs of servicing your Volvo down.

Purchase a maintenance plan

Along with using the complimentary plan that comes with the purchase of Volvo models, it is also wise to purchase a pre-paid maintenance plan. This is paid upfront, and you can get your vehicle checked at regular intervals to ensure you stay on the road.

With such a plan, you can save up to 20% on Volvo repair costs. There are savings offers for most Volvo models and used cars too, where you can take out an extended warranty plan that covers the Volvo maintenance cost for an older model, which even includes a labor warranty.

Consider the way you drive

The way you drive will ultimately affect the repairs required for your Volvo. Things like driving with an empty petrol tank, not using your parking brake accordingly, and putting too much weight onto your car can all contribute towards higher repair costs.

Carry out regular checks

It is important to conduct regular checks on your Volvo to minimize the risk of unexpected repairs that are very costly. Things you can do yourself include changing filters, oils, and fluids, checking the electrical system, and rotating your tires.

Think about performing your own repairs

If you are skilled in car maintenance and can confidently say you know what you are doing, then there is nothing to stop you from doing your fixes on your Volvo. Simply purchase certified Volvo parts online or through an authorized Volvo dealer and get cracking.

It is important to note that independently carrying out work on cars should only be done by those who are qualified to do so. If you have any hesitation, it is best to attend authorized Volvo dealerships where professionals can carry out the work, as otherwise, you can ruin your warranty.

So, Are Volvos Good Cars?

In short, a Volvo is an excellent choice of car and gives you a sense of luxury without the luxury price tag. It is important to consider that parts and services for Volvos can be more expensive than for other cars. Therefore, to ensure your Volvo isn’t too expensive to maintain, ensure you stick to a regular service plan to avoid any unexpected costs in the future.

And for Volvo reliability and questions, you can check out further information.

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